30 minutes or less to the next booking in your incall? Use this checklist.

Seeing clients at your incall is one of the most convenient aspects of your profession, however it’s common to find yourself overly rushed to get ready. Due to scheduling issues or poor planning, sometimes it’s necessary to book clients with as few as just 30 minutes between each other. That short half-hour time span may leave you wondering if you can actually prepare for the next session in time.

As long as you stick to your quick prep technique, 30 minutes should be plenty of time to tidy up, rinse off and get dressed for your next client. Whether you’re trying to squeeze in hurried prep between clients or are simply running late, use these tips to create a technique for getting ready fast:

  1. Set priorities. If you think you are going to fall short on time for some of your preparation, do the most important things first. If you feel that you absolutely cannot let your client see you without being fully dressed and made up, tend to yourself first. Conversely, if you think that your client would be more offended to have to wait while you tidy things up, do that first and get ready afterward. Establish what steps of your getting ready routine cannot be deviated from or omitted before your client arrives. And, determine which elements of the tidying-up process have to be applied and the ones that can be left out. By setting these priorities, you have your mind set about which order and how you go about getting ready for your next client. If he arrives before you finished, at least you have the most important things done.
  2. Get rid of all traces of the previous encounter. Escorts need to be able to sweep a room free of all proof that someone else was there. Part of your normal routine, you must remove any wine glasses, coffee mugs or other cups or utensils and take them to the kitchen or an alternate location where they are hidden from plain view as your next client enters. Get rid of the trash, including what is in the trash can. It should be empty and waiting for your next encounter. Of course, do not forget to look for the condom wrapper to ensure it makes it in the trash. You don’t want your next client to come in and get comfortable on your bed, only to find a condom wrapper hidden under the throw pillow. Take a quick assessment of the room, overall, and tidy up any elements that need tending to, such as picking up any stray towels or straightening decor that may have gotten misplaced. Light candles and set lights for the mood. This process should take less than five minutes.
  3. Tend to the bed. Within five minutes, you should be able to straighten the bed so that it looks as though nobody has touched it in hours. By not allowing your clients to get below the covers and onto the sheets, you can probably save time by not changing the sheets each and every time you entertain a client. Peel off the coverlet or throw that you put down on the bed, tossing it into the laundry. Replace it with a new, clean one. (Have plenty of these clean and ready for closely-scheduled bookings.) Resituate the pillows to your liking, but don’t get too picky with them because they will get messed up quickly. Straighten the entire bed, making sure that the cover is evenly spread over the bed and all wrinkles appear to be smoothed out. Sometimes, the bed skirt may need to be pulled to one side or another. Unless you get too particular with this process, the entire task should be quick and easy. Step back and ensure that all looks good before moving on.
  4. Take a shower. A good rule of thumb is to spend the most time between clients preparing yourself. You expect your clients to arrive clean and groomed, so you should always make time to freshen up for them. A quick shower shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes (if that), as long as you don’t try to do everything in your normal beauty routine. For instance, when you have so little time to get ready, don’t wash your hair in the shower. You won’t have time to dry it, and you won’t be able to style it. Unless your hair got dirty during your previous encounter, just put it up or stick it into a shower cap while you rinse off. Keep the water off of your face, so you don’t have to completely start over with your make up. And, focus on hitting the key areas of your body that need some attention. (Think: genitals.) Once you’ve cleaned up, hop out and dry quickly. Don’t mess with lengthy lotion routines or other post-shower primping habits. And, avoid lingering in the shower; this is not the time to de-stress and relax. This shower is simply for hygiene purposes.
  5. Touch up your make up. If your make up wasn’t completely smudged by your client or washed off in the shower, you may only have to reapply some of it. A general tip to abide by when you know you have back-to-back encounters is to avoid heavy make-up applications or elaborate details. The less you have on, the less you have to fix or repair. If you have the minimum make up on to begin with, you may only have to quickly swipe on some powder, hit your lashes with mascara and dab on some lipstick. Those three things can make your face look fixed and ready to go. However, some escorts want to reapply eye liner or brush on some blush, too. As long as you have time to do it, reapply as much as you need to in order to feel put together. When you’re really rushed, though, you may need to eliminate some aspects of your make up technique to streamline the process. Many escorts swear by tinted moisturizer or BB creams in order to correct skin and add a bit of polish. Others focus on one aspect of their make up: eyes, cheeks, lips, etc.
  6. Fluff your hair to return it to its normal style. On days that you have tightly-booked encounters, avoid styling your hair in a “fixed” method. Attempt to allow it to flow freely, so it’s easier to fix between clients. Pull your hair out of the shower cap or bun you put it into during the shower and shake your hair out. If your hair isn’t shaking out to look how you want it to, consider a quick updo. Many escorts have perfected the sock bun or a chignon for days that their hair just won’t cooperate. Have bobby pins handy so you can quickly sweep your hair up; your client will never know it wasn’t deliberate and planned. If your bangs aren’t cooperating, slick them back with the rest of your hair using gel or mouse. Many escorts report that clients like the sleek look they acquire when their hair is completely slicked back into an updo. Don’t spend too much time on your hair, because it will likely be messed up soon, anyways, once you and your client get comfortable.
  7. Get dressed. Have your clothes selected ahead of time. Pre-planning eliminates that frantic search that sometimes accompanies trying to locate a certain top you want or the perfect skirt to coordinate with your new blouse. Preparing your outfit ahead of time also helps you avoid an emergency where fit is an issue or repairs are required in order to wear an item. When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to blank about what outfit you’d like to wear. Setting your clothing out prior to your encounter ensures that you don’t have to stress about putting together the perfect attire for your client. It also takes out the time you would normally spend rifling through your closet or dresser to locate all accessories, lingerie and other elements necessary to complete your look. You are doing yourself a tremendous favor, both time-wise and through stress reduction, when you get your clothing ready in advance. Also, you have time to select an outfit that is easy to get into it. Some items are difficult to put one, requiring lots of buttoning or pulling up an inconvenient zipper. When you plan ahead of time, it’s easy to pick pieces that you can throw on quickly when you are in a hurry.
  8. Stay focused. Losing your focus as you get ready between clients can cause you to run late. Don’t get sucked into checking your email, returning or taking phone calls or text messages or tending to other tasks, such as laundry or washing dishes. These things can wait until later. As these distractions enter your focus, you are apt to waste time working on them, losing valuable momentum toward getting ready for your next client. As you get further distracted, it’s easy to lose all sense of time, getting caught unprepared for your upcoming encounter. Remain focused and ignore urges to work on other things until you’ve completed your routine to prepare for your client.
  9. Pay close attention to the time with your first client. Ensuring that your client doesn’t overstay his expected time is essential to making everything work for the your next encounter. If your first client leaves even five minutes late, it can put you seriously behind in preparing for your next one. Start early with your first client, if possible, so that you can finish up sooner than expected, giving you extra time between clients to get ready and clear your mind. And, when you’re with the first client, do your best to keep careful track of the time. Losing track of the time can cause you serious challenges, despite how much you may be enjoying your client. If your client is slow to leave, explain to him that you have urgent plans that require you being able to stay on your schedule. Apologize to him and promise to make it up to him later. If necessary, reiterate to him that he’s paid for only a specific block of time and that you need him to honor that.
  10. Get organized. Knowing where everything you need is and having it conveniently located and easy to get to will help you get ready faster. For instance, if you spend several minutes looking for a shower cap, that’s precious time you could be using to get dressed. Also, if you have to sort out your make up in order to do a quick touch up, that could cost you minutes you might use to tidy up the bedroom. Everything should have its place, and the things you will be needing to prepare for your next client should be set aside so they are easily accessible. In addition to the items you need to physically get ready for your client, you should also have all other items you need for clients organized and easy to find and get to, as well. Items such as lubricant, condoms and wet wipes should be close to the bed so they are convenient to use. Extras of these things should be stashed away in a location you can get to easily to replete them when they run out. Organization in all aspects of your career will help you save time, which can help you make more money.
  11. Tend to beauty issues when time allows. Don’t wait until you’re trying to prep during a condensed time period to pluck your eyebrows, shave your legs or exfoliate. These things should be reserved for when you have down time to work on your body and general appearance. Applying self-tanner can wait. Other tasks that are not immediately necessary in order to see the next client should be avoided until you have the time to do them properly, instead of being rushed through them. Getting regular haircuts ensures that you don’t have to do any quick, emergency hair maintenance immediately before a client arrives. And, taking care of yourself in other ways ensures that your beauty routine can be severely shortened without sacrificing your looks from time to time due to a hurried schedule.
  12. Keep track of time as you get ready. When you’re in a hurry, it helps to know if you’re running on time or behind. In order to do that, you must have clocks around where you can see them. Sneak a peek at the clock as you slip into the shower, touch up your make up and get dressed to ensure that you are not running out of time. Not knowing that you need to speed up, because you are advancing through your routine too slowly, can result in you not being prepared when your client arrives. If possible, escorts should be dressed and ready to visit when a client arrives, even if he does get there early. Observing the time along the way keeps you motivated and ensures that you make it on time.
  13. Call your client if you are going to be late. Sometimes, things just don’t work out as planned. If you can see that there is no humanly way possible that you are going to be ready on time, let your client know. Give him the option of arriving a little later or rescheduling. He shouldn’t have to wait and lose time out of his schedule just because things didn’t go smoothly for you. Escorts may experience problems like this when they schedule encounters closely together. For instance, a client may seriously mess up her bathroom, requiring that she straighten and clean it up, in addition to other tasks, before her next client gets there. Other clients may cause such disarray to an escort or her bed that she requires extended time to clean up. In these cases, you should never disclose to your client what your delay included, but you must always apologize.