6 great date tips for escorts

In a perfect world, every date you go to as an escort would be wonderful, fulfilling, engaging, rewarding, and educational. However, we don’t live in a world of ideal dates. Your client’s appearance, their attitude or the atmosphere can mix to produce a less than desirable experience. Yet, there are many things you can do that will help lead even the most hopeless encounter into a more positive one from the very beginning.

  1. First of all, meet your client for the first time with a big smile. Once in a while, a client’s appearance can be a bit upsetting, but it’s essential that you train yourself to ingore a negative reaction. Condition yourself to always be glad to see a client, and your smile will be genuine.
    • Don’t smile for the sake of smiling—look forward to your date, and a genuine smile will happen.
    • Don’t concentrate on your client’s physical attributes, but focus on everything positive: the sense of humor they showed in an email (they tried!), the courtesy and respect they offer (they tried!), and every tiny positive speck about their personality.
    • Flinching, jerking, turning away or shifting your weight when you first meet a client may make him feel uncomfortable, which is the opposite from which you should be making them feel. The first few moments of an encounter are always the most awkward and uncomfortable, but smiling from the beginning sets a positive tone for the entire session (and, hopefully, all future sessions, too).
  2. Undress attractively. Getting undressed is awkward unless you’ve practiced. You can study striptease moves, but be aware that some moves are a bit over the top for use with a client.
    • Unless your client wants to see you bend over to remove your panties, and the move comes naturally, it’s best to save this trick for the stage and keep it out of the bedroom.
    • Practice getting undressed in front of a mirror, so you can see what your client sees.
    • Place a camera where your client’s eyes should be and shoot a video of yourself undressing.
    • Make sure the light is right and the floor doesn’t squeak on the spot of your performance.
    • Additionally, do not be such a neat freak about your clothing that you have to stop to hang up or fold your clothing as you remove it. Allowing your clothing to fall in a clean area onto the floor is sexy, and sexy is what your client is paying you for.
  3. Learn to undress your client. A client wants to be seduced and drawn into the experience. By undressing them seductively, you are drawing him into the encounter.
    • Watch romantic movies for moves to use when undressing someone else.
    • Practice with a friend so as to learn how to avoid awkward moments, such as getting a stubborn belt unbuckled.
    • Don’t be afraid of those awkward moments: have a sense of humor about a stuck button, stubborn belt buckle, or difficult zipper, and remember that no sane client would expect a robot precision from you. Laughing in the moment can be sexy, too, and exudes confidence and comfort to your client.
  4. Accept that not every date is a match made in heaven. Not each session will be the best you will ever have. Don’t stress over the fact that you and your client don’t see eye to eye—some people’s personalities just don’t “click.” If you come across a client that you just can’t seem to bond with, it’s acceptable to part ways and even recommend a colleague to him. However, if this is the norm instead of the exception to the rule, it may be wise to evaluate your people skills or even consider a different career.
  5. Stand by your rates. Your clients are paying for your time, not services provided. During the course of conversation about your session, certain services may or may not be discussed. However, if too much time is spent talking instead of getting down to business, that is not your fault—you should still be compensated for your time. Additionally, it’s fine to inform your client that the time limit for their current date has expired. Your good clients will respect you for sticking to your guns regarding your rates. Any client who attempts to squeeze more time out of you for free is not worth keeping.
  6. Schedule appointments with clients at the peak point in your day. Some of us are morning people; others are afternoon or night people. Do your best to schedule dates during the time of day that you feel you are at your best. Additionally, keep in mind that many business professionals prefer to meet during the daytime hours and travelers like to make appointments in the evening. It’s important to schedule your clients for times that you are able to provide them with the best of what you have to offer. With that being said, some escorts believe they should be available to clients 24 hours per day. This is not the case for high-end escorts. 24/7 availability can attract unsolicited attention from wrong clients and gang enforcement. Instead of working around the clock, work only when you are fully rested and energetic.

This checklist should help you to do everything you can on your part to turn every appointment into a great one. Then, even if an odd date is not exactly great, it’s not your fault. Learn what you can, ignore the rest, and move on.