13 things every new escort needs to know before her first encounter

Novice escorts aren’t expected to know everything there is to know about the escort industry, however there are certain concepts and guidelines that she should have mastered and knowledge of before visiting with her first client. There are no “right and wrong” ways for becoming an escort, but some rules apply to nearly every situation that an escort may find herself in. And, unless she is aware of certain concepts, she may be unable to keep herself safe, healthy and happy.

About to begin

While a new escort will learn many things through trial and error, these are lessons that she shouldn’t have to learn the hard way:

  1. Every new escort needs to know how to give decent oral sex. While some clients won’t even ask for, others will naturally just expect it. As you prepare to bless your client with a visit “down below”, tease him by licking the insides of his thighs, kissing around his stomach and gradually working your way to his privates. And, while oral sex definitely has to do with the oral aspect, escorts shouldn’t forget to use their hands when handling a client’s penis. Focusing your mouth on the head of the penis, you can work your hands around your client’s shaft to massage and work him up into a lustful frenzy. Make sure to incorporate his “twins” into the action, too. The skin covering your client’s testicles is rife with sensitivity and paying attention to his balls will give him some serious bliss. As you’re stroking with your mouth, let a free hand wander down to his balls, as well. Focus on the underside of his head, and lick it like a lollipop. The nerve endings in your client’s frenulum (the V-notch on the underside of the head of his penis) has the most sensitive skin of any on his entire body. Flicking it with your tongue may put him over the edge. As you’re working on your client’s enjoyment, don’t forget to use lube (saliva or otherwise) to enhance his enjoyment.
  2. New escorts must know the importance of screening clients. It’s essential to screen clients for several reasons including safety, time saving and personal freedom. Screening for your personal safety is, perhaps, the most important aspect of investigating a client ahead of time. When a client calls you up, it’s your obligation to yourself to ensure that you’re not putting yourself at risk by meeting up with a client with a violent or criminal past. Ask for a client’s full name, his occupation and place of work and a phone number that he can be reached on. Call the phone number back, to ensure that he’s really available at that number. Check on his occupation and name using the Internet. Do a basic Internet search on him to turn up any information that he may not have shared with you, including looking up reviews left by other escorts. If you uncover any information suggests your client lied to you or is violent, refuse to book the encounter. Additionally, screening a client may help you determine if one is a timewaster, which will save you time and effort in the long run. Finally, screening clients may help you discover that a client is actually an undercover police officer, which is never good. If you suspect that you’ve been nearly duped by a member of law enforcement, cease all contact with him or her.
  3. All new escorts should evaluate and set their personal boundaries before meeting with clients. Think ahead of time what you’re willing and unwilling to do as an escort. For some escorts, this means specific activities such as golden showers or anal intercourse; others won’t do overnight encounters; many escorts limit the type of clients they see according to age or race. Set up your boundaries ahead of time, so that you’re not surprised by a request and left unsure how to respond. Once you’ve established your boundaries, it’s much easier to stick to them and simply tell a client that you’re unwilling to fulfill his request.
  4. Every escort (whether she’s new or not) must know how to say “No!” As a client asks you to ignore your boundaries or to grant his off-the-wall request, he hopes that he can push you into saying “yes” because you’re afraid to tell him “no”. Just like in your everyday life, you must be able to tell people no. Whether you’re being asked to volunteer for something you don’t have time for or a client suggests that you meet with him and his buddy from college, being able to say no is imperative. Some clients will easily accept a simple declination from you; others will push and hope that they can talk you into going along with their requests. However, if the request is something you have no interest in, you must tell your client clearly and confidently that you’re not going to go along with his wishes. Be firm, while being nice, but don’t wimp out if your client gives you the puppy dog eyes.
  5. New escorts must remember to always get their money up front. Most clients are honest and upstanding, with the intentions of paying an escort for her time. However, others may attempt to cheat an escort who fails to insist on payment before the encounter begins. They use excuses that they have to go to the ATM, their wallets are out in their vehicles or they’ll pay next time. Escorts can’t rely on these clients to pay them. To protect yourself and your financial interests, demand payment before you spend any more time with a client. And, don’t forget to count the money! Some clients will put dollars into an envelope, hoping that the escort won’t count it until after he’s left, because he’s only paid a portion of the fee.
  6. Escorts should be warned to never give away her services for free. Some clients will draw out communications with an escort, asking for pictures, calling for small talk or sex chat and getting off on the attention. While clients require a bit of attention prior to that first booking, giving too much attention away for free is cheating yourself. If a client begins to get too needy, cut him off and inform him simply (and nicely) that you will see him at the encounter. Additionally, focus on the types of pictures you have on your website; make sure they aren’t too racy because you want a client to have to pay to see you. Finally, don’t be talked into giving a client a freebie as a trial encounter or a sample; he’s cheating you out of your fee.
  7. New escorts need to keep their encounters behind closed doors. Some clients are really aroused by the idea of an exhibitionist encounter. And, while that could be fun, it’s not wise, especially as a new escort. Getting caught having sex in public has serious ramifications, especially if it comes out you are an escort. Additionally, don’t let a client talk you into meeting him at his car or in another secluded area for a fun romp: it’s unsafe! Going somewhere with a new client allows him to take you anywhere he wants to, possibly against your wishes. And, meeting up with a client in a secluded area away from other people gives him the perfect opportunity to assault, rob and rape you, possibly leaving you for dead. Furthermore, if your client isn’t dangerous, he may be cheap and simply trying to get out of paying for a hotel room. You don’t need clients like that.
  8. New escorts should know that their lingerie is more important than their street outfit. Clients like for their escorts to show up looking sexy, but they care even more about what’s underneath your outfit. They may not remember that the dress you had on was red, but they will remember that sexy black push-up bra, garter belt and lace thong. Make sure that your lingerie is in great shape, sexy, fits well and works to your advantage. Invest in quality lingerie that doesn’t ride up, have straps that continually fall down or is uncomfortable in any other way. Lace, satin, silk and mesh are great choices for lingerie. And, black and red are common colors to gravitate toward for your purchases, especially when you’re building up a supply. If you get skivvies in mainly one or two colors, they can be coordinated to work together better.
  9. New escorts should act the way they expect to be treated. Clients take their leads from their escorts. And, if an escort arrives who values herself and carries herself with respect, a client will treat her accordingly. However, if an escort berates herself and criticizes her abilities, a client may be more prone to see her negative attributes, too. As a new escort, you should always project confidence and pride so that clients will treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve.
  10. Escorts must be nice to those they meet along the way. Taxi drivers, hotel concierges, valet parkers and others whom escorts run into as they go to their encounters deserve respect and courtesy, especially since they often both refer escorts and communicate with the police. It’s the concept of treating everyone with common courtesy. But, escorts must remember that they rely upon some of these people for their daily routines. A valet parking attendant who has had a bad run-in with an escort can make it very difficult for her when she arrives or when she’s attempting to gain access to her car at the end of an encounter, for example.
  11. New escorts have to remember that the industry is hard work. Even though some people try to insinuate that escorts’ lives are easy (all they do is have sex once a day and lie around the rest of it), there’s much more to the lifestyle than meets the eyes. Encounters with clients are emotionally and physically draining, the hours are often long and tiresome, the business end of things is tedious and living a double-life is stressful. Escorts lead tricky lives, and they work hard to make their incomes.
  12. New escorts (and all escorts, in general) must know that the encounter is not about them. Yes, if a man were to pick them up in a bar for a night of mind-blowing sex, it might be more about them. But, when a client calls an escort for an appointment, he is seeking someone to make the evening about him. Coddle your client, tend to his sexual appetite and make him feel you are grateful for his attention. Above all else, make your client feel like he’s the only man in the world during the time you spend with him.
  13. Always, always, always use a condom. Regardless of how much your client begs, pleads or asks, don’t give in. Condom use helps to protect you from pregnancy and STD’s. Explain to your client that it’s simply your policy to always use condoms during any kind of intercourse. Never veer from this practice. Your client should appreciate this effort on your part, too, as it helps to keep him safe, too. Be mindful of clients who may try to slip the condom off or want to bring their own.

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