15 reasons for escorts to be proud

Working as an escort within a society that stigmatizes the profession, it can be especially trying to maintain high self esteem and pride in oneself. However, escorts have a lot to be proud of. All women deserve to experience the confidence gained from self satisfaction with their careers and lifestyles. Escorts are no different. In fact, escorts have a particular set of behaviors that place them apart and establishes foundations for honor in various areas throughout life.

Escorts should review these examples of accomplishments that enable gratification and happiness with their careers:

  1. Escorts are financially independent. As they become increasingly successful within the industry, their abilities to support themselves solely from their escorting incomes become possible. As a result, many escorts are able to completely replace and exceed their incomes from their other “more traditional” jobs. Many people never become fully financially independent. They are always relying on a spouse, parents or others to help them achieve their money goals. Escorts are able to obtain quality leases on apartments, condos and houses, in addition to being capable of buying their dream homes. They are able to pay their bills without worry of living paycheck to paycheck. When you dedicate yourself to a career in the escort industry, your income earning potential is limitless. Proper budgeting, planning and prioritizing fall into being able to use your income wisely. But, in order to save and plan, you have to have the extra income to work with in the first place. Escorts should be proud that they are able to bring in an income that allows them independence and flexibility.
  2. Escorts get to work as their own bosses. Most of society will give a positive nod to anyone who embarks on a venture that allows them to bask in their entrepreneurial spirit. It is, after all, what the American dream was built on. Although an escorting career may not be viewed as a conventional business choice, it’s an opportunity with boundless potential. And, the real bonus is that escorts get to be in charge of their own success. They determine when they work, how much they charge, which clients they see and how they operate their businesses. Establishing and enforcing their own policies and taking in 100 percent of the profit for themselves is a huge perk for an escort. They don’t have a boss questioning them about what they’ve been doing all day. They don’t have to ask ahead of time to get time off work for family issues or recreation. Escorts control their business as they see fit and answer to no one, other than themselves. What’s not to be proud of about that?
  3. Escorts earn the wage they want for their talents and skills. In many industries with competitive work forces, people are employed at levels below their expertise or education levels, rarely being paid their desired incomes. Middle management jobs are much easier to come by than upper-level executive ones. Despite one’s best efforts to obtain a high paying career, it just may not be available to them. However, escorts are able to bridge this income gap between what they want to make and what they actually earn through their abilities to set their own rates and determine how much they want to work. Within this industry, escorts achieve the opportunity to receive ample pay for their educations, abilities, talents and beauty.
  4. Escorts are able to provide their family members and friends with the amenities in life. Along with becoming financially independent, successful escorts have the disposable income available to purchase more than just the “must haves.” They can afford incidental “wants” that their loved ones desire. They can be more selective and generous when they purchase their children’s clothing, give more expensive birthday presents and spoil their closest loved ones with treats of travel, culture and entertainment. Escorts can send their children to private school or afford a more prestigious university for them, if they wish. Instead of simply having basic cable, they may be able to splurge on a smart television with both Netflix and Hulu. Having the extra income available to most ambitious escorts allows many opportunities that middle-incomed people just don’t have, due to expenses and the cost of living. Being able to explore and take advantage of some of these “extras” is definitely something to be grateful for.
  5. Escorts gain a positive body image. Many women are terribly insecure about their bodies, always wondering how they measure up against others. Comparing your figure with other women is a common trait and often leaves a woman feeling inferior or unsexy. However, they fail to realize that whatever their body type is, someone out there finds them attractive and sexy. Escorts know this. They are told they are beautiful and seductive all of the time, as clients admire their bodies and general good looks. Sure, an escort may have a few stretch marks from having children. Or, a few fine lines in her face. Or, even, a few (or more) extra pounds. But, to their clients, escorts are gorgeous! As an escort works in the industry, she becomes increasingly comfortable with her body. She has to; she can’t feel shameful or shy as she undresses in front of a client she barely knows. She gains confidence and satisfaction with her body and appearance, regardless of its form.
  6. Escorts have to overcome life’s obstacles to be successful. Just like in general walks of life, not all escorts were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. (Sure, some do come from cultured, educated and prosperous beginnings.) But, many escorts have to overcome personal issues before they can achieve the confidence and drive to earn a lucrative living and acquire a thriving career. Dysfunctional families, addictions, mental health issues, abuse, past relationship problems, lack of education and poverty often hold women back from their dreams of living a life of luxury. It’s hard to work past some of the challenges that prohibit women from even thinking that they can be successful. Escorts who have reached out for the brass ring and achieved an accomplished career should look back and appreciate their humble starts — realizing that they have overcome an amazing degree of hardship. Pride in oneself for the tenacity to endure is certainly in line.
  7. Escorts have to learn and hone new skills. Escorting is not just about being able to flirt with a client and make him feel good. Escorts have to be experts in business and perfect several skill sets including: marketing, photography, fashion, make-up and hair design, research, communications, business management, organization, budgeting, scheduling and a whole variety of other tasks. For escorts who have never managed a business, she has to learn about filing tax paperwork, accounts payable, scheduling of bookings and various other aspects. Marketing can be a real challenge for escorts who don’t have a knack for it. Doing research to verify client identities can be hard, if you’ve never done that type of thing before. There are so many hats to wear when you’re an escort, you have to become a master multi-tasker. Any escort who has attempted to fulfill all of these roles within her business should give herself a big pat on the back — it’s hard work and an accomplishment to learn these new skills.
  8. Escorts should take pride in their courage to take a risk. Becoming an escort is a big long shot. At the onset, it’s impossible to predict one’s success level. Jumping into the career requires a lot of faith, drive and bravery. Until in the act, no woman really knows how it feels to be paid to become a companion of a client. It can be terribly awkward to meet up with a client and provide intimate services within minutes after meeting him. Many escorts are intimidated by the level of clients they may be seeing (professionals, CEOs, politicians, etc.). In addition to wondering if they really have what it takes to make a living from the career, the dangers of the industry may be a deterrent, too. In the news, stories about escorts being assaulted or murdered are prevalent. Meeting up with clients can be perilous. Any woman who takes the leap to become an escort deserves to be proud of herself for being strong enough to face the risks associated with the career.
  9. Escorts get to indulge their shopping addictions without guilt (to a point). Escorts have to be well-dressed, accessorized and attired in the latest fashions. Furthermore, their hair and make-up has to be modern, classy and well-suited to their styles. A closet full of clothing is a necessity for an upscale escort who needs a variety of duds to don as they are out and about with clients. Whether they need an evening gown or bathing suit, they need options to choose from, as they can’t be seen wearing the same thing twice too often with a client. Additionally, a dresser full of quality lingerie is a requirement. Lingerie comes in several styles, and escorts have to have them on hand, ready for client requests. Finally, escorts also get to go shopping frequently for role-playing costumes and toys used during intimate activities. Even though much of this is used for the job, it still allows an escort the opportunity to shop as a part of her career. Most women would be very proud of and grateful for this option.
  10. Escorts take care of their health. Because they know they can’t afford to get sick, escorts pay close attention to their bodies and what they are telling them. If they feel they are starting to get traces of a cold, they start dosing themselves with Vitamin C and decongestants in order to ward off symptoms. They attempt to maintain healthy nutrition, knowing that they need vitamins and nutrients in order to keep their immune systems strong, have energy and experience overall health. Most pay attention to their weight, deterring obesity-related health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol issues. Exercise is usually a priority as a way to increase flexibility, strength and stamina. And, while some problems just can’t be avoided due to genetics and other circumstances beyond control, escorts attempt to take care of themselves so that they can perform best for clients. Escorts should take pride in the fact that they care for themselves through efforts to maintain good health.
  11. Escorts establish valuable networks through their client lists. Need a favor from the mayor? Want tickets to a sold-out show? Or, hope to get a parking ticket lost in the system? Odds are that an escort has connections that most people don’t. Through her client list, she probably has relationships with politicians, celebrities (local or otherwise), high profile professionals, CEOs, entrepreneurs and others who lead powerful lives. Most escorts don’t make a habit of utilizing their connections for their own personal goals, but when, and if, they’re ever needed, it’s certainly handy to have intimate knowledge of some powerful individuals. Most clients are more than willing to do a favor for an escort, as long as he can get it done without raising suspicion about his relationship with her. And, while name-dropping certainly isn’t cool as an escort, the connections acquired through the career are something to be proud of.
  12. Escorts help their clients. Escorts serve as teachers, counselors, psychologists, massage therapists, muses and many other roles. They help clients work through hard times, providing companionship to the lonely or confused. They may assist clients in developing comfort with the opposite sex. And, they often act as a sounding board for clients who simply need to talk or relieve stress. Escorts can feel good about the significant roles they play in their clients’ lives. They aren’t just a pretty face; they truly get to make a difference through their efforts.
  13. Escorts are empowered. For many women who enter the escort industry, they start out as demure, innocent, naive and reserved young ladies who don’t know their power or strength. Through the trials and tribulations they may face through their careers, they develop a sense of inner vivaciousness that provides them with ambitions, confidence and a sense of self respect that some women never develop. They know they are capable of anything they set their minds on. Escorts develop an uncanny way of understanding people and knowing what makes them tick. They gain the ability to set goals and the determination to go after them, without doubt or question. This sense of self is worth a lot of pride, just in knowing that you can do anything you desire.
  14. Escorts become more open-minded. Although the industry can be unsettling and even disappointing at times when true human nature is revealed, many escorts actually become less judgmental through their careers. From visiting with clients who have unique fetishes they are ashamed of or have been ridiculed for, escorts gain compassion for people with different sets of desires and standards. Knowing that not everyone fits into one general mold, escorts get glimpses of many walks of life and realize that you can’t always judge a book (or client) by its cover. People who seem to lead perfect lives have significant interpersonal issues or face problems that observers wouldn’t be able to foresee. By meeting with clients who are working through many diverse forms of conflict, escorts have to become more open-minded. Escorts should be proud that they can shrug off the judgmentality about society that is also often used against them.

Escorts learn to demand respect from others. It’s fairly common for women to settle for disrespect in their lives. They allow men to act condescendingly to them in many ways, both in their personal and work lives. However, as escorts become increasingly successful and get to be choosier with clients, they don’t have to tolerate such patronization or degrading actions. Escorts know their own worth and require that clients treat them accordingly. If a client doesn’t act respectfully, he doesn’t get invited back for another encounter. Demanding respect in your life is a trait that should instill pride in escorts.