12 tips for an escort who wants to have more fun in her work

As you work on creating a successful escorting career for yourself, you may identify most with experiences that bring out the youthful, fun side of your personality, instead of the serious one. Some escorts focus primarily on attracting clients who allow them to indulge their adventurous sides, resulting in more entertaining and interesting encounters. While it may be a challenge to cater exclusively to these types of clients, especially depending on your region, it’s certainly not impossible to build up a substantial list of exciting people to provide encounters for.

Planning to market yourself as a fun escort can certainly have its benefits, however it does have some negative consequences, too. You should pay attention to the follow 12 tips concerning fun as an escort:

  1. Create a provocative profile to attract interesting clients. When you’re looking to create fun, entertaining encounters with clients who have similar interests, you should inject your profile with lively banter that exhibits your wit, adventurous passion, youth and smart ass qualities. Clients are excited to find escorts who veer from the normal mainstream profiles, promising personalized attention and dedication to their needs. Instead, they are intrigued and interested in learning more about you when you present yourself as someone who sees escorting as an opportunity for fun and enjoyment. Your profile should stress that you love to engage in activities others might think are silly, as long as the endeavors are made in the name of fun. Clients should get the feel from your profile that you are an exciting and unpredictable person who is up for anything.
  2. Explain to clients that you have a youthful attitude and want to indulge it as much as you can. Emphasize to them that fun and adventure are what you are looking for in your clients. Encourage them to open up and share with you their fantasies, hopes and bucket lists, and maybe the two of you can find some common ground for some excitement. When you tell clients you are youthful, don’t insinuate that you are filled with child-like wonder. Create a much different image by informing them you are interested in experiencing life in all of its facets and learning about it from firsthand experiences. Persuade them to be curious and ask questions, building a desire to learn and do more. Clients sometimes stagnate in their boring lives without an exciting escort to open their minds back up. In many ways, you can act as a muse for your clients who feel they are stuck in a rut, or worse.
  3. Laugh. Incite laughter and humor into all communications and encounters with clients. Face it, the escort industry can be hilarious. From crazy requests you get to funny things that happen during intimate moments with clients, the life of an escort is humorous, especially if you can see the levity at the time. Encourage your clients to laugh with you. Often, it takes making a joke at your own expense to lighten a client up, but once you get the ball rolling, his sense of humor will come out to play, too. Enjoy the funny things that happen to you as go about your day, as you’re on the way to visit clients. Allow yourself to become tickled as you people watch, and share your observations with other fun-loving clients that you meet up with later. Giggling, laughing and chuckling are all ways to demonstrate your sense of humor; and, many clients also think that a woman who can laugh is incredibly sexy. Indulge your sense of humor with clients and it might just amp up their arousal levels.
  4. Encourage going on fun dates or outings with your clients. Even though many of the encounters you provide for clients are behind-closed-door-only type of adventures, other clients can find ways to enjoy what the world has to offer with you out in public. Market yourself in a such a way that you attract the type of clients who are looking for a partner in crime and need companionship as they seek out some recreation. Many clients will take an escort on vacation, indulging in physically adventurous activities such as zip lining, parasailing, skiing, boating or other fun tasks. Others will take an escort to a nightclub or other party that is sure to be entertaining. Some clients are up for ball games and sporting events, where you can swig beer and curse at the umpires or referees, along with the other fans. Regardless of what the fun dates or outings are, make sure that you never act unappreciative or as though you aren’t enjoying yourself. Express your satisfaction through true gratitude and your smiles, laughter and affection.
  5. Experiment with sex during encounters. Trying out new things sexually with adventurous clients seeking some fun can be extremely fulfilling. Through your marketing, seek out clients who want to become more adventurous, engage in toy play and fulfill crazy (but, mainstream) role-play scenarios. Attempt to avoid the clients who simply want to smooch on a bit and engage in purely missionary style “fun.” (Unless this is exciting to you.) Encourage clients who want to broaden their horizons and attempt to find unique experiences that focus on the senses, erogenous zones and unexplored places of the body. Enjoy learning new things about sex, alongside your clients, and attempt to make it fun with passion and lust for that all desired climax. Make sure you take care of your clients so that they feel fulfilled when they leave, but also take into account that you are serving yourself, too, through these encounters when you reach orgasm.

Even though there are many advantages to working as the “fun” escort, several risks are to be had, too:

  1. Exciting escorts receive more inquiries from timewasters. Some “pseudo” clients are excited by the prospect of a “fun” escort; so much so that they will try to engage her in more conversation that includes sexually-charged subjects and innuendos. They may even try to entice her into conversations that include cybersex (if conversing online), exchanging nude pictures and sharing detailed information about sex acts she likes or doesn’t enjoy. All the while, the “client” is becoming aroused, only with the plans of never booking an encounter or not showing up for one. They like to hear your voice and fantasize about you, especially if you’ve shared your love of adventure and excitement. They are drawn more specifically to escorts who put themselves out there for being more open minded, because they hope they can squeeze a bit more out of her before she realizes that they aren’t serious about booking an encounter. You should always be careful to avoid sharing too much with a client who drags on the conversation without mentioning booking an encounter.
  2. Clients who push boundaries are commonplace for escorts who market themselves as being more adventurous. To some, “adventurous” equals “open-minded.” They take your self-professed adventurous spirit to mean that you’re willing to try anything with them. Once they book an encounter, they assume that anything goes once they get there. From normal activities to those on your prohibited list, they think it’s all fair game. They will ask for treatment you are unwilling to give and then attempt to talk you into it. They may even quote your profile back to you, insisting that you gave them the wrong impression. Additionally, some of these clients may not only want to push your own boundaries, but they may be crazy enough they want to push their own, too. For instance, if you and client go out skiing on a weekend trip, he may decide he’s actually ready to conquer a more challenging trail…and thinks you should be, too. As a result, he pushes you to go along with his wild idea…which goes beyond his comfort zone, too. The results could be disastrous if you fall and injure yourself, just because a client talked you into it. Additionally, some clients are avid thrill seekers who don’t know when to quit, which can get you into trouble, too.
  3. You will receive requests for encounters that you will have to turn down. Clients who skim your profile may think that they can get you to indulge in nearly any kind of an encounter with them, in the name of “fun.” They will push for parties, threesomes, fetish activities, swinging clubs and other environments or actions that make you uncomfortable. Because they think you are open minded, it is likely they assume you’re up for wild, off-the-wall requests. If you’re not into the “Furry” fetish, don’t feel like you have to say yes to a request for this type of activity, just because you indicate you’re up for anything. Some clients may think doing illegal or completely illicit things is “fun.” You don’t have to go along with anything that you don’t condone or accept. Denying requests is a part of life for an escort; but, it will be more prevalent as an escort who encourages clients to lay their crazy ideas on them.
  4. Time management during “fun” encounters can be challenging. When you’re enjoying yourself, it’s difficult to be a time watcher, even if you have to be to keep you and your client on schedule. Also, because exciting encounters usually take on a life of their own, it’s difficult to gauge time consistently like you do in other experiences with clients. For instance, during a traditional encounter, you may know that it takes approximately 20 minutes to get past the small talk and undressing stage, which leaves 40 minutes for everything else. But, when you are doing something unfamiliar, out of the ordinary and enjoyable, time flies without you knowing it. Escorts who engage in unique encounters with clients should wear watches or ensure that a working, accurate clock is nearby at all times. The last thing you want to do is to extend a client’s session, especially if you have obligations after his encounter. (Or, your client may be relying on you to get him out and on his way back to work for an important meeting.)
  5. Watch out for engaging in behavior that is too risky. Some escorts take adventure too far. In the name of fun, they begin to get sloppy and fail to take care of themselves or protect themselves from STDs. Escorts who get too caught up in the moment and like to walk on the wild side may be tempted to forgo protection with an especially exciting client, which can leave them open to serious issues such as STIs and pregnancy. Other escorts may drink too heavily or experiment with illegal (or legal) drugs, in the name of “fun.” A few escorts may be battling demons of their own from experiences in their lives and are using their escorting adventures as ways to forget their struggles and bad times. But, many of these eventually have difficulties differentiating between reasonable behavior and self-destructive actions that could injure them, harm their health or get them arrested. Make sure that your fun is limited to sane, rational activities that don’t press the envelope or that could seriously alter your life forever.
  6. Balancing the time for fun and business is hard. Escorts who are targeted toward having fun with clients often fail to realize that they must focus as much time on their business as they do to having fun. They have to deal with marketing issues and details in order to continue to attract clients. They must be serious about communicating with clients, booking encounters and working on establishing plans for clients. Their wardrobes, incall conditions and other preparations must be tended to, as well, in addition to anticipating how much fun they will have with a client. It’s a tedious balancing act for an escort who would rather avoid mundane tasks that fail to stimulate her. But, it’s a necessary one.
  7. Avoid putting pressure on your clients to always be fun. Sometimes, when a client knows that an escort is looking for entertainment, it’s more stressful, given the expectations. When you allow your clients to feel that they must entertain you or that you will find someone new, it creates an improper relationship between you. Take off the pressure and allow your client to be himself, without worrying about being fun or exciting. Some clients are actually a lot more fun to be around when you allow them to loosen up. So, drop the expectations and embrace your clients for who they are. It’s likely that you will enjoy them even more this way, because they will be much more comfortable with you.