12 things every successful escort knows about perfume

Scent is a natural part of sexual attraction, so it an expectation that escorts are concerned with the proper use of perfume and other fragrances as a useful tool for their professions. However, with awareness of scent sensitivities becoming more prevalent, it may leave escorts in a quandary about how to incorporate perfume into their beauty routines without offending clients.

Additionally, if escorts have not been avid perfume wearers throughout their lifetimes, they may be hesitant about the how to apply, store and select it for themselves.

Escorts should consider the following 12 essential perfume and fragrance tips before splashing on their favorite scent for a client encounter:

  1. Beware of client sensitivity and allergies. While most of your clients won’t have an issue with your perfume, others may experience symptoms including headache, sneezing, runny nose or watering eyes when they are in your presence. Keep in mind that until you are aware about your clients’ tolerances, less is always more. (This is a good bit of wisdom to subscribe to, in general, when wearing perfume. The intent is to be subtle, not overwhelming.) But, with so many different scents on the market, it’s really no surprise that sensitivities seem to be increasing. “Not only are there definitely more fragranced products in the world, but the fragrances, themselves, are also more complex,” stated Tracie DeFreitas Saab, MS, a human factors consultant with the Job Accommodation Network at West Virginia University.

    For many people, exposure can bring about a constellation of symptoms.

    She elaborated that symptoms may be mild or more severe, such as breathing difficulties and skin reactions. Some experts, according to WebMD, aren’t even sure if the fragrance, itself, is really the culprit in many reactions. They may be results of the chemicals (as many as 200 or more) that are used to create fragrances. Marjorie Slankard, MD, clinical professor of medicine at Columbia Eastside, a division of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City, recommends single-note scents, such as rose or freesia, as a way to avoid reactions.

  2. Limit the number of spritzes you apply each day. Renowned perfume guru Frederic Malle suggests that your perfume should only be detectable at the distance of an embrace or close contact. If it can be noticed from much farther away, you may be wearing your scent too strongly. Malle recommends figuring out in the first few days of wearing a perfume how many spritzes are appropriate. After you become accustomed to wearing it, it’s easy to be tempted to overspray, because you are somewhat desensitized to it. If you feel that your scent doesn’t last throughout the day, applying more at a time isn’t going to influence its staying power. You can always reapply it later or amp up the scent with a lotion prior to meeting up with a client. If you find that you’ve applied too much or run into a client who is sensitive to your scent, simply wipe it off with a facial or baby wipe. (These are probably part of your usual bag of goodies when you are traveling on an outcall.)
  3. Consider spraying your perfume on your clothing, rather than on your body. If you are meeting up with a client you suspect may be sensitive to your fragrance, apply it to your coat or blouse if you feel like you can’t go out of the house sans scent. As you become intimate with your client, it’s likely that you’ll be shedding your clothing, so your perfume won’t be an issue when you’re up close and personal with him in an embrace. However, you won’t feel like you’re without your usual scent, either. In addition to benefitting your client, you may also find that this is a great way to extend the life of a few spritzes of your favorite scent. Malle suggests this as a way to make your perfume last longer than strictly applying it to your skin. “It lasts much longer on textiles, so it’s a great way to get more time out of your perfume. Plus it eliminates the skin factor,” he says.
  4. Moisturize your skin to make your scent last longer. Many escorts are unhappy with how long their scents are noticeable after spraying them on. If you’ve invested a pretty penny in your newest perfume and it doesn’t seem to smell an hour or two after you’ve applied it, you have every right to be disappointed. However, you may be thwarting your own efforts for success in the scent department. Dry skin tends to release your perfume faster, so it’s essential to use moisturizer regularly, especially in the areas you spray your fragrance. According to Franco Wright, co-owner of the Scent Bar in Los Angeles, “Moisturizers use emollients that keep water molecules, as well as fragrance molecules, from evaporating.” (It’s likely that you regularly moisturize your skin as a way to make yourself more attractive to clients, but pinpointing the areas for your perfume is especially important.) When you apply lotion, make sure that it’s either unscented or has a complementary fragrance. Many fragrances are available in lotion forms, too, which make great layering options to enhance your scent.
  5. Don’t worry about your deodorant conflicting with your perfume. Some escorts (and women, in general) are concerned that their scented antiperspirant will interfere with the fragrances they choose to wear. Unless you over apply it or select a highly scented one, most options are designed to mask any unpleasant odor, but are not intended to smell more than that. Wright and the Scent Bar’s co-owner Adam Eastwood both agree that any standard antiperspirant/deodorant option will be just fine for use with any fragrance under any condition. If you want, it’s perfectly acceptable to purchase the option that may be available in your favorite fragrance line, but you shouldn’t be afraid that your budget purchase from Wal-Mart or Target will interfere with your $200 designer scent.
  6. Change up your scent with a complementary lotion. Many women buy into the concept that they need to alter their scents as the seasons change and check into purchasing new fragrances. This option can become pretty expensive, especially if you have several perfumes for each time of the year. Wright insists that you don’t have to do this, if you’re willing to get creative with your lotion layering process. It’s common to layer your fragrances with corresponding lotions and shower gels. However, substitute your matching scent for something new and different. If you normally wear an Oriental scent, for example, pair it up with a rose or gardenia lotion. The undertones will soften the stronger perfume. If you normally wear a softer scent, use a lotion scented with amber, musk or patchouli to heighten its exotic or darker sense. Combining your fragrances can make them more erotic and functionable for your lifestyle. However, use caution in your experimenting. Don’t try out new combinations right before you visit with a client, just in case you don’t like the results.
  7. Consider hair perfume. “Hair is a great fragrance diffuser and is probably the best spot to spray fragrance if you really want to make an impression,” comments Malle. He says that your fragrance is constantly amplified by the heat your scalp emits, which causes your fragrance to always be present. Additionally, as you move your head (and, thus, hair) around, your fragrance is more noticeable as it wafts about, without being overpowering. However, Malle cautions overuse of this little trick. Most perfumes contain alcohol, which dry your hair out. Invest in a quality hair mist (which is a form of hair perfume) or seek out alcohol-free options. Another option is a fragrance oil, available at most fine perfumeries. The oil not only offers a great scent, but it is an excellent moisturizer for your hair. You’ll want to be sure to avoid using too much of this, too, because it will weigh your hair down and make it look greasy easily. If a fragrance oil isn’t appealing to you, consider spraying your perfume onto your hairbrush before you run it through your hair the last time. Camille Goutal, perfumer for Annick Goutal, swears by this trick.
  8. Treat your perfume like an investment and take care of it. Most perfumers insist that the proper way to store your fragrance is to keep it refrigerated. While most people don’t have the space in their refrigerator to keep their perfume collections alongside their favorite condiments or last night’s takeout, you can still attempt to keep it in a cooler area of your home. Avoid storing it in the bathroom, where you may have hot, bright lights around your vanity mirror and steam from scalding showers. When you expose your perfumes to heat, their top notes may be altered, turning the fragrance into a sharper, more sour and musty version of itself. Most escorts purchase expensive perfumes and need to take care of them. Don’t carry expensive perfumes around in your purse or leave them in your car, either. These may expose them to excessive heat or damage.
  9. Vary your scents. Even though many escorts have a signature scent that clients may identify with them, it’s a good idea to wear alternative fragrances in your off time or with new clients. According to Oliver Cresp, perfumer for Valentina Acqua Floreale and Nina L’Eau, your body can adapt to one scent, leaving it flat on your skin. He recommends using a total of five or six scents, but even three or four as a way to alternate is an excellent start. Malle suggests altering your fragrance habits, too, especially as the weather changes. Consider lighter, citrusy scents for warmer weather. He says,

    Go green! Apple and floral scents bring out thoughts of modernity, purity and freshness, which is appropriate as the weather warms up.

    Heavier scents are more appropriate for winter or colder temperatures/climates. Additionally, a fragrance that seems perfect for the morning, may seem too crisp or clean for an evening rendezvous.

  10. Keep in mind that fragrances change the longer you wear them. Malle stresses that your perfume will smell differently when you first apply it than it will a few hours after you put it on. The top notes are what are most noticeable when you initially apply it, and they will last for 15 minutes to a half hour. After that, the heart and back notes of the perfume will become more apparent. Before you purchase a new scent, you should always wear it awhile before making a decision about the investment. Make sure that you like how it wears after a bit. Most fine perfumers will not expect you to make an immediate decision about a purchase. Don’t feel pressured by an impatient sales person.
  11. Pick your floral perfume carefully. According to Alan Hirsch, PhD, at Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, some floral fragrances make men think of their grandmothers. Perfumes that smell like bouquets of roses and traditional flowers often create memories of old ladies wearing antiquated perfumes, while others that incorporate more complex combinations create much more erotic feelings. Spicy florals make men think of feistiness and sexiness and include undertones of vanilla or woodsy scents. Some spicy floral perfumes may even create a slimming effect. “Men often estimate a woman’s weight to be less by four to 12 pounds their actual size,” commented Hirsch. Additionally, Hirsch recommends any perfume including orchid undertones if you’re looking to increase your sex appeal. “It’s been shown to stimulate increased penile blood flow,” he stated.
  12. Consider essential oils as an alternative. Even if you are a big fan of perfume, many escorts are turning to essential oils to increase their clients’ sex drives naturally. Oils containing sandalwood, rose, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine are popular choices for massages, infused aromatherapy or as a personal scent. A combination of several oils called Lady Sclarel is called the “Great Intoxicator” and is known for its seductive properties. Essential oils, while natural, may still cause sensitivity symptoms in some clients, but their milder qualities usually result in fewer problems. They may be used to scent your incall, clothing or body. Often, essential oils are highly concentrated, but they are much more affordable than high-end, designer perfumes.

All in all, escorts should just use common sense when applying their perfumes. It doesn’t hurt to ask a client ahead of time if he prefers that you wear perfume to your upcoming encounter. Additionally, most clients just assume that you will be wearing some scent when you arrive, so most who have issues with perfumes will request that you go without. Additionally, if you have sensitivity issues, feel free to request that your client omit his favorite aftershave or cologne from his routine when he prepares to visit you.

While the media and experts provide many details and rules about wearing perfume, Malle says it best when he comments that it all comes down to smell and personal preference. If you’re trying to pinpoint the best scent to turn your clients on, you’re not going to find one fragrance that is universally successful. Choose what you like, because you’re the one wearing it.