9 occupational hazards of escorting

Any career has occupational hazards; these hazards may be true personal risks or simply aggravations that come with the territory of a specific career. For instance, cab drivers experience increased risks for physical injuries in wrecks the more they drive, but they also run across more insulting people through their time as drivers. Escorts face their own occupational hazards – some unique, some shared with other professions:

  1. Personal safety risks: as escorts become more skilled at screening their clients, risks to their personal safety decreases. But escorts can never be too careful. There are a number of escorts who have been critically or fatally injured in their line of duty, not to mention raped or robbed at gun- or knifepoint. While most clients are mild-mannered, non-violent types, there are occasional psychopaths who stalk or abuse escorts. Escorts should always exercise precautions including making a “safe call” when meeting a client, carrying a taser or pepper spray with her or using a driver or bodyguard.
  2. Health risks: from the common cold to HIV, escorts must protect their health from infections and other illnesses. Obviously, sexually transmitted diseases and infections are possible hazards for an escort. Escorts should always use condoms if a date turns intimate. There are other health risks to consider, as well, when working as an escort. During cold and flu season, intimate contact with clients can put an escort at risk for contracting whatever bug is currently going around. Additionally, other contagious infections of the skin (think poison ivy, yeast infections or jock itch) are transmittable when sharing intimate contact with others.
  3. Overuse of phone: escorts may do nearly all of their business with their phones. From answering and reading emails to making calls to clients, smart phones may be an escort’s connection to their clients. Chatting online with clients, listening to voicemails, checking a client’s references or screening information and posting escort ads can take significant time out of an escort’s day. One way to avoid constantly being on one’s phone is to set aside particular times during the morning and evening that are assigned times for client communication. It’s best to avoid excessive use of your phone.
  4. Paranoia: that feeling that you’re going to run into your clients at every corner you turn is one that is pretty standard for adult industry workers. Being afraid that you’re going to bump into an overly enthusiastic client while you’re out on a date, with your Mom or shopping with your best friend is very common. But, most of the time, you have nothing to worry about. Your clients are about as anxious to run into you with their spouses or children as you are to run into them. Many times, you’ll exchange nothing more than a knowing nod or wink if/when you run into them in public. However, there is the odd occasion where your client is extremely pleased to see you, which may cause you to do some explaining later. The most settling aspect of this concern is that your paranoia is simply that: paranoia. In most occurrences, you will not run into your client as you’re buying groceries with your children or taking in a movie with friends.
  5. Lack of trust: after lying about what you do to all of the people you love, it’s no wonder that you might have trust issues and wonder what others are keeping from you. Because you live a life of deception, it’s easy to suspect everyone else is, too. It’s especially easy to feel this way when your clients are lying to their families about how they spend their time when they’re seeing you. It’s common sense that others have their secrets. But, most of the time, your lack of trust is unwarranted. Others are not keeping secrets from you. Try to put aside these feelings.
  6. Annoying people: This hazard is shared by escorts with the rest of humanity. Any person who works with people runs into annoying people. Whether they are rude, dumb or just plain mean, people who fit the bill of annoying also call escorts to book sessions. Ideally, an escort would refuse to see annoying clients, but when times are hard, the choice between “Yes” and “No” is usually clear.
  7. Dry skin: as an escort, you may take many showers throughout the day to get cleaned up before and after. Because you take so many showers, your skin may become extremely dried out. The solution to your dryness is fairly simple: use moisturizing soap in the shower and apply lotion immediately afterward. Use lotion liberally throughout the day.
  8. Rug burn: some escorts and their clients take advantage of every surface during an encounter, which can leave those with sensitive skin rug burned. Other than to keep things limited to the bed or couch, there aren’t many great remedies or quick fixes for rug burn. Rug burn should be treated by cleaning the wounded area, applying ointment to the area and keeping it covered so the wound stays clean.
  9. Bruises: most times unintentional, escorts often get bruised when their clients touch them. When clients want it rough, bruises are a result. Additionally, most escorts attempt to stop clients from this, but once in awhile escorts leave an especially steamy encounter with a hicky. Hickies and bruises are difficult to hide, but escorts may take steps to help them fade. Icing a bruise for 10 minutes at a time (with an hour break between icings) may help it fade during the first 48 to 72 hours. Some escorts indicate that the application of arnica gel may help to heal the bruise. Others swear that by taking a daily dose of vitamin C they reduce the incidence of bruising. The most simple way to deter bruising is to ask your clients to be gentle with you.