15 proven lipstick tips that work for escort sessions

Red lips are requested time after time by clients and seem to be a true point of arousal. It’s not surprising that men like their escorts to wear red lipstick. Numerous scientific studies have proven that men are more attracted to women wearing red lipstick than any other color. It is also a fact that men are more drawn to looking at a woman’s lips than any other feature on her face. Red lips may be a sign of arousal, sensuality, confidence or good fashion sense, but any which way you put it, men find it sexy.

Lipstick, love, cardsFor years, women have been reddening their lips as a way to enhance their beauty. Cleopatra crushed beetles and ants and applied the result to her lips, causing them to appear crimson. Queen Elizabeth I wore dark red lips in contrast to her pale complexion in the 16th century. Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe (in addition to many others) sported red pouts in Hollywood, making red lipstick a necessity for any sex symbol in the future.

Escorts who want to pucker up with red lipstick should consider these top 15 ways to wear red lipstick for clients:

  1. Mind the light. Be aware of the lighting in the evironment where your session will take place. Outdoor, daytime activities with clients will allow your face exposure to sunlight and a brighter environment. For these kinds of encounters, you should select a softer, sheer shade for your lips. Anything too dark or dramatic will appear harsh or excessive. During the evening, though, feel free to go bolder. Darker, deeper hues will help other facial features stand out in dimmer light, making you appear more beautiful all-around.
  2. Avoid deep reds with thin lips. If you weren’t lucky enough to be born with plump, round lips naturally, choose brighter, less dramatic colors of red for your lipstick. Deep reds will only accentuate the thinness of your pout, which doesn’t create the sensual appearance your client is hoping for. However, if you feel that your pout is missing the plumpness you desire, consider Botox or other injections to make them more alluring, which will broaden your lipstick choices, too.
  3. Keep the rest of your make-up and clothing simple when you are wearing red lipstick. Sporting bright red lips causes them to be the focus of your face. However, when you complete the look with a complicated smoky eye or a full-on attack of statement jewelry, these elements compete with your red lips for attention. The look becomes overdone and doesn’t complement your beauty or attempts at sexiness. Lightly apply simple black mascara and a beige/neutral shadow on your eyes, along with basic powder or foundation. Your clothing and jewelry should be simple and elegant, without intricate detailing.
  4. Precise application of your lipstick is necessary for a polished appearance. Red lipstick, due to its staining potential, leaves little room for error when you put it on. Unless you are a pro at lipstick, don’t attempt to apply a quick swipe of red to your lips in the elevator or in the car at the stoplight. Escorts should carefully prepare their red lips by putting lipstick on correctly for encounters. Start with a nude liner or one that closely resembles the natural color of your lips. Line your lips and fill them in with the liner. (Many make-up artists recommend omitting this step.) Don’t use a red liner, unless you have one that matches your lipstick shade exactly. The two-tone red look is not a good one. Use a lip brush or the tip of your finger to apply the lipstick to your mouth. This provides a softer, more forgiving application. Start at the center of your lips and work your way outward.
  5. Hydrate your lips ahead of time. Red lipstick really brings out any lip flaws you have, especially dry, flaky lips. Regularly moisturize your lips with creams or balms featuring beeswax, Vitamin E, Shea butter and almond or coconut oils. Clinique All About Lips contains green tea extracts, Vitamin E and salicylic acid and is widely recommended by professional make-up artists and celebrities. Of course, general advice about drinking water throughout the day should be followed, too, as a way to keep your lips hydrated. Before applying red lipstick, exfoliate your lips by rubbing them with your toothbrush or using a lip exfoliator. Applying eye cream or lip balm to your mouth a few minutes before putting on your lipstick will help create a smooth pucker.
  6. Avoid the embarrassment of lipstick on your teeth. You don’t want to show up to your client’s door with a big blotch of red lipstick on your front tooth as you smile seductively. After applying your lipstick, put your index finger into your mouth, wrapping your lips around it. Slowly remove your finger. This should remove excess lipstick from your lips that will rub onto your teeth. Additionally, avoid leaving lipstick on your glass when drinking wine with your client by inconspicuously licking your glass or your lips. Your saliva will prevent lipstick from sticking to the glass as you sip.
  7. Consider your nails as you wear red lipstick. Clients take pride in escorts that look put together from head to toe. They expect the ideal fantasy, and your appearance is key. So, when you apply red lipstick for a client, don’t forget that it must complement your nail color, too. Many escorts wear French manicures, so red lips are no problem as far as clashing colors are concerned. However, if your nails are painted, make sure they don’t take away from the positive impact of your red lips. (Think: sensual red lips with hot pink nails…a fashion faux-pas.) If you want red nails to go with your red lipstick, try to match the colors as closely as possible.
  8. Blend your lipsticks to create the perfect custom hue for you. Most women have difficulties finding the “perfect” red shade for their lips. You may have a plethora of lipsticks that don’t quite work, but they are very close. Consider experimenting with them to create just the right combination that looks good on you. Mix brands, textures and types (stains, balms, lipsticks) when you are working on creating your signature color. However, do this ahead of time. Avoid experimentation when you’re hurrying to prepare for an encounter.
  9. Use your skin tone as a guide when selecting a lipstick color. Make-up artists give many different pieces of advice regarding skin tone and complexion in the case of lipstick colors. Here’s a general breakdown of their comprehensive advice:
    • Know if you have blue (cool) or yellow (warm) undertones: Look at the veins on underside of your wrist; if they are blue, you have cool undertones, and if they are green, you have warm undertones.
    • Women with cool undertones should look for blue-based reds.
    • Women with warm undertones should look for orange- or brown-based reds.
    • Pale-faced escorts should seek out true reds.
    • Olive-complexioned ladies should use mahogany or brown-reds with gold flecks.
    • Tan skin can wear sheer reds.
    • Brown skin can wear all shades.
    • Warm reds are best for pale skin featuring warm undertones.
  10. Look at your teeth for lipstick guidance. Red lipsticks can bleach or yellow your teeth, depending on their base colors. Stay away from yellow-based lipsticks if your teeth are yellow or stained. Your red pout doesn’t do you any favors if your teeth appear unclean when you flash a smile. Lipsticks with blue undertones help to whiten your teeth. Unless you regularly bleach your smile, consider lipsticks that will enhance your teeth.
  11. Play with textures. Lip hues come in all textures these days, and there is something ideal for everyone. Lip stains and tints tend to last longer, but they emphasize the appearance of dry lips and tend to feather worse than other options. Glazes, shimmers and shiny, moist finishes appear more modern and youthful. Consider mixing your textures, including the ones in the rest of your make-up routine. If your foundation is applied with a dewy finish, consider a matte lipstick, for example. Or, top a matte lip stain with a glossy balm.
  12. Get used to your red pout. Escorts who don’t usually wear red lipstick may hesitate to wear their bright lips out in public. But, you should embrace the new look by getting used to it ahead of time. Wear your red lipstick around the house for a day or two, looking at yourself in the mirror often. The more you see yourself with dramatic lips, the more confident you will become with the look.
  13. Layer on the reds. Application of several layers of red lip hues is the secret to long-lasting blushing lips. Some make-up artists recommend applying foundation or concealer to your lips prior to coloring them. This is an optional step, but if the red is big departure from your natural color, it may be a helpful idea. Use a lip stain to apply long-lasting color to your lips. Blot it to remove excess. Put a glossy finish over the stain to give it some polish. Again, blot it on a towel or tissue. Reapply the gloss for a final touch of shine. While your lipstick may not be completely kiss-proof, it will endure longer than a careless application of one coat.
  14. Try recommendations from experts. If you’re having trouble finding the right hue for you, consider going with the professionals’ advice. RealBeauty.com editors recommend MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in shade Ruby Woo. They indicate it’s an all-around red that is perfect for all skin tones and complexions. Shape Magazine suggests women try out Clarins Le Rouge lipstick in Passion as an option. Their reviews state that it can be worn by anyone, regardless of skin tone.
  15. Avoid licking your lips to ensure longer wear. Escorts who nervously lick their lips will find that it’s difficult to make their lipstick last. Licking your lips dries them out (which worsens their condition for red lipstick) and removes color from your pout each time you do it. If you want your red lipstick to remain for an encounter, resist the urge to lick your lips. If they feel dry, apply balm or gloss over your red lipstick.

Wearing red lipstick is a great way to please a client whose fantasy is to be with a woman with a sexy, crimson pout. However, it’s no fun if your lipstick happens to rub off on his collar (or any other item of his clothing). Knowing the proper way to remove it is essential when you wear red lipstick to encounters. Lipstick is one or all of three different types of stains: oil, wax and/or pigment. “Dry clean only” items should be professionally tended to. However, you can treat other washable garments during an encounter, so you can send him on his way stain-free.

Put the stain side down onto a paper towel or napkin, and attempt to remove the surface of the stain by dabbing it. Then, press rubbing alcohol onto the stain from front side. Be careful: rubbing the stain too much can cause it to smear and spread. The alcohol should absorb most of the stain. But if it doesn’t work, you can try dabbing dishwashing detergent (such as Dawn or Joy) onto the stain. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then work on the stain with a toothbrush from the outside edge inward. If this remedy fails to work, another solution is to apply ammonia to the stain with a cotton swab.

As a final resort, many escorts report that hair spray does the trick. Spray it right onto the stain and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. With a clean cloth moistened with water, wipe the stain away. Professional stain removers will remove the stain, if other solutions fail. Motsenbocker’s Lift Off works fast on lipstick. Xenit contains no soap or water, being made from all natural citrus fruit extracts, and it works wonders on lipstick stains.