12 downsides of escorting

Most escorts will tell you that there are definitely disadvantages to the escorting lifestyle, even though they (obviously) find the benefits to outweigh the negative aspects. Some cons are pretty easy to identify: having to tell cover stories to friends and family, dangers associated with meeting strangers in unfamiliar locations, and irregular work hours. Today we’ll walk through less obvious disadvantages:

  1. Escorts feel poor when the income generated by their week’s/month’s efforts is only equivalent to that of a “traditional” job. Typically, escorts bring in substantial incomes that are well above the average of what they could earn by working in a more conventional career. The opportunities for escorts are exceptional, especially when compared with the limitations of corporate environments and policies. But, even with the freedoms afforded with an escorting career, there will be times that you won’t make the money you wish you could. Many escorts find that there are slow periods where finding a client is difficult. This may happen during bouts of bad weather, when clients are less willing to get out and about to come see you. Holidays are often bad, because clients are plagued with a variety of other obligations that prevent them from having time to attend bookings. And, random periods throughout the year may bring less active working schedules. Additionally, your own schedule and habits contribute to this, too. If you’re sick and can’t see clients during normal hours, it may seriously deplete your income. Taking extra time off for vacations, family events or other activities will decrease the amount of time you have to visit with clients. Also, your motivation plays an important role. If you aren’t in the mood to market yourself, that may shine through in your communications with clients, indirectly discouraging them from setting up an encounter.
  2. Escorts have to engage in CONSTANT hair removal. Unless you are working in a niche where your clients have a thing for body hair (which is fairly rare), you need to consistently address your leg, armpit and bikini hair. Many escorts resort to waxing or laser treatments to reduce the frequency they have to struggle with this activity. Others, though, stick to standard forms of shaving or hair removal depilatories. Regardless, while many women get to hide their hairy legs under slacks or tights during the cooler months, escorts have to make time to tend to this chore regularly. There is no letting it slide or “doing it tomorrow.” Clients expect for an escort to have smooth skin, no underarm hair and a neat (or bare) bikini area. Escorts who get lazy with these habits may incur criticism or clients who won’t rebook. Your efforts for hair removal may go uncomplimented, but definitely appreciated. Unless you plan to take several days or weeks off, you, unfortunately, get no reprieve from this chore.
  3. Escorts never get granny panty days. Every woman appreciates a day where she can get by wearing her old, comfy panties, whether they are plain old white ones, granny panties or character-inspired bikinis. Sometimes, due to your mood, how you feel or other issues, it is simply satisfying to pull on a trusty pair of panties that have nothing to do with sex or seduction. But, when you work as an escort, you have to suck it up and wear the frilly thong or low-cut lace bikini each and every day that you meet up with clients. Women who are employed in many other more conventional jobs can wear whatever kind of underwear to work they please. But, escorts are bound by client expectations to don pretty knickers that will excite and arouse the viewers. Once in awhile, you might get lucky with a client who is turned on by the plain, white panty look, but this occurs so rarely it won’t help you on days you could really appreciate it.
  4. Escorts aren’t afforded the luxury to pick their clients from directories, like their clients get to do. Glorified tales of the escort industry suggest that escorts get to meet riveting, good looking and rich clients through their work. Of course, there are these kinds of clients who book encounters. However, just like in the majority of society, the average client fails to be anything outstanding or overly attractive. In fact, some of your clients may have characteristics that turn you off, personalities that disappoint you and attitudes that enrage you. Escorts, unless they are extremely successful, can’t be so choosy that they turn down the majority of offers they receive from clients. Even the unappealing clients have a good shot of booking an encounter. Escorts’ jobs are not to judge or discriminate. As an escort, you should try to make all of your clients feel important and appreciated, despite how challenging that may be. It would be great to get to pick and choose from client lists, but it doesn’t work that way. However, escorts should refuse to book encounters with prospective clients who seem threatening or cause their sixth sense to be on alert.
  5. Escorts have a tendency to dress overly casual when not working. In most offices, casual Friday is observed where workers can wear more casual attire as a way to enhance employee morale. Other jobs do not require a formal dress code to begin with. However, escorts must be “dressed to the nines” when they plan on meeting with clients. Clients don’t book encounters with the assumption that an escort will show up in comfy, workout clothes or without her make-up on. They expect an escort to look her very best when she arrives for a booking. As a result, an escort spends a lot of time on getting her clothing, make-up and hair “just right” prior to visiting with her clients. When she isn’t required to look her best, she may fall into habits of not doing anything with herself. When expectations are so high the rest of the time, it’s easy to follow the “I don’t care” mantra when just going to the store, picking kids up from school or going out for a quick bite to eat. Yoga pants and tank tops are the other half of many escorts’ wardrobes, causing their friends and families to forget what they look like all dolled up.
  6. Escorts always feel like they’re experiencing déjà vu. It is pretty common for clients to ask the same questions, always wanting know your measurements, hair/eye color and other stats — even though you clearly post these details on your profile listing. Additionally, they consistently ask when you’re available, also despite this information being listed specifically on your profile. Setting up encounters with prospective clients is often a very similar process, but escorts have to fight the urge to streamline their methods, keeping all communications individualized and pertinent to each and every client. (With that being said, some duplication of your communication may be used, sparingly, so long as it doesn’t replace the personal touch you use to respond to clients.) Another way that escorts feel like their lives is redundant is that most client encounters move along in much the same fashion. Unless you get a really unique client with unusual desires, the encounter focuses on a warming up period, becoming more intimate and then the departing process. It’s much the same every time.
  7. Escorts know that things rarely go as planned. Murphy’s law consistently applies to escorts and their schedules. If something can go wrong, it will. For instance, an escort may plan to take certain evenings off for a chance to recharge or participate in activities with friends or family members. Typically, these evenings are not requested timeframes by clients. However, once she commits to the time off, that’s when every client who calls wants to meet up. Encounters are plentiful when you can’t set them. Conversely, an escort may plan her week so that she can work extra, based on high demand previous weeks. Once she does, her phone won’t ring again for a long time. Another situation that this applies to is when you schedule the perfect number of client bookings to pay for upcoming expenses, such as household repairs, a vacation deposit or other specific costs. Naturally, a client or two will cancel, leaving you short the money you thought you’d have. Tight scheduling of clients will fail to work; travel plans to outcalls will provide obstacles; and other malfunctions will hinder your progress when you think you have things all planned out. It’s just the way it goes, and you have to be prepared for it.
  8. Escorts spend too much time traveling to see clients. One would think that going across town for an encounter with a client really isn’t that big of a deal. It isn’t. Until you consider that the next client might be on the opposite side of town. Parking fees, taxi (car) fares, tolls and other expenses (in addition to fuel if you drive your own vehicle) eat up the rates you charge clients. Additionally, it’s fairly common to spend an hour or more in transit to a client, especially if you travel during rush hours. If you leave in time to miss rush-hour traffic, you waste your valuable time that you could be doing something else and have to wait for your client’s scheduled time for the booking. Outcalls, while very much in demand by clients, often cause escorts more trouble than they may be worth. Once travel time/costs are figured in, escorts often realize that they aren’t charging enough to pay them adequately for their efforts. To make it more beneficial, escorts have to schedule carefully and efficiently, which is hard to do when clients are unexpected and random.
  9. Escorts run into people they know during encounters. It’s always a fear that you will meet up with your father’s best friend, child’s best friend’s dad or a teacher at your university. (Or, anyone else that you know in social circles.) Your first impulse is to be scared that they will reveal your secret to others. However, it really shouldn’t be a concern, because they are doing something they shouldn’t be and are where they ought not be, too. Rest assured that your secret should be safe with the individual. But, the sticky part begins when you run back into this individual socially or in other locations. Your familiarity with each other may cause your relationship to be incredibly uncomfortable, with neither of you knowing exactly how to act, as a result. That’s where good screening comes into play. If you properly screen clients, it helps avoid these kinds of situations. (But, even the best screening may let a situation like this slip by.)
  10. Escorts get tired of sex. And, it’s not the “tired of sex” that many people experience when they are stressed or extra busy or tired. It’s the “I don’t ever want to have sex again — don’t touch me” type of being tired of it. Because escorts engage in intimate activities all of the time with clients, it may cause them to associate sex with something entirely different than genuine affection or love. In fact, after a long week of especially tiresome encounters, the last thing an escort wants to do in the world is to engage in intimacies with a lover or spouse. Escorts’ libidos are up and down all of the time, making it difficult to shift gears into personal relationships. It’s a hazard of the job, and it takes a lot of pleasure out of becoming intimate with others.
  11. Escorts always have to be in a good mood. Despite any conflicts in their lives or downfalls of the day, escorts have to put on a happy face with clients. The opportunity to express yourself is limited, because clients are depending on you to cheer them up and make them feel complete and appreciated. Being grumpy or depressed is not an option. When you’re sick, you have to pretend it’s no big deal. Even though escorts are human, clients want to experience a fantasy, which doesn’t include your moodiness. Once in awhile, you may establish a relationship with a client that allows you to express yourself. But, for the most part, your clients want the upbeat, perky version of your persona.
  12. Escorts experience burn out. Much like employees in any job, escorts experience burn out. It’s totally natural to wonder what the grass is like on the other side of the fence and to think that you can’t do this job another day. And, as you’re starting to consider another line of work, something will happen that will convince you that you’ve found your calling, after all. It’s a never-ending cycle that escorts endure. They love their career, hate the work, adore the clients, despise the social stigma, appreciate the money and abhor the schedule. Taking breaks helps to decrease the severity of this cycle, but it’s pretty common for escorts to get tired of the job, vowing to find something different for a career. Only to take bookings from clients the next day.