14 Android apps that every escort should know about

As an escort, you probably use your Android phone non-stop. Calling or texting clients, double-checking your schedule and doing other tasks related to your smartphone’s capabilities are common duties of your Android device. Hands down, it’s one of the most important tools in your escort career arsenal, because not only does it keep you connected to your clients, but it also serves as a safety link when you’re at encounters. But your phone can do so much more for you when you use the correct apps. Check out these top 15 14 must-have Android apps for escorts:

UPDATE: Originally the list had 15 entries, but now Transzilla Translator is gone.

  1. Burner: If your work phone also doubles as a personal phone, you may hesitate each and every time you give out your number in your profile listings or on your website. After all, it’s very easy to link your personal number with those listed online. Even if you have a separate phone, your name may still be associated with the work number, which leaves opportunities open for people to find out who you really are and use this information against you. Burner helps to alleviate your worries by shielding your actual number from clients. It creates temporary, disposable phone numbers in less than 30 seconds. Numbers last as long as two months or longer when extended by paying a minimal fee. The original 60-day number may cost $4.99. When you’re done with a number, simply dispose of it by “burning” it. This app also gives you good opportunities to track how effective a new form of marketing is by being able to track inquiries related to a new number used in your ads or profile. However, while privacy may be what you’re looking for with this app, you should be aware that if records about your use of the app are subpoenaed, the company will turn over information they have.
  2. JuiceDefender Ultimate: Your Android phone is great for all the tasks you use it for, but its battery life could be much better. Many apps and Android components suck power from your device’s battery. For just $4.99, you can optimize your battery and decrease consumption through unlocking energy-saving features. JuiceDefender allows for customization based on night/weekend hours, device needs and other requirements. The app automatically manages the biggest drains on your battery, either turning them off when not in use or decreasing the way in which they access power. Preset profiles allow you to choose how you attempt to conserve power, and they include: Balanced, Aggressive and Extreme. While the app won’t create more power than your battery is capable of producing, it will optimize its capabilities so that you get more time between charges. This is a great app for escorts, because you can’t afford to be out with clients and your phone go dead. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it’s also a safety risk.
  3. Tasker: Escorts need their phones to become as efficient as they are at running their lives and businesses. Tasker is an app that quickly programs commands into your Android phone that helps make convenience a priority. Your phone can be programmed to automatically turn on your music when you plug in earphones. Texts can be sent through preprogramming techniques. Wi-Fi can be turned on and off with a simple shake of the phone. The screen can be dimmed by simply moving the phone from side-to-side. Escorts can turn on a one-hour timer (pretty convenient for encounters) with a simple key stroke. Several tasks can be related to easy actions that make your phone a device that is intuitive to your lifestyle’s needs. The settings may be based on time, date and location. The app’s creators call it a way to “turn a smartphone into a geniusphone.”
  4. RT News and More: Every escort needs to keep up to date with current events in order to discuss them intelligently with her clients. With mainstream opinion so widely available that it can’t be hidden from, this channel offers a different perspective. Knowing at least 2 viewpoints will make you a more interesting conversation partner. With an intuitive, smooth interface, it is easy to access the latest stories by category.
  5. LastPass Password Mgr Premium: For just $1 per month, your online security can be assured. Escorts have memberships and login credentials (including passwords) for many different online sites, including financial and credit card web addresses. This app will keep your login information, passwords and other confidential details (such as credit card numbers) safely guarded in a password-protected vault. With this app, there is no need to remember all of the various logins and passwords you have established; they are all saved for automatic fill-in when you access certain sites. The app fills in forms for you, which makes online shopping on your phone easy. It also saves you from phishing scams, online fraud, malware and identity theft through its security and encryption methods. One other useful element to the app is the Secure Notes feature: it allows you to save sensitive data in files protected and encrypted in the vault, which means they are not available to anyone besides you. The app is recommended by PC World, The Economist, Fox News, Associated Press, CNET and lifehacker.
  6. Pandora: While most escorts have playlists downloaded for their use with clients, some men will have special requests for music you don’t have. Pandora helps in these instances by providing you with a nearly unlimited music database. When you select a musical artist, Pandora creates a radio station with songs by this particular singer or band and adds other, similar music to the collection. The initial app is free, but to avoid advertising, you can pay $36 per year. In addition to using for your clients, it’s a great app for a daily soundtrack, especially if your musical tastes vary. Pandora has playlists that are sure to suit your needs, including work-out music, party themes and romance.
  7. ESPN Score Center: Every escort has a sports fan or two in her client list. (And, some escorts are sports junkies, too!) The ESPN Sports Center app is free for Android phones and gives you a way to check games and scores quickly and discreetly so you can be up-to-date for any conversation about your client’s favorite team. News, current standings, updates and other information about the sports world, from local to international events, can be accessed through the app. Personalized alerts for team information, scores and overall news can be programmed for your convenience, so you never miss out on anything important. Gamecasts and calendars are also available when you download the app. Even if you’re not a sports enthusiast, the details and news information is easy to understand and presented in an easy to maneuver interface, making it a quick fix for prepping for a jock client.
  8. FxCamera: Your Android camera may leave quite a bit to be desired. And, as an escort, you need a camera that will do your beauty justice so you can post quality, professional-looking pictures to your photo galleries. You will appreciate this free app’s 40 filters and numerous effects that make your pictures stand out. Effects include: toy, fisheye lens, instant, symmetric, poster and normal. Filters can add drama or turn your photo into a black-and-white masterpiece. It’s easy to share photos with the app (or you can turn off this option), and importing photos for editing is a breeze. The albums you create with the app are accessible from anywhere. The app creates new functions for your device, boosting flash and using autofocus. A self-timer helps when you’re taking photos of yourself, and the auto adjust option edits your photos for maximum benefit. Photos have character when you’re finished editing them with the app.
  9. Yelp: Available for mobile devices and online through the website, Yelp provides helpful information about services, businesses, stores and restaurants. When you’re out and about visiting clients in unfamiliar neighborhoods, it’s convenient to utilize this app to find a nice place for a cup of coffee or a quick bite of dinner. Not only does it provide options for you, it also includes reviews from previous patrons. These reviews may help steer you clear of a disaster or from wasting your money at locations not worth your time. Yelp allows you to create custom searches based on distance from your location, price and whether they are open or not. You can also find great deals, tips and photos through the app options. Sometimes, you can even make reservations using the app.
  10. Evernote: A standard for Android users, Evernote is an app that no escort should be without. It allows you to create multimedia notes and documents to help you stay on-track and focused. Basic text formats, photos, attached files, voice notes and other elements allow you to organize your thoughts, to-do lists and other priorities related to your personal life or career. Items are stored in files called “notebooks.” The information is available through your cloud-based account, and your notes are searchable for ease of access. The interface is easy to navigate and sleekly designed, and the premium version provides PIN locks for sensitive files or notebooks. The information is easily synced with other devices, so your information follows you home to your laptop and back to your phone, again.
  11. BusinessCalendar: Although you may take advantage of the default calendar on your device, BusinessCalendar can provide you with more options and features to create a more customized, functional view of your appointments and activities. For $4.99, the app creates a zoomable, scrollable multi-day view in a graphical or textual display. By the month, agenda, day or event, the calendar is searchable and color-coded with your personalization. Utilize drag-and-drop technology to insert information into your calendar and create recurring events with ease. The app allows users to link contact information to events and activities, and you can schedule alarm alerts to remind you of your obligations. The calendar gives you the features required to combine your personal and professional schedules all in one place.
  12. UP: A personal fitness tracking app, UP monitors how users sleep, move and eat twenty-fours per day, seven days a week. The free app will help an escort meet her exercise, weight and lifestyle goals by tracking diet, activity and sleep patterns for optimum advantage. Features include a logging element that requires the entry of food and drink consumption to determine nutritional content and calorie intake for a day. The sleep functions monitor a user’s sleeping patterns with a Smart Sleep Alarm that wakes you up at the prime time to avoid grogginess and enhance refreshment. Idle Alerts remind users to move and get active, if they’ve been sitting too long. Based on information entered, tips on how to maintain or meet goals are administered and progress is tracked through graphs. The success of this app depends on users wearing a wristband, when not involved in activities with clients.
  13. Intelligent Ringer: Escorts hate it when their phones go off loudly when they are with a client or at other functions. The Intelligent Ringer app (which is free for download to Android devices) automatically sets the ringer volume based on ambient noise levels in the setting. The app also detects whether the phone is tucked away inside a pocket or purse, adjusting the volume level accordingly so it can be heard, but not blast loudly. The app depends on proximity setting readings to function. Users can customize volume settings for their requirements. Escorts who typically set their phones to the Silent or Vibrate mode during encounters can rest assured that the app respects these settings and will not automatically adjust itself until the mode is changed.
  14. Flashlight Plus: Whether you need a bit of ambient light with a client or a flashlight to find your earring you dropped under the bed during an encounter, you will have what you require when you download the Flashlight Plus app. It’s free, and it produces a bright, dim and strobe flashlight effect when activated. It also includes fun audio effects when you turn it on and off. It’s not an incredibly fancy app, but it serves its purpose when you need quick access to a light source.

Of course, there are other apps that are useful for an escort, such as GPS-type apps for directions to encounter locations and virtual wallet apps so escorts don’t have to carry additional cash. But with these 15 14 apps, an escort will find that she benefits significantly in her day-to-day work.