12 reasons why escorts should only book married clients

Many escorts implement strict rules or policies that stipulate the type of clients they accept for bookings. Some base their qualifications on age, income or race. Even if clients think that escorts are being unfairly judgmental to exclude them based on these criteria, it’s an escort’s prerogative to decline any client she wants to for any reason. She’s the one providing services, and she gets to decide whom she spends her time with. As escorts brainstorm qualifications for their clients, one to seriously consider is their marital status.

adulteryA running trend in the escort industry is to look specifically for married clients, who have spouses at home. There are several convincing reasons that escorts should exclusively book married clients, instead of their single counterparts. Take a look at these reasons before you book your next encounter:

  1. Married clients have some experience with women. Unlike some of the clients that escorts get, married ones have interacted at some level with women intimately enough to marry them. They have had actual conversations and engaged in physical contact. Some clients who seek out escorts have never had any luck with women, and thus, have not ever had physical or non-physical relationships with them (other than their mothers or sisters). Married clients have more insight about how to talk to and engage with a woman, which makes it much easier to book encounters and become comfortable with at the beginning of a session. Even though married men may still get nervous or uptight in the presence of a beautiful woman, they are not anxious about the prospect of entering into conversation with a woman, generally.
  2. Sexual experience is normal for married clients. Escorts can generally rely on the fact that if a client is married, he has had sexual intercourse during his lifetime. Usually, if a client is married, it also means that he may have had several sessions of intercourse, which lends one to believe that he is basically familiar with a woman’s physical anatomy, along with how it works with his. This is important if you don’t want to become a teacher for your clients. Of course, it’s extremely common, even with married clients, for them to not have a wide range of experience in activities other than the missionary position. Some married clients will have not had much variety in the bedroom, and they won’t know how to go about engaging in new positions, even though they may be excited to try. Another benefit to clients being sexually experienced is that they know, in general, what it takes to please them. They know what they like and what they don’t like. It’s much easier to satisfy a client when he knows what it is that he wants in order to gain pleasure.
  3. Married clients may appreciate their escorts more. Single clients can go out and about, scoping for women and hoping for one-night stands at any time, without restrictions from a partner. Even if they don’t score, they still have the option to seek out women. Married clients, though, are much more limited and may not have pursued another woman since he got married. (Others, though, are repeat clients for escorts.) Married clients are looking for an escort for various reasons, but they usually end up complaining about their wives. They talk about how the spark is gone, or how the wife isn’t keeping herself up, or how she is too busy with the children or her career or any number of other things. These kind of clients show their appreciation and gratitude to escorts when they get the attention they are looking for from them. They are pleased to be with a beautiful woman who makes him feel like the best man in the world. They are usually the best at reciprocating appreciation, because they know that it isn’t always like that in relationships. Married clients genuinely enjoy and adore the time they spend with escorts, because it’s a break from reality for them.
  4. Adventure and variety may be on the agenda for married clients. Even though they may love their wives, they feel that something is missing in their sex lives. As a result, they seek out something new and different with an escort. You provide an opportunity for married clients to try out that position he has always wanted to experiment with, but his wife won’t hear of it. You allow him to let down his sexual inhibitions, without fear of judgment or comment. He may want to relive old times that are fond memories through role playing with you, and he needs to feel young and virile again through crazy sexual antics during an encounter. Married clients rarely want to have a boring encounter with only one-position sex. They are excited to try out new things and gain experience they don’t get in their marriages. While some clients are simply pleased to get some physical contact, complaining that their wives don’t touch them anymore, most are enthralled with the idea of getting wild and crazy…which means encounters are not boring, in the least.
  5. Discretion is a top priority for married clients. Just as you need to keep the fact that you’re an escort on the down-low, your clients need to avoid letting the wife know about your trysts. In fact, they have as much, if not more, to lose if the truth is discovered than you do. The odds of a scorned wife outing your lifestyle is slim, but it’s a possibility. The worst that you have to worry about in most cases when a unknowing wife finds out is that you lose a client and get a few annoying phone calls or texts. However, if your client is so indiscreet that others (besides his spouse) become aware of your activities, it can mean that disclosure will be made to your friends and family, which is never good. Your whole way of life could come crashing down around you if your client reveals your identity in some way to neighbors or others. When you only see married clients, it is unlikely that they will brag about their escapades with you or become careless as they visit you for encounters. It just makes sense to protect yourself with an extra layer of discretion.
  6. There are usually fewer concerns about attachment issues when you only book encounters with married clients. You know, straight out, that married clients aren’t seeking girlfriends or a new wife. They don’t want to settle down with you, nor do they think that you will make their worlds complete. Married clients aren’t interested in attachments when they seek out an escort. Even though they may be seeking intimacy they feel they have lost in their relationships, they aren’t counting on something that is long-term and meaningful. Their emotions are usually tied up with their wives and children (if they have them), and they can compartmentalize their affair with you from their commitment to their families. It’s a relief to know that your client isn’t thinking up ways that he can convince you to become his girlfriend, even though he may act very affectionately or shower you with compliments. Most clients are completely satisfied with a no-strings-attached relationship, which is exactly what you’re looking for in a client.
  7. Limited availabilities due to family obligations is a benefit to seeing married clients. Even though a married client may be challenging to book the first couple of times (working around soccer games, work schedules and date night with the wife), it’s worth it, because it’s unlikely that your client will become one of those who wants to see you too frequently. It’s common for a client to enjoy an encounter so much, he wants to schedule another one the next night…and the next night, too. Married clients can’t do this due to the expectations of their lives. They are supposed to be home for dinner, attend children’s activities and engage in social dates with their wives. Their time is extremely limited, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming pests or tiresome due to seeing them too often. These clients are unlikely to show up at your door unexpectedly or to want to extend an encounter. They don’t want to waste time during an encounter, so they may be anxious to get started with the “good stuff” when you meet up. And, they are probably not going to be trying to find ways to spend time with you off the clock, because they don’t have any spare time to give. In short, these clients value their time with you, but because of their busy schedules, encounters will be limited to consistent intervals with time between them.
  8. Complaints of jealousy are rare with married clients. It’s fairly common for an escort to have a client tell her he wishes she didn’t have so many clients or that he hopes he’s her favorite. Even though it’s human nature to want to be the best, married clients know that you have others whom you see for encounters, and they know that you may tell all of your clients they are your favorites. In return, you married client knows that he goes home to his wife after each booking, which could leave other women very jealous and bitter. Clients are relieved that they can spend time with you, enjoying each other, without worrying about letting you down or causing you to have unrealistic expectations. And, even if they are the tiniest bit jealous that you do the same things with other clients that you engage in with them, they aren’t going to whine or harass you about it. They accept that it’s part of the arrangement the two of you have. Your married client knows your relationship works as it is, so he won’t rock the boat by suggesting anything different.
  9. Married clients often show honest signs of excitement and passion. Most clients are extremely excited about their encounters with an escort. However, married ones are sometimes a bit more demonstrative about it. For them, booking and following through with an encounter with you is forbidden and a way to break all the rules. They know it’s an illicit experience, which makes their passions erupt and sparks fly even more. It’s easy to get caught up with and enjoy encounters with clients who are so happy to be spending time with you…and aren’t afraid of showing it. They have bursts of lust, adrenaline rushes and feelings of freedom they don’t experience often. The enjoyment you get from providing a client with so much satisfaction and happiness is a huge benefit to your job. Single clients may experience a rush, but they don’t typically receive such a feeling of liberation or “naughtiness,” because they can seek out female attention anytime without it being forbidden.
  10. You may get extra time to yourself at the end of scheduled encounters when you book married clients. Even though they may have slated out the entire hour to spend time with you, it may be a stretch for them to stay that long. Often, clients are expected back home to spend time with their families. As a result, after they’ve received ample satisfaction from their encounter with you, they may depart early. That leaves you with additional time that you can use however you want. It can help you prepare for the next client, run errands or provide you with time to relax. As long as your client is leaving happy and doesn’t feel like he is cheated, it shouldn’t hurt your feelings any if he leaves early. It’s certainly a benefit, especially compared to clients who try to stretch out and extend the time they are allowed to stay.
  11. Married clients may not be looking for physical contact with an escort. Escorts often report that married clients just want some affection and pampering, for the most part. Even if physical pleasure does add into the equation, the majority of married clients want to be made to feel special through a massage, kind touching and snuggling that they miss out on after their marriages have stagnated. Providing some cuddle time for a client is fairly easy and is not taxing in the least. Clients who simply want to be pampered and treated like they are cared for are easy to please and are enjoyable to spend time with, especially compared to more demanding types that commonly walk through your incall door.
  12. Married clients are typically more successful and wealthy. Studies conducted over and over again consistently show that married men tend to be more ambitious and driven than their single counterparts. They earn higher incomes (reported to be as much as 11 percent higher by Time Magazine in May 2012) and achieve higher levels of executive status. They often are thought to have qualities most desired in a client: responsible, mature, logical, intelligent, stable and honest…all traits associated with why a woman would marry a man in the first place. In addition to higher incomes, married clients are often benefited by a lifestyle that features two wage earners, providing more discretionary income for both partners (which means more money to spend on seeing an escort). It’s smart business sense to target married clients, because they are wealthier and can afford to pay your rates.

Despite any hassles you may experience with married clients, they usually pale in comparison to the ones you incur with single ones. It’s not a surprise that some escorts only agree to see married men. Depending on your preferences and current client list, it’s certainly something worth considering for future bookings.