13 things clients do that annoy escorts

Working in any job that involves interacting with the general public can be nerve wracking. However, few professionals get to interact with their clients more intimately than escorts, which means that few professionals get a chance to be so massively annoyed by their clients’ habits.

13 things escorts do that annoy customers

As a client, you may not realize that what you’re doing is irritating your escort beyond belief. But, by not knowing, it’s probable that you’re going to repeat the behavior that is driving her nuts. Being aware of some of these perturbing actions is the best way to avoid making them and salvaging your relationship with your escort. Some habits to ditch:

  1. Watching the clock to ensure you get every second of pleasure promised to you will drive an escort crazy. You don’t like escorts who are clock-watchers. It’s much the same thing when you attempt to stretch out a booking to the very last few seconds. It demeans the experience and it insults your escort by implying that she would attempt to cheat you out of a few minutes you paid for. Instead of closely watching the clock to make sure you get your full hour, focus instead on the enjoyment you get from her company. Of course, when the encounter is good, you don’t want it to end and time flies quite quickly. But, when you refer to a timer or stop watch (or other timing mechanism) to ensure you get your scheduled timeframe, the meeting becomes more about logistics instead of companionship.
  2. Calling your escort patronizing names doesn’t earn you brownie points. Even though you may think referring to your escort as “Babe,” “Honey” or “Sweetie” is endearing, she is unlikely to agree. Every Tom, Dick and Harry can come up with those names and use them to talk down to women. It’s something men have done for years and will likely continue to do. But, you don’t have to speak condescendingly to an escort. Instead of referring to her by one of these names, give her genuine compliments, if that’s what you’re intending to do, in the first place. Tell her you think her eyes are gorgeous or that her skin is soft. Be specific with your compliments so they seem real and not just the same malarkey you dole out to all of the women in your life.
  3. Taking erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs in hopes of maximizing the return on your investment can be frustrating for both of you. If you don’t suffer from ED, you shouldn’t be taking these medications, in the first place. However, many clients think it’s a hoot to pop a Viagra or other pill prior to an encounter so they are assured of a rock-hard erection that will last. But, when you do this, it disrupts the natural, healthy processes that lead to your desired outcome.. Also, it requires considerable extra work on the part of an escort to bring you to climax. When an escort discovers that you are taking ED drugs without a prescription, she may block you from future encounters. In many ways, this is lying, because she thinks she is not doing enough to pleasure you, when it’s really the ED drug that is preventing you from achieving an orgasm.
  4. Suggesting a change of plans for the encounter at the last minute may leave an escort at her wits’ end. If you agreed to a standard girlfriend experience (GFE) while booking, you should be willing to stick with that when it comes time for the actual encounter. But, some clients want to up the ante after they’ve had more time to consider their fantasies about an encounter and ask for more. An hour or two before a booking, it’s fairly common for clients to ring up an escort and ask for something that requires extensive preparation, such as a role-play requiring costumes or water sports. It’s difficult for an escort to prepare for your encounter properly when you make your request at the last minute. And, it leaves you both feeling like you’re not getting exactly what you want, if she turns your request down. If you change your mind about what you want prior to the encounter, consider talking to her about it when you actually meet up. But, if she indicates it’s too difficult to fulfill on the spot, schedule a booking including your request for the future.
  5. Arriving late for an encounter and expecting your full booking time is guaranteed to drive an escort mad. (Switch the roles to see how it feels: would you be happy if she arrived an hour late?) Your escort prepares carefully so that she’s on time and ready for you when it’s time for your appointment. However, when you run late, she must either adjust her schedule for future encounters in the day or run late, if she grants you the extra time. Otherwise, you have to be satisfied with the shortened booking. Additionally, escorts consider their time clock starting at the time the encounter was supposed to start. They were ready, in place and prepared to meet you. It’s not their fault they had to wait on you. But, when you are tardy and expect the full time, you decrease the pay they receive for the time they set aside for you. For example, if you were to arrive at 5 p.m. and actually get to your escort’s incall at 5:15 p.m. If you want a full hour, you are causing her to extend one hour and 15 minutes on you and your encounter. Instead of $300 for an hour, she receives $300 for an hour and 15 minutes — if you break down what her time is worth in 15-minute increments, you actually owe her an additional $75 for the time she spent waiting on you.
  6. Failing to read your escort’s ad is a sign of arrant disrespect. Many escorts put need-to-know details about their services or policies in their profiles. When clients don’t read the information and ask questions that were already clearly addressed in the text, escorts become exasperated. For instance, if an escort indicates that she does not engage in anal intercourse in her posting she will refuse any requests for it during an actual encounter. But, it’s extra frustrating when it becomes clear that a client hasn’t read the profile and asks for a strictly prohibited service. Additionally, many policies about the booking process or confirmation of the encounter may be included in an escort’s profile. Including this information in her profile is supposed to help streamline the entire experience. Clients who ask repetitive questions often get on escorts’ nerves. This is a common problem, but you can be an exception, if you fully read her profile prior to the first call. Ask only the questions that are not addressed in the post.
  7. Arriving with the expectations that your escort is a prostitute, instead of an escort, is especially degrading. Prostitutes and escorts are completely different kinds of professionals. Prostitutes sell specific sex acts and charge for them based on activities. Escorts, on the other hand, charge for their time. Clients may expect that a prostitute will provide oral pleasure or a specific sex act, because that’s what they are paying for. However, escorts promise their clients nothing sexually specific. Any intimate acts that occur during an encounter are completely consensual and not fee-based. Clients should never arrive for an encounter and automatically expect an escort to undress and get down to business, because “that’s what she’s being paid for.” Escorts feel degraded and insulted by clients who immediately act as though they are only present for sex or other intimate activities. Even if that’s the part you’re most excited about, attempt to enjoy other aspects of the booking, such as general conversation, affection and companionship.
  8. Haggling shall not be tolerated. Even though you may think that everything has a price that can be bargained down, an escort’s fee is not one of them. When you suggest that she accept less money from you for her fee, you are directly insinuating that she is not worth the fee you agreed upon initially. It’s insulting and degrading. Also, it demonstrates that you are cheap and not willing to hold up your end of the deal. Once you’ve agreed to pay her rate, don’t retract your acceptance of the fee and attempt to talk her down. You might find yourself rejected for the day and blocked from future encounters, as escorts share their blacklists.
  9. Complaining about your dissatisfaction after climaxing is deeply frustrating for an escort. If something about the encounter or your escort is not what you expected or is unacceptable to you, voice your opinion immediately. An escort often feels taken advantage of when a client expresses dissatisfaction after it’s obvious he received some degree of pleasure. If you don’t think she looks like her photos or the role play is not what you requested, tell her your thoughts immediately. When a client engages in intimacies with an escort, she feels as though you are approving the encounter up to that point and that there are no issues. However, when she finds out, after the fact, that something wasn’t the way you wanted it, she may feel like you’re trying to get out of paying her. By not interrupting the session the moment you did not like something, you signed the contract; from that moment on, there is no turning back and no complaining. You must speak up at any point in the encounter if you feel uncomfortable, displeased or as though she is not performing to the level of your expectations. Giving her a chance to adjust her methods along the way is only fair.
  10. Bragging about your abilities or size prior to the encounter is just annoying. Unless you really are the owner of a massive penis, your escort doesn’t need to know anything about your prior conquests or how you left your last lover in a breathless heap, begging for more. Clients who boast about their sexual powers and nearly suggest that she should be paying him are laughable, because most escorts find them be quite boring in bed. If you’re really that talented or gifted, so be it. She will find out soon enough. You don’t need to warn her, so she’s prepared. Nor do you need to build up the experience with you. She isn’t focused on whether you are a client who can pleasure her. It’s merely business on her side of things. Avoid exaggerating your mad skills in the bedroom and focus on booking the encounter.
  11. Asking your escort on a date afterward is just going to make things awkward. Too many clients seem to think that because they hit it off so well with their escort, they can ask her out to dinner. Take a cue from the general rules of the escort industry: an escort is just doing her job when she spends time with you. She is being paid to act like she enjoys every aspect of your personality. She showers you with affection and makes you feel sexy. Whether she would feel the same way about you if you were someone she met in a bar during her personal time is debatable. But, as a client, it’s just business with you. She has no interest in going on a date with you or spending time with you that you’re not paying for. She does not mix business with pleasure. She believes that she has a professional relationship with you. Suggesting that you and she spend personal time together is not going to go over well.
  12. Arriving for an encounter with a cold or the flu is inconsiderate. If you don’t know you’re coming down with something, spreading a cold or the flu is not your fault. However, if you’re in the grips of a fever or any other stage of your illness, it’s just unkind to show up. Even though escorts hate it when clients cancel on them, it’s the best thing to do when you’re not feeling well. When you show up with a bug, she may catch it, causing her to miss work in the future. (She won’t see clients if she’s sick, not only for her own welfare, but also for theirs.) Deliberately passing along a cold is not something that will earn you a gold star from an escort. She may hesitate next time you call her for an encounter.
  13. Leaving an escort’s bathroom in a mess is unacceptable. Sure, you may have a maid at home. Or, you may rely on your spouse to pick up after you. But, you’re not paying your escort to be your housekeeper. After an encounter, she shouldn’t find her bathroom with soggy towels all over the floor or lotion spread all around the counter. Occasionally, a mess will happen. But, you can attempt to leave her bathroom somewhat neat, so she doesn’t have to spend an extreme amount of time tidying up. It’s just common courtesy.

Basically, think about what you’re doing. Be kind, considerate and courteous. Using you manners and general common sense will keep you from fully annoying your escort. And, if you do screw up and frustrate her, apologize. Even though it won’t fully fix things, it will help soften the situation, and your escort may forgive you.