17 must-have iPhone apps for escorts

Many escorts utilize iPhones and iPads. Although the phone is expensive, iOS apps are usually free or affordable. An escort’s apps can make her device even more functional and valuable for her career. Whether you use your phone as a productivity tool or just as a way to stay in touch, the apps your choose will turn your device into a perfectly personalized Swiss Army knife.

iPhone productivity appsAs an escort, you need various apps that will make your career easier and more convenient.

  1. Google Maps: Previously included on all iPhones, Google Maps gives more accurate directions and details than Apple’s own map system. A free app, it provides turn-by-turn directions for travelers who are going by foot, car or public transportation. Estimated travel times (for each mode of transportation) are available for a user’s destination. The app integrates well with your Google account, accessing your home or incall address to facilitate easy use. Escorts can rotate the map for better viewing by pressing two fingers to the screen and twisting, causing a different perspective to appear. Most popular destinations (including hotels) are named through the app, and residential addresses are easily available. Maps are clear and detailed, and directions often include notes that help to keep you on track (such as indicators that you’ve gone too far, etc.).
  2. Google Translate: Any escort who has accepted an encounter with a client who speaks limited English will appreciate the Google Translate app, which is free. It supports over 60 languages with extremely accurate results, especially for shorter translations. Some languages accept a spoken input, with the phrase or sentence being spoken directly into the phone. A translation may be delivered through text or speech, in return. Other, less popular languages, are translated through text input and output. Simple, common phrases to more specific details may be translated so both you and your client better understand each other. However, once you get involved in the encounter, body language and tone of voice often communicate just as well, without the app’s assistance.
  3. Awesome Note (+ToDo): Any escort who creates to-do lists and notes about future events or activities is sure to need Awesome Note. The app is visually compelling and allows users to customize the experience with colors, background images, icons and fonts. Separate lists may be maintained for various aspects of your life (personal, escorting, children, church, etc.) with audio reminders. It is an extensive multi-tasking management system, but its most redeeming quality may be its graphical calendar. The intuitive program allows you to view your entire month, along with various scheduled events, in one image so that you can instantly determine which days are more free than others. Lockable, so it’s safe from prying eyes, you can use this to schedule your clients and anything else that must work around your encounters. You can file events in different folders and perform two-way syncs with Google and Evernote, if you use them. Information can also wirelessly transfer to any Bluetooth device and folders are Wi-Fi enabled.
  4. Week Calendar: If the convenience of being able to see your entire week’s schedule in one view is what you’re looking for, then Week Calendar is the app for you. (The iPhone’s default calendar doesn’t have a week overview option.) For $1.99, escorts can book their encounters through drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste methods, in addition to manual entry. Customization features include the ability to color code events, link contacts to appointments or activities, set alarms, establish recurring events and syncing capabilities to iCloud, MobileMe, Outlook, Google Calendar and other task managers. The app provides options to hide hours you don’t need in view and to zoom in to specific time increments, for ease in booking any appointment. The most popular third party calendar app available for iPhones, Week Calendar includes interactive components (link to maps for directions to an event location, for example), search functions and subscription services for sports, holidays and other events.
  5. Dashlane: Popular Science, PC Magazine, Forbes, MSNBC, Lifehacker and others have praised Dashlane for its innovative approach to online security. It’s used most often as a password manager. It stores (and encrypts) all login credentials and passwords contained in confidential data; automatically fills web forms; and expedites online shopping through express checkout. You can save your Social Security number, credit card numbers and other sensitive data without worrying it could fall into the wrong hands. Some reviewers have said it’s the ideal meeting of security and laziness, creating a safe environment for the person who doesn’t want to manually enter her details each and every time she performs online transactions or logs onto websites. Other functions include: security alert (if a site’s security is breached you are instantly notified to change your password), secure sending (send information to a client with the assurance it will self-destruct in 30 minutes) and secure notes (save contact information or other important data knowing it’s encrypted and safe from anyone else’s access). The basic version is free, but a premium product is available for $4.99 per month. Each version only requires five minutes set-up time or less.
  6. Google Voice: Several options make Google Voice a great choice for escorts. Firstly, you can select a number not associated with your mobile or home phone (or name!) that will route all calls to your work phone. This little bit of privacy through shielding your number can be a huge relief for many escorts. If a caller is currently in your contact list, you can route calls from that individual to your phone or directly to voicemail, if you wish. (Perfect for timewasters or clients you’ve blocked.) The app also provides you with a great screening option for callers in your contact list: while the caller thinks the phone is still ringing, you can pick up and hear the person’s name. From there you can answer, send it to voicemail, listen in on voicemail or answer the call and record it. Even during the middle of a call, you have the option to record the conversation, which could be especially important if you are speaking with someone who begins to threaten you. However, as with any Google product, you must be aware that your information is being collected for their use, and your privacy is not guaranteed.
  7. SnapSeed: A little pricier than some apps ($4.99), SnapSeed is one of PC Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice” selections for 2013. It’s a camera app that has extensive non-destructive editing capabilities, powerful photo correction and useful effects. The app shares and interfaces easily with all forms of social media and other software products and provides the power of a desktop digital editor. Special effects include: Drama, Grunge, Vintage, Center Focus, Frames and Tilt-Shift. The app’s intuitive approach can help you quickly edit and adjust your photos to give them that extra edge you need for them to stand out among a collection of other escort photo galleries.
  8. LevelUp: As an escort, it’s never convenient for you to carry much cash when you’re on your way to encounters. And, with the LevelUp app (which is free for download), you don’t have to. All you need is your cell phone in order to make purchases using your credit card account. Merchants can scan the QR code assigned to your credit card as it appears on your phone’s screen. This eliminates the threat of having to flash around hundred dollar bills you received from your client, just to pay for a soda on your way home. And, it also helps you avoid being mugged for credit cards or money.
  9. MyFitnessPal: A free app, MyFitnessPal is perfect for the escort who is weight-conscious and wants to stay in shape. It is one of the best all-in-one calorie counters and exercise trackers available. It contains a huge database of foods, meals and recipes for users to track calories, including hard-to-find items that are difficult to estimate. It provides daily and weekly overviews, allows users to scan barcodes on products for complete nutritional information and tracks workouts in relationship to goals and food intake. With rave reviews, the app provides an easy interface and intuitive use, but it does require an extensive set-up. Users must fill in quite a bit of information for the app to be really useful. An escort can refine her diet with the app so she is eating a healthy diet that is appropriate for her activity level and size.
  10. TripIt: A free travel itinerary organizer is necessary for escorts who tour or visit other cities frequently. It saves all travel information in one spot, ranging from restaurant, hotel, flight and rental car reservations. Easy transfer from your email makes this app streamlined and a must-have. In addition to saving all of your travel information in one place, it also provides offline access of data, airport maps, directions to gate locations and instant flight time information.
  11. Snapguide: Every escort runs up against a request from a client for something she isn’t aware of or skilled at. And, while every request may not be available in Snapguide, some things might be. Snapguide is an app that provides access to how-to guides on a wide array of topics. The guides feature step-by-step instructions, along with pictures to help clarify the process. From DIY to massage, guides are available through this free app.
  12. SleepTime: Escorts need to get their rest, and SleepTime can help. It analyzes sleep patterns to wake users at the optimum time to avoid that groggy feeling from waking up during the wrong phase of sleep. A gentle breeze soundscape helps users fall and stay asleep, and the app detects slight movements through the night, allowing it to track your sleep levels. The app creates weekly graphs that will help you determine ways to become better rested, which is essential for escorts, especially if your regular sleeping routine is somewhat inconsistent due to encounters. Users who sleep alone experience the best results from the app.
  13. PulseNews: It’s important to stay up to date about current events in order to discuss them with clients. PulseNews provides access to multiple news sites (with a list customized by you) that provide text-based or mobile-optimized versions of full news stories, often including photos. Its intuitive interface is easy to tweak to your liking, and you can even include posts from social media networks. You can save stories to read later, and set up is easy. While many other apps are available for news, this one provides access to many outlets in one convenient location.
  14. Handy Torch Free: While your iPhone can easily be used as a flashlight through one of its default apps, this free app provides some fun effects that you and your clients may find entertaining. A strobe light, candle, disco ball, glow sticks, fire truck, neon sign and other effects can create a kinky or helpful light when you need it. The app is free.
  15. WiFi Finder: When you’re on the go as much as you are as an escort, it’s important to be able to find access to Wi-Fi. The free app provides listings of nearby free or pay-per-use Wi-Fi hotspots. You can search according to your current location or your planned destination. Search options include by venue, type or cost. Even though your phone may have data access, it sucks it up quickly, so Wi-Fi access is often a must.
  16. KeepSafe: Escorts need to hide their professional photos from anyone who might innocently pick up their phone and begin scrolling through it. With the KeepSafe app, you can assign photos to a private photo gallery that is password protected, using a pin pad. A public photo gallery is still accessible, eliminating any suspicion about where your pictures are hidden. The app also features a SafeSend option that allows you to send private photos to another person. These photos are only available for a 20-second viewing before they delete themselves, which prevents someone from saving or sharing them with anyone else.
  17. Dot Lock Protection: Instead of the normal password or pin associated with your iPhone access lock, you can install the Dot Lock Protection app. It provides a dot-lock pad that requires precise entry for access. Break-in reports are emailed directly to you when someone attempts to breach your phone’s security. The reports include the intruder’s photo and GPS location. Some aspects of your phone are available through a fake password option, which is great for escorts who only need to hide certain elements from others, without appearing overly suspicious due to concealing too much.