11 tips for choosing an escort name

If you are on the verge of breaking out into the escort industry for the first time or are rebranding yourself for a fresh start, one of the most important elements to your success is your name.

It’s how clients know to refer to you, look you up online for contact details or reviews and how you market yourself. Identifying yourself with just the “right” name can help you succeed as an escort, because your name affects so many aspects of your business. Here are some tips to use when choosing your escort name:

  1. Select a less common first name. While “Amy”, “Amber” or “Kristen” seem like great names to use because everyone recognizes them, they are all very popular names. Using a popular name may cause you to blend in with many others, including all the other Amys, Ambers or Kristens who work in the escort industry. You can research your name selection by inputting it at HowManyOfMe.com. Using this website will generate how many people in the U.S. have your combination name. If many people have this name, it may be best to choose a different one, so you’re less likely to blend in with others using the same names. Additionally, you can check your first name selection to see how popular it is in the U.S. by using the Social Security Administration name checker.
  2. Choose a name that is easy to spell and pronounce. If you expect clients to look you up online, they must be able to spell your name. And, while it sounds like fun to use a unique spelling of a common name to differentiate yourself, remember that your clients will be using your name to search for you. If they don’t know how to spell your name, they can’t find you. Also, steer clear of names that are difficult to say or pronounce. When a client calls you, don’t add to his awkwardness with a difficult name. If he doesn’t think he can say your name correctly, he may skip over your profile and move on to another one.
  3. Consider your brand when you select a name for yourself. If you’re using the well-educated, high society stereotype, you probably shouldn’t use the name “Daisy” or other names that may suggest a country upbringing. Exotic names, such as Francesca or Darcia, wouldn’t be the best choices for an escort who is branding herself as a down-home country girl. Make sure your name choice coincides with the image you’re projecting as an escort. For instance, choose a sophisticated name for an edgy, city image; pick an all-American name for a girl-next-door-type image.
  4. Avoid adjectives in your name. Naughty Nellie or Frisky Francine may sound cute, but that’s really not what you’re after as a high-end escort. Use these adjectives and others in your profile or biography information, but they do not belong in your name. Horny, hot, lusty, sexy, erotic, nasty or other adjectives simply make you sound cheap and trashy. High-end escorts do not incorporate these types of descriptors into their names.
  5. Use a surname. Madonna and Beyonce may be able to get away with only using their first names, but you’re not them. Besides, using a surname helps to differentiate you from any other escort out there using the same first name as you. Also, when you use a surname, it makes you sound as though you are a real person with a real life. While some clients like the idea of only knowing an escort by a first name, most prefer to think of their dream girl as a real, live woman. By providing a surname, you give the impression that you are the genuine article, and not just doing the escort thing as a hobby or side-gig. Many clients will think your name combination is your true, given name, and that’s okay. After all, you want to give them the impression that what they see is what they’re getting, that you are the real thing. Without a last name, many clients feel like there’s still a piece missing to the puzzle.
  6. Research your selection. Using a search engine, conduct a search for your name combination to learn more about any other escorts, current individuals or historical people with your name. You may find that someone in Oklahoma sells insurance under your name or that a criminal with your chosen name in Maine robbed a bank. Or, you may discover that a famous artist, singer or other personality had your name. When you research your selection, take note of whether you think you might be confused with this person or what any correlation between the person and you would create. If it seems like it would be okay, move forward with your name. But, for instance, if a male escort were to select the name Jeffrey Dahmer, he might want to think twice after he realizes the name belonged to an infamous serial killer.
  7. Use a name from film or literature that you admire. Your favorite character from a movie or a book may be an excellent choice! Or, you may choose to combine character names and adopt traits you admire from them. Take inspiration from names you find in history, art, literature or film and move forward with them, as long as they help to support your brand and image.
  8. Don’t ever, under any condition, use a “hooker” name. Hooker names translate into being cheap and easy. They may cause a client to mistake you for a girl who gets paid for her services and not her time. Clients may fail to give you the level of respect you desire if you choose a hooker-associated name. Names like these (and others) create a trashy image due to their cheap connotations:
    1. Trixie
    2. Candy
    3. Monica
    4. Jasmine
    5. Nikki
    6. Brittany
    7. Bambi
    8. Cherri
    9. Star
    10. Angel
    11. Desiree
    12. Fawn
    13. Destiny
  9. Don’t ever, under any condition, use your real name. If you want to keep your personal life personal, do not use your real name. If you choose to hide your career from your family members or friends, do not use your real name. Using your real name allows everyone you know to discover things about you that you may not want them to know. Additionally, giving a client your real name may provide him (or her) with enough information to find you and learn more about you. This may not be a problem, unless you run into a stalker-type client, which can happen. Additionally, clients want to keep your relationships with them as fantasies. Providing them with genuine details about yourself may not coincide with your image, especially if they look you up to find out you serve on the PTA board or are a Master Gardener in your hometown. (That’s not to say that these aren’t great activities, but they detract from the sexual qualities you may attempt to exude as an escort.)
  10. Use the same first letter of your first name in your escort first name. Escorts sometimes have trouble dividing their real lives from their escort lives. If you answer your phone with your name often, it’s easy to accidentally say the wrong name. But, if you use the same first letter, you can usually catch yourself before you’re too late and correct what you’re saying. If your first name is really Vicki, and you begin to slip when you answer the phone, you can quickly change what you’re saying to Valerie.
  11. Pay attention to the alphabet. Some directories list escorts by their first names. If you want to be near the top of the list, choose a first name that begins with one of the first letters of the alphabet. However, if you don’t plan to use directories as your main marketing tool, don’t worry about which letter your name starts with.