12 ways escorts can boost their self-confidence with intimidating clients

Often, escorts find themselves mesmerized or awestruck by their clients due to their good looks, ungodly wealth, celebrity status or powerful positions. It’s terribly easy to become intimidated by these clients, even if they don’t intend for you to be. However, in order to collect yourself and perform your job to the best of your abilities, you must find a way around being star struck and restore your poise and self-confidence.

There are several ways you can do this, and most escorts choose to incorporate more than one method when they find they need to bolster their own egos for the good of their work. If you find yourself in this position, consider these tips:

  1. Think of someone who makes you feel great as a result of his or her high opinion of you. Focus for a few moments about how you feel when you are with that individual. You may notice that you stand a little taller, sit a little straighter and smile a little wider when you’re in their presence. Feeling at ease and being comfortable in your own skin are common experiences when you spend time with people whom you feel genuinely like, admire and respect you. Recognizing that others view you as a “great” may help you channel that same positive energy when you need it most: with clients who intimidate you. Try to carry over those good feelings about yourself into your relationship with your client. Realize that your client may see in you the same traits that your other friend does, which means he will think you are great, too.
  2. Remember that your client came to you. Even though you may wonder what a powerful, rich and handsome client might want with the likes of you, it’s obvious that he thinks you’ve got something he needs according to the mere fact that he called to book an encounter. Knowing that your client saw something in you that sparked his interest should help build your confidence and stroke your ego. Some clients seem like they are so untouchable, according to their public images, that it would seem doubtful they could ever need anything from anybody. But, everyone needs something from others. Companionship, an unjudging attitude, affection or something a bit spicier may be what your client is desiring from a professional relationship with you. Regardless of what it is, he sought you out, so that ought to be enough to boost your ego a bit!
  3. Realize that your client is a normal person, even if he does have VIP status. What many escorts (and others) fail to remember about famous or rich people is that they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else. They are people with emotions, hang-ups, baggage, trauma and stress, too. They have feelings that are often ignored by others, because someone is always wanting something from them. And, because of their famous status, people see their titles, instead of seeing them for the real people they actually are. By starting off an encounter with the recognition that your client is just another guy who wants to spend time with you, it’s a lot easier to get over his star status. The knowledge that at the end of the day, he may snore, fart or burp just like the other men in your life will knock him down a notch or two so that he’s much less intimidating.
  4. Do a quick mental check off of your personal assets. It’s very easy for an escort to forget all of the good things about herself when she compares her accomplishments to those of her high-profile clients. You may automatically feel unimportant, inadequate, uneasy and inept. However, it’s important for you to put these kinds of ideas out of your head immediately. You are a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman who is capable of attracting and holding the interest of powerful clients. Consider all of your good qualities ranging from your good looks all the way to your contagious laugh. Count in that you’re smart, creative, artistic, passionate and give a killer back rub. Also, factor in all the quirky things about you and your personality. Clients value these traits, because it’s what truly makes you a unique individual. When you do a mental inventory of your good traits, it’s much easier to feel good about yourself and gain the confidence necessary to match your client for a mind-blowing encounter.
  5. Make sure you are at your best when you know you may be meeting up with an intimidating client. You can feel the best about yourself when you know you are the most prepared. Get plenty of rest ahead of time, if possible. Being well rested will not only help your good looks, but it will also give you mental clarity to be sharp-witted, courteous and focused. Do some mental prep work ahead of time, playing out different scenarios in your head and imagining your replies. Brainstorm conversation topics, because you certainly don’t want to be left without anything to say. And, pick out your best outfit for the encounter. (Or, the outfit you feel most confident in.) Coordinate it with sexy lingerie. (Maybe you should pick your favorite lingerie, and then coordinate your outfit to it!) When you’re wearing something you love, it will show in your confidence that you display upon first entering a room. And, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get ready for an encounter. Allowing extra time to perfect your make-up and hair will give you the chance to feel extra good about the way you look, helping you overcome any feelings of intimidation you have in association with your client.
  6. Recognize your client’s faults. Like mentioned earlier, your client may fart, burp and snore like the other men on your client list. They may be discourteous to hotel staff in front of you. Their orgasm face is ugly. Or, they don’t have a good sense of humor. Even though your client may have hit the big-time in his career, it doesn’t mean that he’s a charmer in real life. Everyone has faults, and by getting to spend time with your client, you may easily identify his. And, while it’s not a positive trait to go around looking for negative things in others, it can be helpful when you’re trying to bolster your own self-confidence for your work. As you notice little faults that your client has, mentally note them so you can reference them later in order to feel better about yourself.
  7. Fake it ’til you make it. Kids are taught all of the time to demonstrate confidence, even in the face of fear or uncertainty. (Sports are huge influencers in trying to build up fake confidence.) And, while self-confidence doesn’t just grow overnight, it can be developed through a learned behavior. Psychological studies have proven that if a person does the same action over and over, again, he will begin to adopt it as a habit. If you can demonstrate self-confidence and assuredness, eventually you will convince yourself that you really DO have what it takes. Stand up straightly. Dress well. Look nice. And, smile with confidence and like it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. After awhile, you will begin to feel self-assured as a result of your efforts. (In the meanwhile, you may influence your client to see you this way, too. As he begins to notice your qualities, this also helps you build up your self0confidence.
  8. Know as much as you can about your client. Even though you do extensive research to determine that your client really is who he claims he is, do some extra digging on your intimidating client to get some dirt or juicy details about his life (both now and before). Learning other information about him can reveal sides to him that are mundane or less impressive, lessening your awestruckness for him. Maybe you can find an old high school yearbook picture where he hadn’t blossomed, yet. Or, found that he flunked out his first semester at college. Or, discovered that he had other issues in his life that prove he’s not perfect. Getting in on these little-known facts will help you see a truer, clearer picture of your client and help you realize that he’s human just like everyone else. Use the info you get to gain confidence, though, and not as fodder to ridicule or make fun of your client over.
  9. Engage in some intimate small talk with your client. After you and he have participated in intimate acts, begin a conversation with him while the lights are still off and you’re physically close. You could ask questions about his bucket list or childhood memories of special days. Consider asking him about his first sexual experience with a woman (or man, for that matter). Gaining these kinds of personal, intimate details about your client automatically puts the two of you on even footing, bringing everything back to equal status. Sharing details with each other about early sexual experiences or the best sex you’ve ever had can reduce your star struck feelings and can help bond the two of you. However, if your client seems to be uncomfortable with your questions, stop them. He doesn’t need to feel pressured to share things if he doesn’t want to.
  10. Smile throughout the encounter. A smile is contagious and puts people at equal grounds with each other. It demonstrates friendliness and exuberance, along with confidence. Some clients have been known to let down their guards when their escorts smiled genuinely at them, which helped to put the encounter on an even keel. Plus, a smile can say a lot. It can signal mischief, arousal, confidence, sexiness and fun. Your client may be kept guessing exactly what your smile is trying to tell him.
  11. Psyche yourself up. If you anticipate that your client is going to intimidate you, talk yourself up ahead of time. Sports psychologists talk about envisioning success prior to going into a game. You should do the same thing and imagine a successful encounter, along with your client being mesmerized with your beauty and charm. Remind yourself that you are worthy of such a great client. And, use this time to recognize that your client is maybe not as important as you think he is.
  12. Get your adrenaline going in order to feel good about yourself. Even though it might not be possible to go sky diving or roller coaster riding right before a client arrives, you can still do other things that will get your adrenaline pumping. Adrenaline causes feel-good endorphins in your body to fire, which leaves you with a “high”, of sorts. Being able to carry over that high into your encounter will surely give you enough confidence to lay aside whatever it is about your client that is intimidating to you.