13 simple and effective marketing moves for every escort

Even though an escort may aspire for greatness, the reality is that not everyone is going to get there. Yet every escort who markets herself wisely can still earn excellent incomes and work as little or as much as they want to.

The key is learning to accentuate their positive traits in such a way that, although they are fairly average, they stand out among other escorts in their regions. The problem that some escorts run into, though, is that they really don’t understand marketing and how to make it work for them.

Marketing strategies that focus on an escort’s good traits and her intentions will benefit her best. Several tips should be followed in order to create the most effective marketing moves to ascend from average status:

  1. Analyze your services ruthlessly and honestly. Many businesses and organizations do a SWOT assessment at regular intervals to determine Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to their entities. You should do the same in order to get the big-picture view of your business. Carefully brainstorm for each category, and free yourself up to admitting negative attributes or concerns you have about your services. In order to get a full picture of what you offer, you need to consider all angles, including the bad ones. Don’t dwell on your weaknesses or threats. But don’t celebrate your strengths or opportunities too much, either. This is the time strictly for analysis, not problem solving or partying. Getting a clear view of where you stand is essential in order to create marketing that will best promote your services.
  2. Assess your client list. If you do your screening like you should, you probably have basic, background information about your clients, ranging from their age, profession and basic demographic information. Use what you know about them to determine the type of clients you attract, generally. Carefully consider their comments to you about why they book your services for companionship. Do they ever tell you what attracted them to your profile and caused them to contact you? Consider if their motivations for booking encounters with you match up with the image you want to promote to clients. If the two seem to coincide, you may be marketing yourself well. Conversely, if the your intentions and your clients’ motivations are clearly different, your current marketing efforts are probably saying something different than you thought they were. The time you spend going over your client list is also an opportunity to determine if your clients are who you want them to be. Escorts who successfully market themselves have target clients in mind when they promote themselves online. If your target client and your actual clients are vastly different, reconsider what you’re doing.
  3. Start tracking. The big dogs do it and benefit from it in order to determine which marketing methods are the most effective. You can, too. Depending on how many sites or advertisements you post, manageable options of tracking your marketing include using different email addresses or phone numbers. (You can get free phone numbers from Google Voice or other online options, and they port directly to your existing mobile phone… with indicators letting you know what number is being used to call you.) Simply by tracking the responses you get by where they came from can help you discern which marketing outlets are the most effective for you or garner you the most beneficial or preferred clients. Continuing to throw money or effort into unproductive marketing holes will not benefit you. Being able to identify the ineffective ones can help you eliminate them from your promotion strategies.
  4. Focus on two or three positive traits that you think will attract your clients. Even “average” escorts have a laundry list of good attributes that make them desirable. However, the mistake that many “average” escorts make is that they attempt to inundate their potential clients with every good quality they offer during an encounter. Often, they feel that they lack something when compared to “elite” escorts, so they overcompensate by providing a disjointed, segmented, rambling profile that attempts to cover too much in too little space. Instead, create an appealing profile focused on a couple related aspects that represent you and your services. Utilize the concept of keywords (clear, defined terms that could be searchable) to separate your profile from others. And, keep in mind that it is rare that a client will read an entire profile, especially if it’s lengthy.
  5. Realize that you are unique and stay confident. Many escorts, especially those who are fairly new to the industry, fail to take full advantage of their marketing opportunities because they are afraid to demonstrate self-assuredness. Clients think that women who are confident are sexy in a way that beauty, itself, can’t create. An escort who can show through her words and photos that she is comfortable with herself is going to appeal to many more clients than one who comes off as vulnerable, shy or meek. Some escorts who haven’t reached the level of success they desire yet hesitate to demonstrate that they are sure of themselves. Simply because you’re not bringing in thousands of dollars per hour (yet!) is no reason to not feel confident in your ability to perform excellent escort services to clients. Muster up all of the confidence you can as you write up marketing copy or pose for photos. And, if you really aren’t confident about your escorting career, pretend that you are. As the old saying goes, “Fake it ’til you make it.”
  6. Don’t promote your weaknesses. For whatever reason, some escorts feel the need to apologize for shortcomings in their profiles or other advertising. This is never a good move. Pointing out or bringing attention to your faults is only going to reduce your chances of client calling you. Instead of bringing up a weakness, direct the focus to a good quality, like mentioned in a previous point. Or, turn your weakness into a benefit by spinning it like an advertising professional. Instead of indicating to a client that you’re short, tell him that you’re like a firecracker in that there’s a lot more than expected in a small package. Or, instead of saying that you have a few extra pounds, use the term “curvaceous” or “voluptuous” to describe yourself. Turn it around so it doesn’t sound like a negative.
  7. Quit trying to be something you’re not. Unless you really are just like all of the other escorts in your region (and that’s unlikely), your marketing efforts should help you to stand out, not blend in. But, many escorts take their leads from others who have been in the industry longer or appear to be more successful and attempt to directly replicate their methods. They may model their communication means, photos and profile wording very similarly to others. And, that can work, if that escort is someone like you. However, if you work to individualize yourself and what you tell clients about an encounter with you, your promotional efforts will gain much more attention, because they are different. Abandon the attempts to be like others. And, if you’re an “average” escort, don’t try to tell clients that time with you is the best that money can buy. Stop saying that clients will receive an experience that they will never forget. Cease trying to convince others that you’re the best and simply tell them that you’re worth a shot. Be who you are and allow your client to determine the rest.
  8. Focus on quality, not quantity. Some escorts brag about the large client lists they have and that they can now only accept limited numbers of clients. Or, that they are exclusive escorts with strict criteria for clients. Most of these statements are just for show, but can be offensive to some clients who are average “Joe’s.” Instead of telling client you have many clients or are extremely experienced, promise them a quality encounter that focuses on their pleasure and needs. Don’t make promises about how many times a client will climax or how many intimate activities or positions you can incorporate into a booking. Craft your marketing statements or profile promises to inform the client that you will do your very best to create an atmosphere where he feels comfortable, appreciated and listened to. Tell your clients that your focus is on their enjoyment. This emphasis on quality may help set you apart from others.
  9. Match your rates to the going rate of the level you want to work on. This tip only applies if you feel that your rates are lower than what you would like to charge. It is common for clients to judge an escort based on the rates she charges clients for her companionship. It’s natural to assume that an escort who charges $50 will not provide the same level of personal service that one who requests $200 from her clients could. Under pricing yourself in a competitive market implies that your company is not as valuable as the services of escorts who charge more than you. Clients often group escorts into pricing groups when making choices about who they will call for an encounter. If you don’t charge rates that will bump you up into more prestigious levels of the escort industry, you can’t expect to excel beyond the level you are at. Of course, many escorts are concerned about their current clients when they increase their rates. You can do whatever you want with them, including grandfathering them in at their current rate levels. If you don’t succeed in attracting clients at your new rates, abandon them and resort to your old standards. Keep in mind, though, that when you increase your rates, you must be prepared to step up your game and provide stellar services.
  10. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Despite the fact that a previous tip suggested that imitating another’s marketing was detrimental, there are some advantages to be had from utilizing others’ good ideas. Search other comparable regions’ escort listings for ideas about how to ramp up your marketing. Identify effective strategies and consider modeling some of your promotional efforts after them. Make note of interesting elements they use to attract clients and incorporate them into strategies of your own. Combine several compatible facets of positive marketing efforts into your own brand of promotion, as long as they complement each other and follow through with your established image. Advertising gurus worldwide use ideas from others and brainstorm new methods of marketing their products. Few ideas are truly original, especially with the Internet making it possible to access others’ concepts with a few key strokes. Utilize other effective marketing means and adjust them so they work for you.
  11. Break the mold. Get rid of all of your current marketing, especially if it is boring, bland and like everyone else’s. Scrap it. Don’t even think about it. Just get rid of it. Marketing that is vanilla and a shadow of all other escorts’ promotion allows you to be one of many wallflowers in the industry. Avoid looking back and only move forward as you adjust your marketing strategies to focus on quality traits and services. Some escorts move on from bad marketing, but they are tempted to resort back to their old methods, especially if they experience a dry month or two. Do not revert your marketing back to standard, traditional profiles that say the same thing as everyone else. Refuse to succumb to the peer pressure.
  12. Make frequent changes to your profiles, promotional ads or blog entries. Static ads that never change get overlooked frequently. However, clients begin to take notice when your profile changes weekly. They are constantly trolling for new escorts, so when your updated entry appears, it attracts their attention. Eventually, after reading your new profiles or other details a few times, clients may be tempted to call. At the very least, they become intrigued by you. The more times your profile is viewed, the more opportunities are presented for booking an encounter. Even potential clients who might not otherwise be included in your target market may be interested as they begin to regularly skim your updates. Keep your changes interesting and noticeable. Provide insight to your personality and how you view the escort industry. Speak directly to clients as you make your changes.
  13. Do what you want. It’s not certain that you will earn all the money in the world, but it is certain that one day will be your last. And on that day you will feel better having lived the way you wanted then having spent years upon years chasing the goals that were never yours.