12 easy ways for an escort to massively impress a client

Escorts are accustomed to trying to make the best first impressions they can with potential and actual clients alike. From the moment that a prospective client pulls up an escort’s profile, she is attempting to draw him in with her best attributes, personality and appearance. However, many escorts seem to forget it’s the little things that can sometimes make the biggest differences.

While common sense things like good follow through, a sexy physique and being able to deliver phenomenal oral sex are elements that can cause a client to admire an escort, less noticeable traits may actually seal the deal concerning whether a client becomes a regular or seeks affections from another escort later.

Consider these less obvious traits when trying to have a positive impact on your clients:

  1. Always be punctual. Escorts who are tardy to encounters end up losing clients. It’s extremely common for escorts to get upset when a client is late to a booking, because it can completely throw her entire day off, if she allows him to take up his previously agreed-upon time. A late client can cause her to be late to every appointment following, if she allows it. However, most escorts won’t give a client a break when he shows up late on her incall doorstep. Clients are busy people, too. They have businesses to run, places they’ve promised to be and other obligations that are time sensitive. Escorts who are late inadvertently demonstrate their lack of respect for a client and his schedule. She silently tells him that she doesn’t care about his problems. Of course, once in a great while, you just can’t help being late when an emergency occurs. But, under normal circumstances, focus on punctuality with all clients.
  2. Provide innocent, flirty physical contact. Most men like to be groped and fondled. However, upon first meeting an escort, it may be awkward to immediately jump into the fondling stage. Talented and seasoned escorts develop a way to test the waters with a client by playfully touching him in casual and innocent ways. A brush as she walks by; a light touch on the shoulder; a quick kiss on the cheek. Some escorts may pat a client’s hand or pat him on the back, depending on the situation. Regardless of how you do it, perfect a way that you can physically touch your client without alluding to sex in any way whatsoever. Clients will appreciate that you don’t immediately pounce on them as soon as you walk in the door in an attempt to get the show on the road. And, in most cases, your innocent touches may work them up more than if you had come in and started touching them intimately without any build up.
  3. Engage in adequate and quality communication with your clients. It is a fact that some clients take advantage of an escort who attempts to respond to her clients’ questions and concerns. However, don’t be so afraid of being “that escort” that you fail to reply to legitimate communication requests from clients or prospective ones. Some clients need a little extra attention, especially in the beginning, to convince them to book an encounter. Others need to know that your services are discreet, because they fear the repercussions of being found out. Sometimes, a client is nervous about an upcoming experience and needs reassuring. It doesn’t matter why a client needs to communicate; an escort who fails to give him the common courtesy of a brief reply is considered cold and uncaring. You don’t want to be this escort, unless, of course, that’s how you are marketing yourself. Take a few moments to quickly shoot back an answer. If it’s inconvenient to talk right then, let your client know you can’t discuss the subject further at that time. Reasonable clients will understand and respect the fact that you gave them enough attention to reply.
  4. Your voice is a huge turn-on for clients. Many escorts book encounters over the phone, especially first sessions. It’s common to weed out creepy clients or other undesirables, based on the way they speak or what they say. However, keep in mind that clients do the same thing. They base a huge opinion on your voice when they first hear you. Store that away for use each time you speak to a new client over the phone. Your voice should not be shrill, whiny, too soft/loud, unclear or otherwise unpleasant. Lower your voice a note or two; not only is a deeper woman’s voice considered sexier, but it is also easier to understand over the telephone. Clearly enunciate as you speak to clients, and avoid using any thick accents that makes you unclear. Never use vulgar language, and smile as you speak. It comes out in your voice. Clients can fall in lust over a woman’s sexy voice, if she uses it properly. It’s one of the best ways to make a stellar first impression.
  5. Keep your hair soft and touchable. Escorts who have helmet hair or ‘dos that are untouchable are unattractive to many clients. Men like to run their fingers through a woman’s hair, and if it’s so carefully coifed that it looks untouchable, that’s a huge turn off. Bouncy, shiny hair should be loosely styled and available for clients to touch, twirl or enjoy during both intimate moments and cuddly ones. Some say that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Make sure that it is always styled and looks good. Clients indicate that even if an escort’s hair is loosely styled, but appears dirty or oily, it leaves a very bad first impression. Shower and prepare yourself for each and every appointment, clearly ensuring that your hair feels soft and smells good.
  6. The very way you carry yourself will hugely impact what clients think of you. Striding into the room with confidence, comfort and good posture indicates that you are ready for anything. Walking with purpose and a certain amount of grace is elegant and signals to the client that you aren’t the average gal he might find at the bar. Demonstrate through how you carry yourself in front of your client that you know you are beautiful and expect him to treat you well, in addition to being fun-loving and considerate of others. It’s a lot to try to squeeze into how you carry yourself, but seasoned escorts know the importance of a good “strut” that will knock a client’s socks off and let him know he made a great choice in booking an encounter with you.
  7. Lips should be kissable and soft. During the winter and summer months, the weather is especially hard on your pucker upper. Nurture it with plenty of lip balm and don’t forget to exfoliate your lips to ensure they aren’t dry and flaky. Additionally, an escort’s lips need to appear inviting and enveloping to a client. From the moment he meets you, your client may daydream about what it will be like to lock lips with you. Don’t disappoint him by having a dreary pout. Pump up your lips, if they are thin. Many lipsticks have plumping effects that help to enhance your natural lip line. Additionally, don’t worry about whether to wear red or pink to see a client (unless he’s asked for a specific hue). Pick one that looks best with your coloring and make it your signature, go-to shade, applying it prior to each and every encounter. Beauty experts recommend a shiny shade, because it helps to make your lips look fuller and younger, along with hiding other imperfections, too. Clients will appreciate your attention to your lips, especially when they finally get the chance to kiss them.
  8. Smile as you meet a client for the first (or 100th) time. Smiling never gets old, and it can really lighten up a tense moment. Practice your smile, so you know how widely or openly to do it. Sometimes, a natural smile is not really your prettiest ones. (Even though some people might beg to differ.) Examine yourself in the mirror to determine whether a full or half smile is best for you. Also, take a look at your pearly whites. Smiling puts your teeth front and center. If they are anything less than white, invest in a professional dental cleaning and whitening session. Often, whitening sessions will lighten your teeth several shades, which will really amp up your smile. Your clients will be impressed by several things, but a smile is something they will definitely remember.
  9. Strut your stuff as you wear your favorite stilettos. For your clients, high heels are as necessary to your image as a policeman’s badge is to his uniform. It’s an expectation that revs their motors and fulfills their fantasies. In addition to being sexy for your clients just by sporting these ankle twisters, high heels make your legs appear longer, demonstrate your confidence and attitude and suggest strength. They help to create the illusion of sculpted legs and increase your height, which can be sexy, too. However, you can’t just throw a pair of platforms on and expect to garner instant sex appeal. Learning to walk in your heels takes some practice, but it’s definitely worth it, especially when you factor in the appreciation and admiration you get from adoring clients.
  10. Escorts who maintain an ever-present positive attitude develop a much more positive impression with clients. Upbeat, happy personalities fare much better than attitudes that border on bitter or negative. Clients have called you because they want a break from the “real world.” They want to escape into a fantasy existence, if only for an hour, where everything is ideal. An escort who bitches and moans about her life or day gets old really fast. Additionally, clients admire an escort who can continually put on a happy face for them. Even if you have had a rough day, being able to be “up” for your clients is a necessity. You must put them first and focus on the positive while you are with them. Doing so may earn you regular clients who will come back time and time again, for a dose of your sunshine or positivity.
  11. Listening is an underrated skill. Clients want to hire an escort to tend to their physical and (often) emotional needs. In doing so, an escort has to listen to her client to know best how to please him, both physically and otherwise. Asking questions, listening to a client’s story or explanations and actually hearing a client as he speaks are integral elements to a successful escort/client relationship. However, many escorts miss the boat and want to simply get on with the encounter, instead of listening (and hearing) when a client has to say. Often, an escort will discover that she really had no idea about what type of encounter her client wanted until she listened to his preferences. Ask insightful questions about what your client has told you, verify what you think you’ve understood and repeat things back to him. Clients enjoy being the center of your attention, and when you allow them to feel listened to, your time with them is golden, in their eyes.
  12. Keep your skin soft and supple. A woman’s skin is usually softer and smoother than a man’s. Clients say all of the time that they just want to touch a woman and enjoy the feel of her skin under their hands. Men appreciate the differences between a woman’s skin and their own. As a result, it’s important to maintain well-moisturized skin. Exfoliate often to deter dry patches. And, pay special attention to your knees, elbows and feet (or other areas that tend to get rough easily). Clients will notice immediately whether your skin is soft and touchable, and they will enjoy getting to touch it during an intimate encounter.