13: an appropriate number of facts about full moon escorting

Escorts who see clients during the full moon have lots of interesting stories to tell. For centuries, the full moon has been blamed for various changes in human behavior including increased violence and aggression, stronger sex drives and fertility, heightened degrees of lunacy and unworldly occurrences.


Despite all of the hype, many studies have demonstrated that there are no statistical connections between the full moon (or any other phases of the moon) and human biology or behavior. Studies have discounted several previous theories due to inconclusive results, flawed methods, studies not being reproduced/tested and simply providing no real connection between the moon’s phase and the outcomes.

However, faithful moon followers continue to attempt to find a lunar-lunacy connection, because life continues to demonstrate that abnormal experiences develop during a full moon.

Police officers, bartenders, emergency room personnel and others who deal with the public through their professions are consistently on the “look out” for the unexpected when the full moon rises. Escorts are no different. When you see clients during this lunar phase, anticipate several odd variations from the norm including:

  1. Your period may show up unexpectedly. In 1980, a study conducted by Winnifred B. Cutler was published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology that indicated women were more likely to randomly start their periods during the two weeks preceding the full moon than any other time throughout the month. (The study has not been replicated for re-testing. So, it’s unclear how reliable the theory is.) However, many escorts report that their menstrual cycles may vary as the full moon shows up. Periods may start unexpectedly (early) or not show up on time, arriving later than expected. The lunar cycle was previously thought to have a significant influence over the rhythms and bodily functions, along with fertility, of human beings, so it’s a reasonable expectation that the lunar cycle could impact your menstrual schedule. When your period arrives unexpectedly, it can really cramp your style with clients unless you are prepared with supplies to work through it. (Some clients are extremely understanding and don’t mind.)
  2. Sexual urges of clients may increase. A client who is normally meek and mild or easily satisfied may become extremely horny or insatiable. The lunar forces have long been said to influence the virility of men. (Scientists have determined that the tides—ruled by the moon—create unusual mating patterns in the wild.) Due to the moon’s strong pull on the earth and its inhabitants, it’s said that a man’s sexuality is heightened during the days immediately preceding and following a full moon. Although no studies actually prove this, escorts across the board contend that their clients seem to have increased sexual appetites during this period. They may get an influx of bookings during this moon phase and receive requests for extended encounters that involve significant levels of intimacy. Often, clients who buy into the lunar effects on their manhood may schedule parties or encounters involving more than one escort. (After all, since their sexual urges are at higher levels, they expect to be able to perform on higher levels.)
  3. More clients are looking for action. The full moon creates more light outside, bringing more people out and about after dark than usual. Some of these clients go out partying with friends and realize that it would be nice to go home with some company. As a result, they call an escort. Others, as they consider their options for a night out, decide they’d rather hire an escort for some, opting for an outcall. It’s natural that when more men are coming and going during the lit-up night that the numbers of calls to escorts increase.
  4. The full moon causes sleeplessness, resulting in more calls for escort encounters. A study published in Current Biology in June 2013 reveals that the full moon phase really does decrease how much people sleep. The research conducted in Switzerland found that it took study participants longer to fall asleep on the three or four nights surrounding the full moon. Additionally, participants slept shorter amounts of time and didn’t achieve typical patterns of deep sleep, resulting in feeling unrested upon wake up. When clients face long nights where they don’t feel sleepy, it’s common for them to contact an escort for some company. In addition to more clients seeking companionship, you may feel as though you have more energy for clients, too. If you don’t feel sleepy at night, it may become possible for you to take later bookings than usual.
  5. Clients might be more aggressive or prone to undesirable activity. Every year, police departments report that they schedule additional officers during the full moon portion of the lunar cycle. From the United Kingdom to New Zealand and other places around the globe, including the U.S., police officers report that they incur more violent criminals than during other times of the year. Although statistics don’t connect the moon phase with increased arrests, law enforcement professionals all agree that they expect to experience more trouble with criminals during a full moon. Additionally, emergency room staff members agree that they typically see more patients with injuries resulting from violent acts during full moons than at other times. Along with this trend, the clients who call to book encounters should be screened very carefully before you meet up with them. When a possibility of increased violence among the general populace is conceivable, it only makes sense to take extra precautions to protect yourself. Many escorts swear that they run into more dangerous clients during the full moon than during other phases.
  6. Erratic behavior from clients should be expected. Of course, not all of your clients will go a bit crazy during the full moon. But, a few might. The term “lunacy” is derived from the word “Luna”, who was the Roman goddess of the moon. It is not surprising that historians have documented odd or crazy actions from seemingly normal people when the full moon rises. Many mental health professionals believe, despite data’s contradiction, that the full moon may increase the likelihood of schizophrenic outbursts and other abnormal actions by mentally ill patients. Most escorts don’t require a clean mental bill of health before scheduling clients. As a result, it’s common for an escort to have a client or two with mental health issues that could cause trouble if problems arise. When things don’t go exactly as planned for a client, he or she may erupt in anger, aggression, despondency or in other ways that are irregular for him or her. Being overly dramatic or demanding are common complaints of escorts about their clients during full moons.
  7. You will receive out-of-the-ordinary requests. Historically, the full moon has been said to embrace deviant, alternative behaviors. All kinds of kooks and characters have claimed the excuse that the moon made them do it or they were worshipping the moon as part of their off-the-wall rituals and beliefs. From werewolves to vampires, witches and warlocks, the moon is a powerful idol and image. Additionally, others who don’t adopt such alternative lifestyles, may still assume that their odd requests will fly due to the full moon’s presence. It’s kind of like a free pass to explore which boundaries can be pushed. Clients (even regulars) may encourage you to drop limitations and allow services you normally prohibit. They may come to you with fetish ideas you’ve never heard of. And, they may hope to explore an element of their sexualities they’ve never experienced before. Don’t be surprised by any request made by a client.
  8. Confusion and miscommunication are common problems during the full moon time period. For whatever reasons, escorts (and others who work with the public) all agree that it’s common for communication to break down and challenges to be found when dealing with others. Escorts (or clients) may miss encounters due to scheduling SNAFUs or double bookings. Confusion may occur when an escort and client don’t seem to understand one another. Negotiations may fail due to a client being unwilling to pay an escort’s stated rate. To avoid some of these problems, be very careful as you schedule encounters during the full moon phase. Write down times/dates so you won’t forget, and be sure to communicate as much as you can via email or text message, providing you with a written verification of what you and a client discussed. Cross your “T’s” and dot your “I’s” to ensure that confusion doesn’t occur on your end.
  9. Rebounding clients are common during the full moon. Escorts always expect clients who have recently fallen out of relationships to call around the full moon. For reasons unknown, many clients find themselves suddenly single during this moon phase. The blamed clients who feel like their failed relationships are their faults may seek attention from escorts through a rebound-type experience. They are looking for validation and appreciation, things they feel are lacking due to their recent break-ups. Other clients are simply seeking revenge on their past partners by seeking sexual satisfaction elsewhere. Being able to rub it in an ex’s face that she is no longer needed creates great happiness for some clients. Others are simply looking for someone to distract them from missing an ex partner. Expect to see clients who are in relationship transitions as the moon shows its full face.
  10. Timewasters are prevalent during the full moon. It’s common for people to think pranks are extremely funny during the full moon. They may attempt to play jokes on law enforcement, medical facilities or other public entities. Additionally, some feel it’s hilarious to attempt to book an escort encounter and not show up. Others just think it’s humorous to lead an escort on through a fake booking call or email. The longer he can keep an escort on the line or emailing back and forth, the better the joke is to the prankster. Be extra cautious about spending too much time working to book an encounter with a client while the moon is full. Watch for the warning signs of a timewaster, such as asking for additional pictures, full explanations of services, requests for information about your personal details or intimate fantasies, etc. Timewasters will try to get as much from you as they can while putting off booking an encounter.
  11. Expect challenges when going to outcalls. During a full moon, expect things to go wrong or less smoothly than you would like. Because there are more people out and about on nights when the moon is full, traffic may be worse than you expected. Parking may be more difficult to find, and venues may be more crowded than usual. You may experience obstacles as you attempt to get to where you are going: car trouble, flat tires and road construction are common complaints during the full moon. Some say that if it can go wrong, it will, especially if you’re in a hurry. To avoid serious impacts from challenges resulting from the moon phase, limit the number of outcalls you accept. Always leave early for your encounters and know where you are going. Don’t leave things up to chance. However, if you do run across challenges along the way, go with the flow. Getting angry or frustrated will only make the situation worse. Work with what you have and make the best of the scenario.
  12. The view is amazing. Despite all of the troubles that may be associated with the full moon, it is incredibly beautiful and, practically, screams romance. Enjoy the view with your clients by taking them outside to enjoy it or viewing it from a window. Dancing or kissing by moonlight can be especially intimate and make GFEs memorable for clients. If you have a secluded, private area, consider becoming intimate with your client outside under the moon. Taking advantage of the special time of year can be an event that a client decides to make part of his routine, especially if you play your cards right.
  13. Respectable or not, some traditions do exist. Many pagan groups (among other entities) worship the moon through special rituals. If your client is open minded and uninhibited, consider doing your own form of tribal moon worship ritual by making love under the moonlight or performing some other act as a tribute to the great orb. It can be silly and frivolous, but it can erupt into some serious fun for your client.

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