11 things to know before escorting during your period

It’s not terribly convenient (or realistic) to take a week off from work each month just because Aunt Flo arrives. And, even though you may be cranky, irritable, bloated and cramping, you still have to fulfill commitments made to clients and bring in cash to pay the bills. So, what’s an escort to do when she’s on her period? Here are some tips to use in order to see clients during your period:

  1. Get plenty of rest. When you’re menstruating, your body works hard. It’s essential to get enough rest to compensate for the PMS symptoms and to offset any trauma placed on your body through cramps or other discomfort. Sometimes, you may even become slightly anemic due to the loss of blood during your period. Extra rest can help to restore your body back to its normal health.
  2. Eat well. A healthy diet at all times is important, but it’s even more important when you’re having your period. Avoid foods with salt in them, because salt can cause you to retain water and experience bloating even worse with PMS. Foods and beverages with caffeine or alcohol can irritate or cause cramps, so it’s best to indulge only in moderation. Foods high in iron, such as red meat, are recommended by the University of Chicago Women’s Clinic to help offset any anemic tendencies you may have during your time of the month. Finally, fruits and veggies are foods you should be sure to eat during your period to ensure you are taking in the vitamins and nutrients you need. Complex carbohydrates can also help you build energy. Drink plenty of water during your period to help reduce any ill effects of unhealthy dietary habits, as water flushes out your system, leaving only the healthy nutrients behind.
  3. Apply heat. A heating pad applied to your lower abdomen or a hot bath taken prior to seeing a client may help relax you, relieving the tensions associated with PMS. The heat may also help ease any menstrual cramps you may be having in relationship to your period.
  4. Take pain killers. Over-the-counter pain killers can help ease PMS symptoms, including cramps. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen help reduce the pain associated with cramps.
  5. Offer alternative services. Many clients are squeamish at the sight of blood, without mentioning that you’re on your period. So, in order to please clients who aren’t into the “Red Wings Achievement Awards,” offer to provide other services in place of penetrative sexual intercourse. As an escort, you can be willing to provide oral sex, anal activity, hand jobs or other fun activities to your clients. Fetish play, such as water sports, scat play or foot love can be lots of fun in place of sexual intercourse. Cater to clients and their other requests during this time of the month.
  6. Ease your cramps through sex. Some clients don’t mind a little mess or the fact that an escort is “on the rag.” In fact, some clients embrace it. If you have clients like this, take advantage of some blood-pumping, heart-racing sex that will help ease your cramps. Mayo Clinic experts indicate that sex helps to ease cramps through the stimulation of the uterine muscles. Additionally, as sex is a form of exercise, endorphins released through rigorous activity give off “feel good” euphoria, which helps to combat cramps. Finally, sex helps to reduce anxiety and tension, which are often associated with PMS.
  7. Use a menstrual cup when you’re flowing. Menstrual cups have been used for centuries, in various forms, and have been perfected in the past 50 years. They are made of silicone or rubber, and types include the Mooncup, The Keeper and the Instead cup. Escorts report they are perfect for lighter days. Putting a sponge inside as a back-up on heavier days is advised. While messy to remove, they provide adequate protection that is virtually undetected during regular sexual intercourse. Your client doesn’t even need to know that you’re having your period.
  8. Opt for natural sea sponges. Natural sea sponges have many uses (make-up application, bath cleansing and household chores), but they may also be used to control menstrual flow without being noticeable during sex or other physical activities. They may be reused over and over, again, as long as they are cleaned thoroughly after each use. All an escort needs to use natural sea sponges as undetectable tampons is a large sponge, cut into several 2- or 3-inch pieces. By inserting the sponge with the assistance of a little lubrication (i.e. KY Jelly), the sponge should protect from leakage for several hours, depending on an escort’s flow. The only disadvantage of using natural sea sponges as a natural and effective absorptive device is that they are sometimes difficult to remove. Many escorts tie a small piece of thread or floss to the sponge to ease removal.
  9. Soft tampons are solutions. Originally offered only in Europe, soft tampons are manmade sponge-like contraptions that are inserted in the “love canal” to soak up any menstrual discharge and blood, while still being discreet and unnoticeable during sexual encounters. They are hygienic, soft, round sponges that conform to a body’s contours. Easy to remove, they usually feature a hole, hoop or other fingerhold to use to pull it out when you are done with it. Soft tampons usually come in both dry and wet varieties, with the wet versions being lubricated with a moistening agent that aids with positioning. Many escorts swear by soft tampons, stating that they use these even when they are not seeing clients. They may cost over twice as much as traditional tampons, but they absorb twice as much, too. Unlike natural sea sponges, they are not intended for multiple uses and must be discarded after each use.
  10. Use contraception to avoid periods altogether. By avoiding your “off week” while taking the pill or using the “ring”, you can skip your monthly period. Even though some say it’s unnatural, health professionals swear that skipping your monthly period is entirely safe and does not put your sexual or reproductive health at risk at all. Some contraceptive methods stop your body from having periods by design, such as the IUD and Depo shots. (Some women experience breakthrough bleeding, spotting or regular periods with these birth control methods. However, many women report their periods stop completely.)
  11. Use a diaphragm. A diaphragm is a barrier method of birth control that can work much like a menstrual cup to catch any fluids coming from through the cervix, such as menstrual blood. Reportedly unnoticeable during sexual intercourse, diaphragm serves escorts as both birth control and a solution to sex with clients during their periods.

Escorts who choose to see clients and have penetrative vaginal intercourse while they are having their periods should always, always, always use condoms as protection against HIV and other STDs. During your period, you are at a higher risk of contracting STDS or other infections due to being on your period. Never, under any circumstances, allow a client to talk you into unprotected services. And, as most escorts should know, being on your period does not decrease your risk of becoming pregnant. The chances to become pregnant still exist, despite it being “your time of the month”.

Most women dread that week each month when they are “seducing vampires.” However, with these tips, you can still perform your escort duties, which may make the week go by more quickly and profitably.