15 clever ways to sneak hobbies into escorting

Even though you may have little spare time to spend toiling away at a hobby, you may be able to incorporate such efforts into making your escorting career more successful. If you don’t already have a hobby, consider exploring interests that make you happy and occupy your spare time constructively.

These most common hobbies may enhance your escorting abilities as you incorporate them into your professional world:

  1. Gardening: Escorts who have green thumbs may enjoy creating a wildflower garden, a highly-landscaped oasis or a vegetable harvest. Gardening has many benefits including stress relief. Digging in the dirt and dealing with tender vegetation requires patience and slowing down, which helps many people relax and get rid of stress they experience in life. Additionally, a recent study conducted by University of Texas A&M indicates that people who garden have a higher satisfaction with life. Being outdoors, among plants and flowers, helps decrease depression risks and anxiety. You get fresh air and sunlight (which means Vitamin D and a flattering tan), which helps improve your health. Experts have found that the exercise you get through gardening helps to maintain weight, reduce risks of diabetes and lower osteoporosis risks. However, in addition to these benefits, gardening can also play a great role in your escorting career. You can create flower arrangements to place throughout your incall, create goodies with the produce you reap from your garden or offer fresh fruit or veggies as snacks to your clients. And, your secret garden in the backyard can create a special, inviting entrance for your clients who aren’t allowed to use your front door for discretionary purposes.

    If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need

    — Cicero

  2. Art: People who create art are thought to be more sensual and passionate, especially when involving sexual activity. When your clients figure out you are an artist, they may immediately think you are sexier. But, in addition to the instant sex appeal being an artist can give to your escorting career, it can also be a great stress reliever for you on a bad day. Slinging a bit of paint on a canvas or sketching out an image on a pad can help you release emotions and anxiety developed through your hectic schedule and lifestyle. Consider using your art as elements in the decor of your incall. It’s cheap(!) and provides a personal touch without revealing intimate details about your personal life. Also, you can ask your clients if you can use them for models… or as a canvas. Body painting is often a very erotic activity for escorts and their clients.
  3. Travel: If you have the urge to travel, it’s easy to incorporate this desire with an opportunity to tour and expand your client list. Setting up encounters ahead of time with new clients in vacation destinations may help to fund your trip and personal activities. You could make some tremendous income if you plan your trip well and attract quality clients. Additionally, traveling helps to expand your knowledge of culture, which enables you to enhance your client base with exotic clients. They appreciate an escort who understands and has experienced their culture, which may be what attracts them to make contact with you. Being a well-traveled person also makes you a more rounded individual with knowledge gained only by broadening your horizons. You can read about New Orleans or Paris, but until you experience these locations, you really cannot know what they are like. Traveling makes you more confident and knowledgeable, in addition to becoming more adaptable in all situations. In addition to becoming more worldly, you can use your mementos from favorite trips to decorate your incall. When clients see these items, they are always good for conversation, which is sometimes a blessing with shy clients.
  4. Photography: Decorating your incall can get expensive, but it you use prints you’ve taken yourself it’s a much cheaper endeavor. Your photography hobby can help you develop your eye for color, light and balance, in addition to knowing how to set up a room for the most powerful impact on clients. You can create great photos of yourself for your profile and photo galleries, learning to adjust lighting and effects, along with editing modes, for the perfect results. Great photos can mean the difference between a struggling escort career and a successful profession. Additionally, if you get really accomplished at taking photographs, you may be able to implement your skills as a secondary profession. There are many escorts out there who are looking for a reasonable photographer who understands the discretionary concerns of the industry. You could take in some extra coin during slow times of the year by shooting other escort photos for colleagues; at the same time, you could build up some important contacts in the area, too.
  5. Exercise: Many women work out regularly. It may be part of your daily routine, but it is also one of your hobbies. As you exercise, you may learn about new trends, work-out plans, gyms and other elements so that you maximize your time to the fullest. Whether you work out to maintain your weight or tone your body, your efforts also increase your stamina and strength for encounters. Clients often ask escorts to situate themselves in uncomfortable positions or engage in unnatural movement to enhance their pleasure. The strength and stamina you build during exercising helps you stand up under client demands, without having strained or pulled muscles or tendons later. You are able to engage in physical activity with your client for as long as he is able to (or as long as he pays for), and you feel confident about your body. When you work in a profession where you may be expected to parade around in lingerie (or your birthday suit) in front of a client, it helps to know your body looks great. And, finally, exercise is one of the best stress relievers you can engage in. As your heart rate increases and blood circulation maxes out, your body releases endorphins that create a good feeling in your body, helping you release bad emotions and feelings about your day or worries.
  6. Music: Whether you play an instrument, sing or simply listen to music, enjoying it as a hobby can enhance your life and your career. Confucius said, “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” It relieves stress, improves brain function, enhances memory, increases hand-eye coordination and fosters self-expression. As a music fan, you are aware of the many genres of music that you can pull great tunes from for playlists to use with clients. After all, music can often set the tone for encounters, and it’s important to have the perfect soundtrack going for your clients. Additionally, escorts who play an instrument or sing, often have fewer feelings of stage fright with clients and exhibit more self-confidence, which also exudes sex appeal. Clients may find your musical interests appealing, giving them something in common with you. Discussions about music and performers can replace the awkward conversation experienced at the beginning of an encounter, or give you something to talk about with a client near the end of a session. Finally, it’s common knowledge that music is sexy. Being able to strum a guitar and serenade your client during an encounter is incredibly erotic, especially if you are doing it in fancy lingerie or in your birthday suit.
  7. Shopping: Although many think it’s materialistic and expensive, a shopping habit may be good for your mental and physical health, in addition to boosting your professional escorting career. Women’s Health Magazine reported in 2009 that shopping releases mood-lifting endorphins, creating that “feel good” sensation experienced after exercise or sexual climax. It boosts your immune system and fulfills basic social needs. Shopping can even keep your brain nimble, according to studies, by working your gray matter to make decisions, analyze options and calculate discount prices on the fly. Escorts must be expert shoppers, and their skills at the department stores can also boost their skills with clients behind closed doors. By saving money through finding bargains or knowing how to shop for economical, high quality lingerie or designer clothing and accessories, you will appeal to clients who want an escort who looks modern and pulled together. Wearing the bargains you’ve found while shopping may give you an extra boost of confidence needed to really “wow” your clients.
  8. Professional sports: Following professional athletics is a favorite pastime of many Americans, and it may be something you enjoy, too. You may have a favorite team or sport you watch or be generally interested in all of it. Regardless of where your passion lies, keeping up with sports is important for bonding with many of your clients. It’s a trait you can advertise in your online profiles or ads, attracting clients who are sports-minded and want someone they can have a related conversation with. Being able to have a discussion (even if it’s basic) about the recent stats or occurrences in professional sports is a great way to bond with your clients…and keep them coming back for more.
  9. Reading: Consuming classic literature, recent best sellers, the latest non-fiction efforts or the newspaper is a great way to keep your mind strong, your vocabulary expanding and yourself up-to-date about current events. Reading is a great hobby, and it can help you by always having information to draw upon for conversations. Additionally, if you’re a fiction reader, you may be able to use scenes you remember from books as basics for role-playing adventures with clients. Being a reader lends credibility to your intelligence and causes clients to be impressed with your mind, along with your body. And, if you’re a well-rounded reader, you may run across some erotic fiction that could spice up an encounter with a client. Reading to each other can be quite a turn-on in the right atmosphere.
  10. Volunteering: While you may simply think your habit of volunteering at the hospital, the local soup kitchen or your child’s school is a way of “doing your part,” you may also be improving your health through your hobby. The Corporation for National and Community Service recently established a strong relationship between volunteering and health, indicating lower mortality rates, greater functional ability and lower depression risks for people who are active in community organizations. Many escorts feel alone and separated from society because of their careers. Volunteering your time provides you with opportunities to make friends and bond with others. Through volunteering, you may also benefit your escorting career. Volunteering provides you with opportunities to gain confidence and self-esteem, which definitely carries over to your professional efforts with clients. You can gain great connections, which can lead to profitable encounters and regular clients. And, your volunteer efforts may help you build a clean reputation, putting to bed questions by area busy bodies about your personal life and activities.
  11. Adventure: Escorts who like excitement in their lives may venture out for skydiving, rollercoaster rides and roaring river rafting, among other fun things. These adrenaline-pumping activities help escorts embrace life, giving them passion and sparkle for them to return to their daily routines with. The sense of adventure restores the excitement escorts need to have as they meet new clients and embark on encounters. Sometimes, it’s easy for an escort to become complacent in their roles, and they need to shake things up a little. Adventurous pursuits help do this, by creating enhanced passion for life, in general. Clients get glimpses of how excited and amazed by life and activities escorts are, which makes them even more desirable to clients. Their zest for life is contagious, and clients crave this.
  12. Astrology: For centuries, people around the world have studied the stars and planets for insightful predictions of life and the future. They use star guides, zodiac signs and other information to chart answers and information about life. At its heart, astrology is a very complex subject that requires comprehensive knowledge to fully understand past reading one’s basic horoscope. Escorts who dabble in astrology may be able to profit through their hobby by applying it to their escorting career. Clients are always a little bit curious about astrology and what the stars have in store for them. Advertising your interests in astrology may make you sound more mysterious and exotic, which is just the ticket for some clients. However, don’t go overboard with the astrology bit; it can make you seem eccentric, which isn’t usually advisable for escorts.
  13. History: Learning about and researching history is a wonderful and incredibly popular hobby to engage in. Many history fans have particular periods or events they become pseudo experts on, but many maintain a generalist status, too. Regardless of where your focus is, you gain insight and information about life and occurrences that can be useful to you and rewarding in itself. Additionally, there are clients out there who are history buffs. And, while your love of the Civil War or the Industrial Revolution may bore some men to tears, others will dig the fact that you’re a history chick. Additionally, you may attract a number of clients who want to role-play historical scenes, which may make you an automatic shoe-in.
  14. Trivia: Acquisition of most of the knowledge you’ve gained through the years may not have been intentional. Many trivia fans indicate their plethora of useless facts stored away in their brains came as a result of absorbing information they were exposed to randomly. And, if you’re lucky enough to have a memory for tidbits, utilize it to your advantage. Your knowledge of trivia may help you with clients. Most people like to know interesting factoids about situations they engage in or items they are using. Random facts often come in handy when starting conversations with new clients, too. Being able to rattle off interesting bits of information about nearly anything may give you and your client something to bond over. You may be able to hit on something completely random that sparks his interest, making you seem even more interesting and alluring. After all, knowledge is power, even if it’s just trivial facts.
  15. Internet: Many people consider exploring the Internet their hobby. As a result of exploring the Internet, you may acquire useful information that can help you augment your professional escorting career. For instance, most Internet junkies learn various ways to promote businesses through online options. You may gather knowledge about keywords and their ratings. You could analyze sites that might be suitable for advertising your services on, researching effectiveness, number of hits and reach. You may learn about ways to hide your IP address to create true anonymity and methods to use to communicate discreetly with clients. Your knowledge will also come in handy to help your clients keep their computer histories clean and untraceable, too. Essentially, your technical knowledge about the Internet may help you become a better escort through leaving fewer trails and less evidence of your real existence and being able to effectively market yourself online.