13-point checklist for an escort session with a virgin

It’s often a challenge when you get a client who is completely new to the escort industry. He doesn’t know the rules of thumb about discretion, has no idea how to discuss the payment and how to pay the escort’s fee, or really anything about how the client/escort relationship functions. This isn’t usually the case when you get a virgin for a client.

Cherry popNot only will he be uninformed to the unwritten rules for seeing an escort, but he is probably going to be at a loss when you and he get behind closed doors. A client who is sexually inexperienced may provide a challenge in many ways, so it’s best to be prepared. Here are the top 13 things you should do when your encounter is with a virgin:

  1. Make sure your client is of legal age. Many virgins who call an escort for their first experiences may not be legal adults. It’s extremely important to ensure that your client is at least 18 years old. While you don’t expect any trouble with the law, if evidence of you having a sexual encounter with a teenager under 18 became public, you could be arrested on charges of statutory rape, in addition to sexual abuse of a minor. Even though women get a more equal treatment from the legal system than men, better be safe than gamble. Ask your client ahead of time to verify his age and birthdate. And, when he arrives for the encounter, ask to see his identification that proves his age. If he doesn’t have proof, and you suspect that he’s a minor, the right thing to do is to turn him away.
  2. Young virgin clients may be a screening challenge. It’s a rare occasion that you will get a wealthy, well-known, older virgin client whose information is readily available online. However, that isn’t likely to be the case. Often, virgin clients are not social butterflies, successful CEOs or headline makers where information is easily accessible about them. And, because many of them are young, there will be even less information available about them for you to find in your screening process. The best that you may be able to do is confirm his identity through a public records search, residence cross-reference or other general identity check. If he is employed, you may be able to verify those details by checking with his company.
  3. Expect your client to be nervous. As with any client who is seeing an escort for the first time, your client is apt to be nervous. However, factor into the situation that your client is anticipating having his first-ever sexual encounter and the uncertainty level increases. Many virgin clients seek out an escort, because they have had unpleasant, awkward or embarrassing experiences with women in the past. As they are waiting for the encounter to begin and intimate interactions with you to start, all of that pent-up anxiety is likely to make your client extremely nervous. He may become shy and speak very little, or he may do the opposite and chatter incessantly due to being uncomfortable. It’s your responsibility to ease his fears and make him feel good about the upcoming experience. Use your standard small talk technique, and make sure you are extra attentive to him. Additionally, it may help to tell him you’re nervous, too, just like you are with all new clients.
  4. Virgins may climax quickly. If a client has booked your two-hour minimum standard encounter, you may have to fill a lot of time if your client orgasms when you first reach out to touch him. Being overly excited and possibly experiencing a woman’s touch for the first time may send your blushing client over the edge quickly. After climaxing early, he may be embarrassed and ashamed… so much so that continuing the encounter is a challenge. You can do some things to avoid this. As you begin to touch your client intimately, tell him what you’re going to do and do it slowly. Ask him to tell you if he feels like he’s getting too excited, and be prepared to back things off a little. You want your client to enjoy the full experience, and that means taking things at his pace. However, if your client isn’t terribly embarrassed about climaxing early, you may be able to convince him to jump right in where you left off, with the promise that good things are yet to come.
  5. Some virgins have difficulty climaxing. Just because a client is a virgin, it doesn’t mean that he has gone without some form of sexual fulfillment. He may be very accustomed to masturbating and have it down to a science as to what makes him happy. But, when you attempt to arouse or pleasure him, your touch is entirely different from his. If he’s used to orgasming in a particular way, it may be a challenge for him to open himself up to other sensations that may help him climax in an alternative way. At this point, you need to help your client find a pleasure point and focus on enhancing that sensation through interaction with you. You will need to extend a great deal of patience and compassion for your client, especially because it must be frustrating for him, too. Try different positions, sex toys and other forms of intercourse to help your client reach his maximum potential.
  6. A virgin client may need multiple bookings to fully enjoy an encounter. During the first encounter, the client may be entirely focused on losing his virginity. The act, itself, is paramount to everything else. Many clients even fail to enjoy the act, due to being so intent that it must happen. As a result, for a virgin client to feel really good, he may need to book more than one encounter. The first booking is to simply get “the deed” out of the way. Deflowering your virgin may be a process, but it can be accomplished in one booking. A second encounter, though, can introduce your client to the wide world of sexual satisfaction. He won’t be so overcome with desperation to get sex out of the way, and he will be able to indulge in other pleasures and learn what intimacy offers. Additionally, many virgins become regular clients after great experiences.
  7. Overcoming a client’s urgency to lose his virginity is necessary for a great encounter. At the very beginning of your visit, explain to your client that achieving his goal is important, but you want to provide him with more than just a check-off from his bucket list. Elaborate on the pleasure and excitement he may experience if he allows himself to go with the moment. Otherwise, your client may avoid other pleasurable acts (such as oral sex) due to being fixated on his goal of actual intercourse. He may not understand that there’s time to enjoy all aspects of the encounter. He will likely attempt to rush into his end goal without much appreciation for anything else, and then leave feeling a bit empty or disappointed.
  8. Avoid being put off by your client’s lack of social skills. Your client is a virgin for a reason. Don’t be surprised that he doesn’t utilize the same social graces that you are accustomed to. If he were a ladies’ man, he wouldn’t be coming to you for help in losing his virgin card. He’s possibly very awkward around women (and all people, maybe), and he doesn’t know the appropriate ways to act. His conversation skills may need extensive work, and he might not pick up on obvious cues and body language. While it might be easy to think your client is simply a cad, attempt to see through his inability to socialize normally and realize that he’s a real person with a problem…and he’s relying on your help to fix it. If he’s rude, don’t be afraid to tell him so. If he makes remarks that are out of line, inform him that you won’t take that kind of treatment. He may appreciate your candor, and sex may not be the only thing he learns about through an encounter with you. Many men see escorts in order to polish up their social skills and learn to woo women.
  9. Virgins may be completely inexperienced. Your virgin client may have a wealth of knowledge about sex through watching porn or reading erotic literature. However, when it comes to the physical aspect of sex, he may be completely inexperienced. He may kiss like a dead fish or come at you like a rooster pecking for a worm. His idea of caressing your breasts may feel like you’re being groped. If you can, guide him carefully by giving him simple instructions and positive reinforcement. Condom use is an especially important topic to address with your virgin client. He may not know how to use them and will ask if he can go without wearing one. Even if he IS a virgin, do not allow it. Stick to your standards about condom use. But, demonstrate to him how to put it on correctly and show him that intimacy is pleasurable despite the latex barrier.
  10. Take the lead if your client suddenly becomes very passive. As the reality of the moment comes to light for your client, he may back off and become extremely still, as though he’s afraid to move. This is fairly common for clients who are overcome with the moment and fear messing it up. Take the lead and work on creating pleasure for him. Unless he is expressing displeasure, continue to do your thing, even if he is somewhat unresponsive.
  11. Encourage your client to embrace his sexuality. Some clients may feel dirty or shameful afterward, because they’ve been taught to think that sex is evil. Discourage your client from thinking this way, reminding him of how much enjoyment he got from his body. Tell him that sex and intimacy are beautiful things, especially between two consenting adults who appreciate one another. Help him to see that sex is an important part of life.
  12. Reinforce your boundaries. Some clients become clingy or extremely emotional after they’ve lost their virginities to you. They may mistake your client/escort relationship for something more significant, reading more into your GFE cues than is intended. You must nip this behavior in the bud, reaffirming that your relationship may be friendly, but it is purely business-based. Don’t accept random phone calls, texts or visits. Do not allow him to engage in any other way with you other than as a client. And, as heartbroken as your client may tell you he is, he will get over it.
  13. Consider yourself a teacher. When you have a virgin, you are a role model for all other women in his future. You effectively set the bar for the next intimate experiences he will have. At the same time, you can prepare him for these experiences by guiding him to touch a woman in the right way, teaching him to react to sexual cues and encouraging him to interact in ways that will attract potential partners. He may learn self-confidence and respect from you, in addition to how to give a great massage.

The last thing to remember about virgin encounters is that sometimes clients lie. Even though a client tells you that he’s a virgin, it doesn’t mean that it’s the truth. Some clients will tell an escort tales about being sexually inexperienced in hopes of earning a discount, gaining extra time or be allowed to go without a condom. Don’t award special privileges to clients based on what they say. Regardless of whether a client is a virgin or not, you still have the same responsibilities: ensure your client is happy and keep yourself safe.