13 simple reasons for escorts to stay away from budget hotels

Even though a budget hotel with its nightly rate of less than $50 is nice on the pocketbook, telling your client to meet you at the Super 8 doesn’t do much to upscale your image. Many budget hotels are disguising themselves as affordable luxury or other such hype as they market themselves — but when it comes down to it, they are still winning only by offering the lowest level of service. Escorts who are hoping to attract clients with high salaries and prestigious backgrounds should steer clear of the “budget motel” options as they select locations for encounters.

Roach motelIf you’re not convinced immediately that you should avoid budget hotels as an escort, examine these reasons why you should reconsider:

  1. The staff at budget hotels is automatically more suspicious of its guests. These staff members are trained to be on the lookout for any visitors who might pose problems. Due to their lower rates, these hotels sometimes attract a less desirable clientele who sometimes create issues for the property. As a result, staff members are much less trusting and ask far more questions than workers at upscale hotels. And, some hotels are known to attract escorts and prostitutes who wish to use their rooms for business transactions. Front desk clerks, maids and maintenance workers are expected to report anybody they think might be using the rooms for anything besides as a place to sleep. If you do choose to use a budget hotel, be prepared to answer lots of questions, provide significant information about yourself and give a description of your vehicle if you drove to the property.
  2. Expect crime rates to be higher at a budget hotel or within the neighborhood. Of course, because of their lower rates, budget properties attract people with lower incomes. (And, while not everyone who is making a lower income is a criminal, it is a fact that most common thieves and other lawbreakers fall into lower wage categories.) When you allow more numbers of these sort of people to gather together, the increase in crime incidents will surely rise. Petty theft, assault, muggings, robbery and rape are common crimes committed at or near low-rent hotels. In addition to the clientele being of lesser character as a contributing factor to increased crime levels, most of these hotels lack adequate security to deter the criminal types. If they have security guards, they are hardly qualified. And, most properties resort to cameras as a way to observe guest behavior and protect against crime.
  3. Law enforcement authorities can scope out low-cost hotels much easier than their upscale counterparts. Because budget hotels are known places for prostitutes to do business, many police officers have good relationships with the management personnel in order to conduct investigations on the properties. They are hoping to rid the area of prostitution through patrolling these hotels. In addition to already establishing relationships with these hotels, many of them have locations and set ups that make them easy to create stings in. Adjoining rooms (common for budget locations), highway proximity and high-traffic areas make it easy for law enforcement officials to blend in and set up observation points in hopes of entrapping an escort into breaking the law. It’s more difficult for law enforcement officials to conduct such investigations at upscale establishments, because they do not blend in as easily and the hotels attempt to protect their clients’ privacy.
  4. Budget hotels do not create the right ambience for luxury encounters. If you market yourself as an upscale, high-end escort, inviting your client back to a cheap room won’t do anything to enhance your image or create a fulfilling encounter. In fact, it completely counteracts every effort you’ve put into creating an image of sophistication and class. In addition, the room that you’re presenting to your client is not a nice one. Clients are not impressed with a lumpy, uncomfortable bed, cheap linens, crappy towels and bad views. They recognize cheap furniture in a hotel room, just as they notice that the decor is likely 15 years old or older. Even if the hotel had been nice at one time, its dated decor, stained carpeting and yellowed sheets indicate that it’s seen better days. When you book an encounter with a client, you want his experience to be one that is exciting, pampering and fulfilling. He won’t feel “taken care of” in a budget hotel room.
  5. Many budget hotels are not as clean as their more expensive competitors. Even though they have frequent maid service like other properties, cheap hotels are not required to meet the same standards that more costly ones are, in order to maintain higher ratings. They often have housekeepers who are not trained as well, nor have the same expectations set for them as other, more expensive properties. In addition, many of the guests who frequent the budget versions are dirtier and demonstrate less respect for their surroundings. They don’t think about the kinds of stains they leave behind or the messes they make as they spend their time in a room. Trash, uneaten food, bugs and other things are often left behind by guests, and housekeeping staff (who are underpaid and overworked) have to clean up after them.
  6. Staff members at budget motels are usually less helpful. Most escorts like to fly under the radar when they stay at a hotel, but once in awhile, you need some assistance. Perhaps, you need more towels or directions to the nearest liquor store to pick up some wine. You may have difficulties obtaining help from budget properties. Maids are often unfriendly (or don’t speak your language), front desk clerks are obligated to do only the minimum required of them and other personnel are discouraged from interacting with the guests. There are no bellhops, room service deliverers or concierge staff members who can help you if you need assistance. Maintenance issues are usually slow to be resolved, and other requests for assistance are often forgotten.
  7. Budget hotels are havens for families traveling on the cheap. If you want to avoid the G-rated crowd, budget hotels aren’t going to help you accomplish this task. People traveling with children flock to budget hotels so they have more money to spend on activities and food for their families. You will run into families on the stairs, in the parking lot and on the way to your room. The pool will be full of them, and the ice machine will be constantly empty, as they travel to and from it regularly. Escorts usually like to avoid interactions with family groups while they are working. It’s not that you don’t want to appreciate the sound of children’s laughter; but, escorts are often judged harshly by people who have children with them, as if their “immoral” actions reach out and taint the kids. If you frequently stay at budget hotels, families will be common guests you will run into.
  8. Noise is an issue at budget hotels. Whether you are concerned with the amount of noise you hear coming from other guests’ rooms or the volume of groans and moans that your clients will expel from yours, the paper thin walls in a budget hotel do nothing to disguise what goes on behind closed doors. If you can walk down the corridor and identify what guests are watching on their televisions, it’s a good sign that the walls are thin and any noise you and your clients make inside your room will be heard. When staying on the cheap, you will have to request that your clients refrain from loud exclamations or statements of pleasure. For some clients, this severely limits their abilities to enjoy themselves. And, some clients like it when you are extremely vocal, which is an impossibility to do when staying in a hotel where noise is easily transferred.
  9. Smaller rooms make your encounter feel more cramped. Budget hotels are not known for being overly spacious. And, suites within a budget property are few and far between. When you are welcoming a client into your hotel room, it’s nice to be able to sit and chat with him a moment before dragging him onto the bed. However, many budget rooms provide little space other than where the beds are and bathroom. If you’re thinking of doing any kind of role playing or other more physical experimentation, these rooms do not allow ample space for fun. In addition to the hotel room, itself, being small, the bathroom is extremely cramped, too. There won’t be room for you to surprise your client in the shower, nor will he have any extra room as he cleans up for the time with you. The amount of money you save at a budget property doesn’t pan out when you consider how limited the room space is for you and your client.
  10. Many budget hotels charge for Wi-Fi use. And, they monitor what sites you visit, too. If you think you are getting a big bargain on your room rate, don’t count your money, yet, if you plan to use your laptop while staying on the property. By accessing the public Wi-Fi that your hotel offers, they may charge you a $10/day fee or assess rates based on your bandwidth use. Escorts who provide webcam services in between client encounters can rack up quite a bill very quickly when they upload their videos and live images. In addition to the high rates, some hotels will report your use if they suspect you are involved in the adult entertainment industry. Or, they will cut your access off for viewing illicit sites with adult content not approved by the property.
  11. Restricted amenities cause the room to feel even more cheap in a budget hotel. Most of the time, you can rely on the hotel providing quality shampoo, soap and lotions for your clients to use. However, when you stay at a cheap motel, the items left for your complimentary use are less than acceptable. You’d be embarrassed for your clients to use them. So, you will have to provide alternative products. In addition to the bathroom amenities being cheap, other items in the room demonstrate the budget nature of the property, too. For instance, the television may have a remote that is attached to the nightstand. The television may be an off-brand bought at a bargain outlet. The clock radio will likely not have an iPod or MP3 player connection and the furniture may be poorly constructed and of bad quality.
  12. People are less nosy at upscale hotels. When you stay at an upscale property, the staff and other guests seem to value their (and your) privacy. They ask fewer questions, demand less information at check-in and seem otherwise unobservant of your behavior. They don’t inquire what you’re in town for in the elevator, and they don’t comment on your attire. Much of the time, people are in such a hurry, they don’t even maintain or make eye contact. While it’s a bit of a lonely existence, it’s much easier to conduct business in such an environment where your privacy is respected and easily kept.
  13. Exterior entries associated with budget hotels are cheap and trashy. Even though you don’t have to mess with keycard admittance systems or inquisitive concierges or bell staff, inviting your client into your second story hotel room outside the parking lot is straight out of a cheap porno from the ’70s. Nothing about it seems classy or akin to the services offered by an escort. Budget hotels are not the place to do business if you want to achieve success as high-end escort. Your powerful CEO clients, wealthy retirees and others who become your regulars do not appreciate being invited to places they don’t usually frequent.

Keep in mind that your clients expect for you to provide them with surroundings that make their encounter feel as though it’s worth every penny they pay you. And, many clients pay you very well. Reserve space in locations that are safe, luxurious and common stomping grounds for the type of client you want to attract.

If you continue to book rooms at cheap hotels, accept the fact that many of your clients will find other escorts to spend their money on and time with.