12 simple things an escort can win a man with that he won’t get at home

Every healthy human being, including your clients, wants a very simple thing: acknowledgement of their existence and, ideally, appreciation. It’s this desire that drives people to hire escorts.

Once-perfect relationships become stagnant or tainted by the trials and tribulations of daily life. Husbands and wives (or boyfriends and girlfriends) no longer do those kind things for one another that used to be second nature. Arguments over money and family overtake the moments spent in pillow talk sleepiness.

As a result, clients seek out escorts to experience these happy aspects of tenderness and intimacy once again. And, while the moments, emotions and instances aren’t exactly the same, the feelings the clients gain from these encounters are very real and fulfilling. As an escort, it’s fairly easy to recognize several ways that you can please your clients by performing functions their spouses won’t:

  1. Tell them “You are right” – they never hear it at home. It’s human nature to want to be right. Often, at the price of happiness and peace, couples will fight and bicker over who is right, who said what and who has the final word. For a client who always feels like he’s in the wrong or never knows anything, being right once in awhile is the best feeling in the world. Some clients have wives who cut them off, stopping them from voicing their opinions. Others are involved with partners who simply don’t pay any attention to their input, assuming naturally that they don’t know what they are talking about. The best thing you can do for a client like this is allow him to be right…even if he’s wrong. Let him share his opinion and knowledge, even if it’s flawed or one-sided. His ability to freely express himself and believe that he is correct in his statements will make him stand taller and walk more proudly. He may have entered your incall a somewhat broken man, but he will leave a confident, happy one. (Of course, other intimacies you engage in with him may help to put a smile on his face, but letting him be right for a change didn’t hurt!)
  2. Daydream with your client. Many client’s daydreams are consistently dashed by their partners, due to lack of creativity and whimsy. At the beginning of relationships, it’s common for couples to daydream together, discussing future destinations they will travel to, their dream home and how life will be when they grow old. However, life tends to get in the way of daydreams, and reality takes hold tightly. It’s all too likely that partners will discourage a client from daydreaming at all by insinuating that he never pursues his dreams or that they will never happen due to inability or other downfalls the client has. As an escort, you don’t have to focus on the practical side of life. You can act as a muse for your client’s hopes and aspirations. Or, you can participate with him as he conjures up visions of whimsy for his future. Allowing your client to daydream without limitations or judgment is invigorating for him, fueling the passion he feels for life and other activities, which he will surely engage in with you later.
  3. Provide general affection to your client. Even when a client is married or involved in a long-term relationship, he may not be getting the general affection he feels he deserves. Hugging, kissing, touching and caressing are non-verbal ways that partners use to express their love and admiration for each other. With time, this kind of physical affection often wanes in a relationship due to familiarity or withdrawal. When a client doesn’t receive this attention on a regular basis from his partner, he starts to feel unappreciated. Escorts can remedy this problem by jumping in with additional levels of affection the client needs in order to feel good about himself and his relationships. The human touch is a powerful thing, and it can mean the difference between a tragic day and a bearable one. Give physical affection freely and openly to your clients. You never know when they need it most.
  4. Be your client’s number one fan. We all need to feel like someone is rooting for us in our corner. Clients of escorts are no different. They yearn for the sense that they are appreciated and admired. And, even though they may be in relationships, they may wonder whether their partners still think as highly of them as they did previously. After time in a marriage, the compliments get old and the effort to make each other feel special gets pushed to the side, in favor of day-to-day life and its activities. Escorts should make it their goals to lavish on the compliments and gratitude. Tell your client he is good looking, has an amazing sense of humor or reminds you of your favorite actor. Pour on the praise and crank up the flattery. Create a positive zone in your incall where your client feels good about himself and can restore some positive self-worth while he spends time with you.
  5. Oral sex is an easy way to provide missing attention to a client. Lack of oral sex is a fairly standard complaint for clients of escorts, thus making it one of the most requested services during an encounter. After a relationship hits the long-term mark, partners often avoid engaging in oral sex anymore, citing time and preference issues, even if it was a fairly common staple during the previous courtship. One of the best ways that you can immediately please a client is to give him a mind-blowing blow job. Even if the rest of the encounter is a disaster or you and he didn’t hit it off, a good round of oral sex makes up for everything.
  6. Avoid giving instructions or directions to your client. Many married men complain that their wives give them directions for everything, from driving to sex to taking care of the children. While they can hack the incessant instruction about most things, they get most irritated about being told how to have sex. It’s one thing to be lead by moans of ecstasy, but it’s a completely different scenario to be told step-by-step how to go about laying your wife. Clients are seeking out opportunities to have sex or intimate encounters with escorts, without being told how to do it. The freedom to engage in sex, unhindered by someone’s specific wishes or directions about what to do next, is an ultimate priority when clients see escorts. Do your best to allow your client to lead the way he wants to and to perform the actions he thinks feels best. Restrict your urges to give him tips or advice about how to please you better. This is his show…let him perform the way he wants, and you will have a happy client on your hands.
  7. Ditch the negativity. Clients get sufficient negativity and disapproval at home; they don’t need any of it when they visit with an escort. Avoid complaining about your day, the weather, the government, health care, politics, your bad hair or anything else. Your clients come to see you for that ray of sunshine you can offer them. When they walk through your door, they want to forget their troubles (and not get into yours) and enjoy themselves. At all times, it’s your job to promote a positive environment full of happiness and optimism. While sarcasm and reality have their place (especially in some niches in the escort world), most escorts will be most benefitted by only talking about good, uplifting things. These subjects may coincide with the compliments you give your client or the ability to allow him to be right, even when he isn’t. Being positive isn’t always fun, but it will help you achieve client satisfaction.
  8. Indulge your clients’ fantasies. Unless your client is requesting a fetish or fantasy that is completely off the wall and beyond your personal comfort zone, help him explore his desires. One of the most common reasons for clients to seek out time with escorts is to pursue their fantasies. From shoe fetishes to cross dressing (among many others), simple desires are requested of escorts. Providers who participate in fantasy exploration with their clients report repeat encounters and great reviews. Many of these clients have been criticized and demeaned for their fantasies, if they requested participation from their partners or spouses. Many have been laughed at or judged. When you accept them, despite what turns them on, it’s a huge turn on for clients. Even more so, an escort who explores a fantasy with a client is valued as highly as gold and paid as handsomely.
  9. Keep the mystery alive. Clients who are in long-term relationships often complain that the passion and mystery are missing with their partners. It’s pretty routine that the mystery leaves a relationship when private acts are no longer are private. The bathroom door is left open during use and you get ready daily together; there’s not much mystery left when all daily processes are shared. However, clients get to experience that mystery and wonder with you. They get to experience the glamour you represent, because they don’t get to see your transformation from plain to gorgeous. They didn’t see you get dressed in your favorite outfit with matching lingerie, so they are extremely excited to help you take it off, wondering what they will find underneath. Do your best to create some mystery in your relationships with clients. Avoid giving away all of your secrets and don’t confide all of your inner thoughts.
  10. Exercise spontaneity. One of the best things about new romance is how spontaneous everything about it feels. That first kiss, the first embrace and the first sexual encounter are all somewhat unexpected and new. Many clients miss that about their relationships and yearn to experience it in other ways. That’s where a good escort can come in. Within your encounters with clients, do the unpredictable. Touch them where they least expect it. Say something they don’t anticipate. Suggest a risqué tryst on the spur of the moment. The thrill of being overcome by passion is such an adrenaline rush; it can be duplicated through many spontaneous behaviors you can lead your client to through encounters. Encourage him to be creative when together, and it should be fun for both of you.
  11. Enjoy your time with your client, especially during intimate moments. It’s often said that wives don’t appreciate sex with their husbands after several years together. These clients come to escorts to find someone who likes being with them and can enjoy the excitement and passion of intimacy. Not only should you be willing to engage in intimate acts with your clients, but you should also have fun during them. (Or, at least, fake it believably.) Nobody wants to have sex with a partner who doesn’t seem involved in the activity. Nor, does he want to be asked mid-thrust, “Are you almost done?” Let your clients see that you enjoy sex and are having a good time during your most intimate moments with them.
  12. Flirt with your client. Many men report that they miss flirting with their significant others, after they’ve been involved in a long-term relationship with them. Somehow, after time goes by, flirting isn’t as natural once you know you have your partner hooked. However, it’s a surefire way of continuing the passion that stirred the relationship in the first place. An escort who can flirt with her clients is sure to have satisfying encounters. Wink, tease and bat your eyelashes all you want at your clients. Act coyly or suggestively, whichever best suits your personality. Regardless of your flirting style, enact it wholeheartedly with clients. It makes them happy, giddy and feel like school boys. And, this leads to pleased clients.

The secret to pleasing your clients isn’t a difficult, hard-to-find formula full of secret sex acts or other love mumbo jumbo. It is simply providing what is lacking in their current relationships or love life. It may be something as simple as flirting through eye contact or telling your client he smells nice. The little things add up to be big pleasures for the majority of your clientele.