6 rules for an escort’s security guard

Many escorts hire professionals to provide personal security for them and ensure their safety as they meet with clients. One can never predict when security will be needed during in-calls or out-calls, so it’s always wise to have a security guard nearby. Escorts look for men who appear physically threatening, strong and even menacing. In addition to the way that a security guard look, it’s important that he have actual skills and be willing to work under discreet circumstances. Men often considered for the job are ex-military types, bouncers, and those who have been trained in martial arts and/or general fitness. As an escort’s security guard one should remember several things when protecting the escort during his or her appointments:

  1. During an out-call, it’s important to go with the escort to the door, or at least visually observe him or her make it to the door safely. However, this is only the first part of your job.
  2. During the time that the escort is with the client, it’s essential to stay alert and awake. (No napping on the job, no matter how late it is at night!) You must be watching for any sign of trouble, especially a predetermined signal you and your escort have worked out to alert you of danger. Escorts might use a flashing light (the light in the room going on and off) or moving the curtain at a particular window as signals to their security guards that things aren’t going well. If you notice any sign of danger or one of the signals, be prepared to check things out by going to the door and insisting on talking to your escort to ensure his or her safety.
  3. At all times, you must follow his or her instructions and respect their wishes. There may be times that he or she may ask you to veer from your regular procedure or whatever seems normal. Don’t question him or her; just do it.
  4. Watch the time for your escort. If you notice that the escort has exceeded her time in an appointment by more than appropriate, your escort may be in trouble. Check in to make sure that everything is alright. You may choose to check in by phone or in person.
  5. Never expect free services from your escort. He or she is paying you for your security work, nothing else, and it’s never alright to insinuate or request that the escort should give you favors as a result of the security and safety you provide for him or her. The relationship between the two of you should be one of business, trust and respect, and bringing favors into the equation can kill your business relationship.
  6. Finally, it is important to remember to never fall in love with your escort. She or he is a person of business. As attractive and desirable as he or she may be, the escort is not a potential romantic partner. Despite how nice or flirty he or she is with you, it’s business. The person you see as the escort is likely not the same person when he or she is not working. Remember this, and remember that you are working a job, just as he or she is. Keeping your relationship professional will help you stay the best security guard possible.