15 tips for escorts planning to work at a Nevada brothel

A shroud of mystery surrounds the brothels housing legal prostitutes in Nevada, the only state where clients can legally trade money for sexual favors. The laws concerning prostitution in Nevada are very specific and only legalize the practice in rural counties with fewer than 400,000 people.

In July 2013, 18 brothels existed in eight counties, ranging from upscale establishments to more modest offerings. Prostitutes who work in the licensed brothels are not long-term employees. They travel from all across the United States to spend two or three weeks building up a little cash and often return home. Experienced prostitutes, porn stars, escorts and novice hopefuls apply for available positions at the brothels, hoping for a chance to make some quick earnings.

If you are anticipating a stint providing your escort services at a brothel, you should plan ahead and familiarize yourself with realistic expectations. Here are some tips for preparation to work at a Nevada brothel:

  1. Apply ahead of time. Even though the thought of showing up on a brothel’s doorstep and being met with open arms is a pleasant one, it’s unrealistic. Brothels take hundreds (perhaps, thousands) of applications per year from hopeful women who want their shot at making it big. Of those many applications, a few are selected for brothel openings. Seek out the brothels you are considering online and submit your application electronically, along with pictures. Consider applying to more than one brothel, in case your favorite one turns you down or has no openings available when your schedule allows you to travel. Also, check out any feedback you can find online about the brothels when you are selecting the ones to apply to. If the reviews or comments are consistently bad, you might be better off avoiding it.
  2. Plan how long you will stay. Once you’ve been invited to come work at a brothel, you need to determine the length of your work period. Some brothels maintain minimum requirements. For instance, Sheri’s Ranch requires its escorts to stay at least one week. They also mandate that a three-week stay is the maximum for any prostitute. (They want to make sure you take a break to avoid burning out.) Most brothels maintain similar standards. Some have a two-week minimum, while others have a four-week maximum. Regardless, it’s best to determine ahead of time how long you think you want to stay, abiding by the brothel’s guidelines. You might get helpful information by asking what most of the experienced prostitutes do.
  3. Expect that you will be working long shifts. Some brothels are open 24 hours per day and require their house prostitutes to be available for customers at any time of the day or night. Being on call non-stop can make you tired quickly, but it also means you won’t miss out on any good clients. Other brothels maintain 12- to 14-hour shifts for their prostitutes. While either of those shifts seem terribly lengthy, it’s important to know that you won’t be busy the entire time. You may have two or three clients each shift, but you won’t be with clients during your entire working period.
  4. Consent to mandatory STD testing prior to going to work. The laws in Nevada require that all prostitutes working in brothels must have a clear bill of health from an approved physician. You will be tested for Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV. You are required to pay for the test, as a part of your licensing fees. Do not take the testing personally; it’s mandated by the law.
  5. Resign to yourself that your work as a prostitute goes on public record. To work in a brothel, you must obtain a license or permit (depending on what the county calls it). You are required to pay for the permit, ranging from a few dollars to several hundred. The sheriff’s department will photograph and fingerprint you, double-checking your background for any outstanding warrants or charges. Your file will be marked as a prostitute during your stay in Nevada. While these records are usually considered difficult to retrieve in the future, there is always an opportunity that your time at a brothel will come back up if your records are searched.
  6. Know that you will remain on the property for the majority of your stay. Brothels prohibit their prostitutes from leaving the grounds while they are working for them. Owners worry that prostitutes might obtain side business while they are there or engage in risky behaviors that pose threats for STDs. If you leave the property during your stay, you will be required to take another STD test before you’re cleared to work, again. Some brothels arrange for prostitutes to go into town, with the company of a chaperone, to get their hair or nails done. STD testing is not required upon return to work, as long as you were accompanied by a brothel employee the entire time. But, this is typically the exception to the rule. If you work for a brothel that requires you to stay, don’t worry about missing out on the local scenery. Brothels are usually located several miles away from any major destinations or towns.
  7. Expect modest surroundings. A few brothels in Nevada are quite luxurious and boast about their accommodations. Sheri’s Ranch is the only brothel labeling itself as a resort complete with spa. Others, such as the Bunny Ranch, have beautiful grounds and an upscale (although a bit garish) interior. Velvet couches and loud prints are common finds in brothels. (And, many of them have lots of wood paneling.) All brothels are required, by law, to have a fence around them. Although millions of dollars pass through the brothels each year, don’t expect them to resemble the Ritz or the Waldorf. In fact, some look like rundown trailers with hand-lettered signs identifying them as business establishments.
  8. Rent is charged for your stay. You will have your own room, where you will sleep and conduct business with clients. Rooms are usually small, with only space enough for a bed, dresser and a desk. A daily fee of $50 (more or less depending on the brothel) will be charged to you for your room. Most brothels provide meals (cooked to order) with your room rent. And housekeeping is part of the deal, which is a nice perk. You don’t have to personally change the sheets after encounters with clients.
  9. High commissions are part of life at brothels. If you have hopes of keeping the majority of the money you make as a brothel prostitute, you are mistaken. Most brothels take 50 percent of all transactions that occur in their properties. If you charge a client $300 for time with you, the brothel gets $150 of it. Additionally, taxi or hired limo drivers who transport clients to your brothel for an appointment with you get a cut of your fees, too. Sometimes, their cut is as much as 30%, leaving you with only 20% of the rate you charged. The commissions can seriously cut into your earnings quickly.
  10. Setting your own prices is a benefit of working at a brothel. Unlike working at an escort agency that determines how much you should charge, you get to set your own rates, as long as they are above the house minimum. However, even though you have the option to charge any rate you please, your fees must be competitive with the other prostitutes you are working with on your shift. If you charge $300 for 15 minutes with a customer, a prostitute who only charges $200 might attract more business than you do. Make your prices marketable, ensuring you are still being paid what you are worth.
  11. Expect short encounters with clients. Unlike working in the escort industry where you may have a two-hour minimum booking requirement for clients, “parties” with customers may only last 15 minutes. Many men who come to the brothels opt for short parties. Men come to the brothels for one thing, mainly. They want sex, and they are not interested in all of the intimacies associated with your usual escort encounters. They meet you quickly, get what they want and leave, all within the span of less than an hour, from the time they come through the doorway. The 15- and 30-minute bookings are by far the most popular in the brothels, although longer sessions are sometimes scheduled.
  12. Pay attention to the rules to avoid fines. Brothels have many rules and guidelines that prostitutes must adhere to. For instance, in one brothel, prostitutes are prohibited from answering the door. If they do, it’s a $100 fine. Additional fines may be assessed for being late, falling asleep during a shift, refusing an approved customer, not arriving to a meet-and-greet appropriately dressed or speaking to a customer during a line-up. Many prostitutes say that fines can eat up your earnings very quickly unless you take extreme efforts to follow the rules to a “T.”
  13. Loneliness is common at a brothel. Even though many people assume living at a brothel would be much like staying at a sexually-charged sorority house, the atmosphere is not like that at all. The other prostitutes are not there to make friends. They don’t want to hear your troubles or listen to stories about your children, sick mother or cheating boyfriend. They are there to make money and are generally not interested in winning a popularity contest with the other girls. Additionally, you are direct competition for them, and many women won’t like you simply because you might take away a customer. If you start doing well and get lots of parties, the other women may give you the cold shoulder out of jealousy. Don’t take their indifference or hostility personally. Arrive not expecting anything from the other prostitutes, and you won’t be disappointed. Prostitutes come and go regularly at the brothels; friendships have no place there.
  14. Bring only necessities. Because space is limited in your room, leave bulky items at home. The madam at your brothel should provide you with a general list of things that prostitutes like to have with them to help make their stays seem more like home and to help pass the time. Books, laptop computers and cell phones may help prostitutes avoid boredom. Generally, brothels provide your bedding, but if you want a special throw or comforter, you should bring it. Sexy clothing is required, but you won’t need an abundance of street clothes for your trip. When not working, most girls lounge in comfortable attire. Most rooms feature a television for your entertainment, too.
  15. Supplies for customers are your responsibility. As an independent contractor, you are obligated to provide condoms, lotion, lube and any other items (such as tissues or wet wipes) for your encounters. You should bring them with you, because purchasing them at or near the ranch can be quite expensive, as prices are significantly higher onsite.