5 pros and cons of obtaining an escort permit

Many cities and counties throughout the United States require local escorts to obtain permits in order to legally see clients in their communities. Permits cost from $25 to thousands of dollars and involve miles of red tape. Escorts without permits who are detained by police and other law enforcement authorities are arrested for failure to obtain a permit and, often, prostitution-related charges. However, escorts who have permits, often avoid many of these legal hassles.

Here are the top 5 pros and cons of obtaining a permit:


  1. Demonstrate you are following the law if you are detained by police. Escorts may be questioned in unrelated issues only to be found out that they are operating without permits. Being a legal escort can save you lots of trouble with the law and charges for operating without a permit.
  2. Give the appearance to city officials and law enforcement authorities that you are a legitimate escort who isn’t breaking any laws. If you are ducking the city codes by refusing to become licensed, law officers may wonder what other activities you’re doing behind closed doors that are illegal, too.
  3. Avoid a criminal record with additional prostitution-related charges. Sometimes, when an escort is charged with failing to obtain a permit, additional charges are tacked on, too. If you’ve had a clean criminal record, this one lapse (failure to obtain a permit) can be a big game-changer for you by putting a big black mark on your previously squeaky-clean image.
  4. Advertise and market your services without worrying about being found out. Escorts who are operating in the community legally don’t have anything to be afraid of by advertising their services online and other places. However, an escort who is operating without a permit may be afraid to market herself to much, due to worries about being caught.
  5. Seek help from the law when trouble arises without fear of prosecution. Because you are operating as a legal escort, you have nothing to fear if you must report an assault, robbery or other issue related to a bad client.


  1. Bring law enforcement attention to yourself. Many permits are administered by the local police or sheriff’s departments. By registering or applying for a permit or license, you are attracting attention upon yourself. Close investigation about you and your activities may cause you trouble in the long run. Running under the radar without a permit may be a better option for you.
  2. Lose the discretion you need for your career. Many clients choose discreet escorts because they don’t want everyone to know they have booked time with an escort. Additionally, you can lose secrecy about your profession by obtaining a license or permit. Many communities require a city commission or council hearing for final approval. Family members and friends may find out what it is that you really do, which may not be something you want to happen.
  3. Fail to get one even after applying. Many communities make it very difficult for an escort to obtain a license or a permit, because they do not want escorts working in their communities. Intense background checks, employment records and reference requests often eliminate many prospective permit holders.
  4. Incur extreme costs to obtain a permit. Not only must applicants pay a licensing or permit fee, but they must also pay for photographs, background checks, fingerprinting and other administrative costs for the application. You may be working in an area where permit fees exceed $1,000.
  5. Waste time filling out the application. The application process is lengthy and convoluted. Pictures, fingerprinting, obtaining references and other red tape make the process a swamp.