13 life milestones that will send a client into an escort’s arms

Within the industry, it is a commonly accepted fact that certain aspects of life will cause an individual to seek the company of an escort. Being lonely, depressed or feeling unappreciated are obvious emotional issues that might send anyone to the phone to set up an encounter. However, in addition to a feeling of loneliness (for example), there are certain life events that may drive an impulse for some attention from a beautiful woman.

Many life milestones cause mixed emotions in people. For instance, a death in the family not only brings on grief, but it may also stir feelings of unfinished business or regret. A child’s graduation from high school or college may be a reminder that a client is getting older, and it may create a deep realization about how much he’s missed out on in life, waiting for his family to come of age.

Escorts should learn to be considerate of the various emotions that are escalated due to various occurrences in a client’s life. And, they should be aware that some particular instances will actually create the desire to establish a booking. Seeing clients under some of these conditions may require compassion and empathy. Consider the following life events:

  1. Divorce (or end of a long-term relationship): According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. Unfortunately, the rates for second and third marriages are even more dismal. As clients divorce, their needs for affection, companionship, friendship and sexual attention do not dwindle away. In fact, these needs may be even more prevalent, due to the sudden void in clients’ lives. When their needs are so lacking, it’s extremely common for a would-be client to seek out the company of an escort. Additionally, if a client is afraid to branch out into the dating world, for fear of complications or intimacy issues, the escort industry is the perfect solution. Many people who are facing divorce still desire companionship and affection, but they feel that publicly dating may impact their divorce proceedings. Desiring a discreet connection with another person, a soon-to-be divorced individual may find comfort in the arms of an escort, without worry of the tryst being discovered by a spouse, attorney or the media.
  2. Death in the family: Of course, sadness is one of the most powerful and initial responses to a loved one’s death. It’s normal for a client to seek comfort in the presence of an escort, hoping she can soothe the heart break and distract from emotions that hurt. Some clients, though, move past the sadness and experience anger during such an experience; they are mad that the loss ever occurred in the first place, arguing that it’s unfair. Escorts often have to talk with clients about these kinds of emotions and must be prepared for discussions that run in circles about the loss. And, finally, many clients start to reflect on their own lives. As they realize that they are not as immortal as they once thought, they begin to take stock of all of the things they haven’t done or experienced. They start to cross things off of their bucket lists. They begin to seek out the things in life they really want, such as the ability to spend time in the presence of a beautiful woman. Or, they may want to enjoy sexual encounters that are unlike what they’ve been involved with before. Many escorts book sessions with clients who are seeking to fulfill portions of their lives they feel need attention, as a result of the loss they experienced.
  3. Birthday: Turning the big “5-0″ is a big deal. In fact, every birthday is a big deal…especially to some clients. Throughout the year, clients watch and celebrate with their family members, friends and colleagues. They may actively participate in the celebrations, gift elaborate presents and/or help make the day special for others. When it comes time for their own birthdays, they are often the first to make sure they get an extra special present: a booking with their favorite escort! Most clients feel that they deserve it for working so hard all year and keeping up with a life that may or may not be their version of the ideal existence. Celebrating their own life with some affection and special attention is all it takes for some clients to feel good about themselves. Often, though, it may not just be a celebration of a birthday they are seeking from an escort. Some clients may feel the pinch of being another year older and look for that reassurance that they are just as virile and as attractive as ever. Escorts must provide this ego-boost, giving clients the confidence they require to face another year.
  4. Class reunion: There are two major ways that an escort helps a client during class reunion time. It’s a fairly prevailing trend that single individuals desperately plan for a hot date when their class reunions are announced. Nobody wants to show up unattached, when the rest of their classmates have spouses or long-term mates. Being single has a stigma associated with it. If a client is without a worthy dating partner, the most viable solution may be to hire a high-end escort. What person wouldn’t want to show up at his or her reunion with some arm candy? Another way that escorts get clients as a result of class reunions is associated with the need to feel young, again. As the years grow between the current stage of life and high school graduation, some people begin to feel old. Booking an encounter with an escort is a way to regain that feeling of freedom and uninhibited youth.
  5. New job or promotion: Climbing the corporate ladder is certainly a reason to celebrate. For some, celebrating is the opportunity to call an entertainer. Even if a client has family, friends and a spouse to party with after his or her business success, enjoying some jubilance with an escort allows for unfettered pride, silliness and rumpus. It’s perfectly acceptable for the client to expect the entire focus to be on him or her and pleasure, alone. By celebrating an accomplishment with an escort, a client can call the shots and ask for the kind of “party” he or she wants. Additionally, some clients are so dedicated to their careers, they really have no personal lives. For these kinds of clients, basking in the joy of the promotion with an escort is the only alternative to celebrating alone.
  6. Getting fired: Although it’s not something that people hope for in their lives, it happens. Companies downsize, executives disagree and part ways, mistakes happen and departments get eliminated. Getting canned can make a person feel less worthy of affection or attention, causing him or her to cut himself off from family and friends. However, during this time, a terminated employee may still desire a level of comfort from someone…a person who won’t judge or create solutions. An escort may offer an outlet whereby a client can spill their guts, cry and seek the emotional support needed to get up and dust him or herself off. As long as a client isn’t immediately worried about the financial arrangements following a lay-off, it’s a prime time to book an escort encounter. With extra time, it’s easier to schedule it and excuses about going to look for work can cover time away.
  7. Coming of age: Many 18-21 year olds who think that they are somewhat inexperienced in life may seek out an informal education from an escort. For instance, a young 18-year-old virgin may be embarrassed to seek out sexual experiences with others his/her own age, for fear of appearing awkward and unknowledgeable. But, by hiring an escort, a young virgin can experiment and learn about the body and its responses, without fear of rejection, judgment or exposure. Escorts have to use caution with these clients as they are very sensitive to criticism and patronization. Gentle guiding and encouragement are the secret to pleasing these clients.
  8. Getting married: Calling an entertainer for a bachelor/bachelorette party is relatively common practice. Upon pending nuptials, it’s the bride- or groom-to-be’s last single night out on the town. Being wild and crazy is what it’s all about: throwing inhibitions to the wind and living out any unfulfilled desires before getting married. Some individuals who feel they lack experience or knowledge will book an encounter with an escort ahead of time as a way to learn some exciting tricks for the wedding night or honeymoon. When an escort meets up with a soon-to-be-married client, sensitivity to their desires is paramount. Emotions about becoming attached may be overwhelming for the client; and, guilt about cheating on the new spouse may be an issue. However, some clients are excited about one last wild adventure and want to enjoy every moment of it.
  9. Revenge: At some point in life, nearly everyone feels the need to seek revenge on someone they are romantically involved with. Being cheated on in a relationship may send a client directly to the escort directories, in search of a gorgeous companion to get even with. Somehow, turning the tables and finding intimate pleasure with someone else lessens the hurt of infidelity, initially. It’s human nature; but, it doesn’t mean that the client won’t experience some sadness or guilt during the encounter. Others may seek revenge on a spouse or partner for cruelty, feeling unappreciated or unloved and neglect. Regardless of their situations, they all are looking for some reassurance of their own worth and value from an escort. Empathy about their emotional injury is necessary, as that’s the main support they are seeking. (Anything else is a great bonus!)
  10. 7-Year itch: After people have been in a relationship for awhile, it’s natural for them to wonder what they are missing out on with others. Instead of turning to a colleague or friend to explore what being with someone unfamiliar feels like, many clients book an escort. They want to reassure themselves that they are not lacking something in their relationships. They may have gotten bored with the consistency of their partner and with life, in general. Needing some excitement and passion, an escort encounter can provide them with this zeal for life they aren’t getting within their relationships. Sometimes, these encounters are just what a client needs to get back on track with a spouse, after realizing that an escort can’t give him or her what they’ve built with a partner. Other times, it satisfies the urges they feel for something different.
  11. Revelation of fantasy: The porn industry has created many new fantasies for individuals. Sometimes, these positions, scenarios and fetishes are just too much to ask a partner to engage in. Other times, an individual may suppress desires for a long period of time until he or she can no longer keep them bottled up. At this time, a client may call an escort seeking an outlet for their passions. Cross dressing, foot fetishes, dominance, sploshing, water sports and various other activities may draw a client to an escort who is willing to accommodate these kinds of fantasies. Being able to indulge their deepest secrets with another person is exciting and provides levels of pleasure not enjoyed through simple interactions with a partner.
  12. Hitting rock bottom: Life is all about highs and lows. And, there are times that clients hit a level of hopelessness in their lives. Their careers are going down the tubes, relationships are in shambles and other aspects of their lives are not going well. Some may be in a state of depression. Others may have drug or alcohol issues. Finances may be in dire straits. Whatever the issues are, this rock bottom status may send clients to an escort, as a way to indulge in affection or acceptance they aren’t getting anywhere else. They want their egos stroked, along with other parts of their bodies. Enjoying some pleasure that takes their minds off of their troubles is also a reason that clients at the end of their ropes see escorts.
  13. Mid-life crisis: Around 50 years old, many people start examining their lives and grabbing on to experiences that help them hang on to their youth. Buying a new sports vehicle, taking luxurious vacations, developing an exciting hobby or hanging out with new (younger) friends are common characteristics of someone who is experiencing a mid-life crisis. Another common trait is booking an encounter with an escort. When these clients show up for a booking, they will probably be dressed a bit “young” for their age or level of sophistication and emphasize how “crazy” or “impetuous” they are. They desire an escort to see them as care-free, even though they are pressured constantly by life’s responsibilities and expectations. Escaping from their real world is the purpose these clients have for booking an escort meeting, with hopes of feeling young and alive, again. These clients need reminders that they are sexy and exciting, instead of boring and dull like they commonly feel. The secret to pleasing a mid-life crisis client is to just have fun. Laugh, be passionate and sweep him away in the moment.