An escort’s guide to food fetishes

While most clients want your typical services and enjoy the attention you lavish upon them during encounters, others may have something else a bit more ful”filling” in mind. Food fetishes are common fantasies that most clients don’t have outlets for in their real lives. So, when they find an escort they can trust, it’s a likely experiment that may be requested.

For eons, humans have had intimate relationships with food. From using it for simple sustenance and survival to eroticizing it through phallic interpretations and aphrodisiac qualities, food has become sexy in several ways.

While most of the clients that walk through you incall door won’t want to engage in food play, there will be some who would like to explore the experience, at least once.

Nine 1/2 weeksSo, it’s important that you know your way around the food fetish world and have a few tips up your sleeve ready for a messy encounter.

Several types of food fetishes exist, but these are the most common:

  • Sploshing: Although not done exclusively with food, sploshing involves the smearing and wiping of food (or other substances) onto another person or having food or condiments smeared on you. The sounds food makes as it slides onto (and into) body parts is one part of the fetish, while the sensation of being messy, moist and covered is the accompanying feeling. Clients may want to rub their genitals in messy foods or have foods rubbed onto their genital regions. Common foods used in sploshing are: pie, custard, pudding, whipped cream, baked beans, ketchup, ice cream, peanut butter and cake. Another term often associated with sploshing is WAM. WAM refers to “wet and messy.” The WAM scene is fairly popular among fetishists, with several blogs, support groups and websites dedicated to the practice. WAM models pose for graphic images and star in explicit videos. Popular websites include, and On small scales in larger cities, sploshing parties may occur within the counterculture, where BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) is a prevalent practice. Sploshing is done regularly on a much-more accepted level at many bars and events through wet t-shirt contests, often where beer is poured on a busty woman wearing a white t-shirt, exposing her breasts and nipples through the wet shirt.
  • Feederism: All about oral gratification and body worship, feederism focuses on two types of fetishes. One is the simple practice of feeding another person (or being fed) as an erotic act or foreplay. Several scenes from popular, mainstream movies have featured the stars feeding each other strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup or other sweet food items. Often a blindfold is incorporated, in order to heighten the sense of taste, providing the fullest possible experience possible. However, in addition to the simple act of feeding one another and licking each other’s fingers, another element may be embraced through feederism. A subculture exists that feeds a partner with the hopes of creating weight gain. Both partners obtain sexual arousal and gratification through the consensual act of feeding in order to gain a bigger body type. The “feedees”, as they are often called, are usually women who fit into the BBW or larger category and may eventually tip the scales at 300 pounds or more. Some BBWs run their own websites where they webcam for the pleasure of feeders. They consume large quantities of food, often baring their bodies for full exposure. These websites require subscription fees for access to the videos and create an income for many women. Most feeders report that they prefer the soft body of their partners and are delighted when they gain even more weight.
  • Lickerism: When a client tells you he would like to engage in a licking food fetish, it means he wants to smear food or other edible substances on you and lick them off. And, he may even want you to reverse the process and lick yummy substances off of him, too. Common foods used for lickers are chocolate syrup (and other flavors), whipped cream, ice cream, peanut butter, caramel and maple syrup. Not only can participants enjoy great tastes, but they pleasure each other through the tongue-to-skin contact. Oral gratification is a huge goal for this fetish.
  • Insertion: Foods that have a natural, phallic shape are often used to insert into the vagina or rectum. Used for masturbatory tools, items like cucumbers, zucchinis, carrots, hot dogs or sausages are the most requested items. Often inserted during foreplay, foods are often considered taboo territory for sexual experiences, which makes them even more exciting for clients with a food fetish fantasy. Additionally, phallic-shaped foods have been used for centuries for masturbation. From the Ancient Romans to the Egyptians, history provides evidence of food items that were shaped into dildos for human pleasure.
  • Nyotaimori: Body sushi recently became very popular in Japan and was a popular tourist attraction. (However, the Japanese department of health implemented such strict standards that very few public establishments actually offer this option any longer.) Body sushi is food served on the naked female body. Strategically placed items cover the genitals and breasts, until such items are removed for eating. Essentially, the act converts the naked female form into a human tray. The male version of this practice is called Nantaimori. Some clients may request a version of this service, and you can oblige by setting up a snack on your tummy.
  • Body Shots: A much more socially-accepted form of food fetishes, body shots may be seen in any bar during typical spring break sessions throughout the United States and the world. Body shots are the practice of taking a shot of liquor from the body of another person. For instance, the shot holder may put a lime wedge into his or her mouth and hold a shot glass in her bra (or between her breasts) or the waistband of his pants or between his legs. The drinker licks the shot holder’s neck (for a little salt), take the shot glass with his mouth and kiss the shot holder to get the lime wedge. Another way to do a body shot is to pour the liquor directly into the naval area of the shot holder, instead of using a glass. The drinker must lick the liquor off before it dribbles off the body. This is a mild way to incorporate a food fetish into an encounter.

When it’s time to indulge a client’s food fetish fantasy, you will want to implement a few tips to make sure that you stay safe and have easy clean-up. Here are some things to do that will help:

  1. Plan the encounter with quick clean-up in mind. For instance, if your client wants to engage in sploshing, plan ahead by setting up the kitchen floor or the dining room table for such an event. Use a shower curtain under your client and plan to wear clothing that washes easily (or strip down, yourself!). Have several towels ready, so that you and your client can wrap up on your way to shower off and not leave a trail of food behind you. Choose foods that don’t stick in crevices. Pudding and other soft substances are relatively easy to wash off without a lot of extra residue left in your shower. And, unless you use chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding won’t stain your towels, especially if you launder them quickly after the encounter is over.
  2. Avoid leaving clean up until later. The sooner you clean up your mess, the better. Food messes can be challenging to clean up, so it’s best to address them immediately after your client leaves. Additionally, if you have a surprise booking, you don’t have to worry about hurriedly cleaning up before your client arrives.
  3. Use extreme caution when food insertion is involved. While a cucumber is unlikely to break off in a private orifice, a hot dog might, leaving you searching for the end of it and hoping you don’t have to make a trip to the ER for removal. Always use items that are sturdy, strong and prone to holding up to a bit of in-and-out motion. As with any vegetables or fruits you might consider eating, always wash them off prior to inserting them into your (or your client’s) body. Germs and bacteria, along with dirt, could be on the items, which can cause an infection.
  4. Exercise good judgment. When you’re considering doing body shots with your client, know if he has a history of alcohol abuse. Clients who are alcoholics or become abusive when they drink should not be allowed to engage in this particular activity with you. It’s just an unsafe and risky idea. Additionally, don’t be tempted to indulge too much, yourself. It’s easy to get carried away when alcohol is involved, especially when the atmosphere is fun and exciting. Drinking too much with a client is a good way to allow your boundaries to be crossed or to engage in risky behaviors, such as allowing your client to go without a condom.
  5. Don’t allow yourself to be blindfolded during a feeding encounter, unless you are confident you can trust your client. Being blindfolded with a new or suspicious client leaves you open for all kinds of abuse. A third person could appear in the room without your knowledge, putting you at risk for robbery, assault or rape. Even if the activity sounds fun, don’t put yourself into a potentially dangerous situation.
  6. Use food smarts. Don’t leave perishable foods out for too long before eating them or refrigerating them. Meats should never be left out for extended periods of time if consumption is the goal. The last thing in the world you want to do is make your client sick from spoiled food due to preparing for the encounter too soon.
  7. Ask for consent. As the encounter progresses, be sure to verify with your client that he appreciates the experience. If, at any time, he wants to stop the fetish fantasy, allow him bow out. Even if the entire thing was his idea, he shouldn’t have to follow through with something he doesn’t like.
  8. Ask for an additional fee. Food fetishes can become expensive when you consider the cost of food, clean up and replacement of soiled items. Consider tacking on an extra fee or requiring that your client reimburse you for dry cleaning costs and a grocery bill.