An escort’s guide to water sports

While you may not be asked to perform any kind of water sports on a regular basis, you never know when one of your clients will want to venture out of his standard comfort zone. Water sports, or urolagnia, is nothing new. People have been utilizing urine and full-bladder sensations for centuries as ways to enhance and arouse sexual pleasure. Today’s society, brought up on soap ads, has made recreational urine play something dirty and forbidden.

Water sports can be fun

Clients who seek escorts to engage in water sports with them are looking for the sexual excitement associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination. Other terms for it is urophilia, undinism and the golden shower. Some clients want to consume your urine, others may ask to bathe in it and many may just want to see you wet yourself or the bed. There are many forms of water sports, including (but, not limited to):

  • Omorashi: The act of holding in the need to urinate until you urgently need to go is known as Omorashi. Clients may ask for this form of water sports as a dom/sub activity where they order you to hold it until you urgently need to go. They gain pleasure from watching your facial expressions resort to desperation as you attempt to hold it in. Or, they may want you to require them to hold in a full bladder. They may orgasm from the feel of a full bladder.
  • Voyeurism: Many clients want to watch another person urinate, without their knowledge. They often use hidden cameras or a peek hole in public restrooms.
  • Clothes wetting: Some clients become sexually aroused by wetting their clothing. They may become equally aroused by watching someone else wet themselves, too. Scenarios where a client wets himself in your presence, especially where he can soak his legs and other body parts may be especially arousing for him. Clients enjoy the warm sensation, the relaxation that comes with letting go of the urge to go and the smell that accompanies it.
  • Exhibitionism: A few clients enjoy being watched by someone else when they urinate. They also become aroused by someone witnessing their desperation to go when they force themselves to hold it in.
  • Pussing: Pussing is a British expression for a male and female couple sneaking into semi-public places (like a restroom at a bar, restaurant or movie theater) in order to watch her urinate. The smuggling of the woman into a forbidden place is a form of foreplay and excitement.
  • Human urinal: This type of play is extremely common in bondage sex role plays, where an escort urinates on the face, hair or body of a client. (Or, a client urinates on his escort.) This is typically referred to as a golden shower.

Although water sports is often thought to be on the list of taboo sexual acts, it’s actually quite popular in many cultures. Additionally, many notable personalities have gone on record as established urophiliacs. They include:

  • Havelock Ellis: a British sexologist
  • Annie Sprinkle: an American porn actress, sex educator and advocate
  • Rockbitch: a female British rock band whose stage act includes acts of urination
  • Albert Fish: an American serial killer known as “The Grayman” and “The Boogeyman”
  • Ricky Martin: Puerto Rican singer who admitted to liking golden showers (“Livin’ la Vida Loca” brought him international fame in 1999.)

Sexologists suggest that water sports have great allure to people who are looking to taste a bite of forbidden fruit and get a greater high from sex. It’s categorized as dirty and bad, which seems really good to many people when it comes to sex. For some clients, it’s simply a long-standing fantasy they get a chance to finally live out. (Several clients will never want to do it, again, after they’ve tried it, but they are proud to say they did it once.) Many clients report that it’s a new dimension of genital stimulation that provides an even greater orgasm.

Regardless of the many reasons that clients may ask for water sports, it’s important to have some ideas of things to do with them to help them realize their fantasies. Some clients will ask for it, but they will have no idea how to proceed with the activity. For those clients who don’t really know what they want their escort to do, you can implement one of these sex games that should give him great pleasure:

  • Log in the Amazon: Situate your client so he is lying on his back. Squat over him, directly on top of his penis. Stimulate his penis with your hand, and when your client is about to orgasm, begin to urinate on him as forcefully as you can. Adjust your urine stream so it moves up and down the shaft of his penis. Men report this is extremely arousing.
  • Watering the Oak Tree: Again, request that your client lie on his back. You should kneel or squat over him, placing his penis into your vagina. Without moving up and down in an intercourse motion, pee on your client’s penis. He will experience extreme wetness and warmth, which is very stimulating.

Other games exist, including those where your client may pleasure you through water sports, including:

  • Cataracts of the Nile: As you lie on your back with your legs spread apart, your client kneels between your thighs. He urinates a steady stream directly onto your clitoris, which should excite you. If you’re already aroused, it is much more effective. Placing a vibrating dildo into your vagina adds to the pleasure.
  • Fountain of Venus: Lie on your back and allow your client to begin performing oral sex on you. As you are about to orgasm, let go of your bladder. The release, along with the orgasm, should be extremely satisfying. Additionally, your client may enjoy the urine stream you release. (Of course, be sure to practice protected sex during oral pleasure.)

As you prepare for an encounter that features water sports of any kind, there are several things you should know that will make the experience much more satisfying for your client and easier for you:

  • Perform all water sports with mess control in mind. Carefully select where you will be engaging in the activity so you can avoid extra laundry or worse messes. For instance, many escorts limit golden showers to the bathtub so that the mess is contained and slipping on a wet surface is not a risk. Others cover a tiled floor with a towel in order to engage in the fun. Some escorts allow the activity on a bed, but protect the mattress with a plastic mattress cover and an extremely absorbent blanket. Regardless of where you plan to perform the special service, think ahead about clean up and attempt to reduce the mess as much as possible.
  • Avoid consuming your client’s urine. Even though some people claim that it is sterile, it’s still not a good idea to drink your client’s urine. Urine can spread bacterial infections and some autoimmune diseases when consumed. If your client has recently taken medications or drugs, they can also be passed to you through consumption. If you have open sores on your skin (even a paper cut!), certain STDs and infections could be spread to you through skin-to-urine contact. Some medical experts also indicate that sensitive skin may develop a rash after direct exposure to urine. If you feel okay with allowing contact with your client’s urine, request that he limit his spray to below the neck, avoiding your face (eyes, nose and mouth) and hair.
  • Hydrate yourself before the encounter. In order to be able to perform for your client, you will need a VERY full bladder. It’s important to drink water 20 to 30 minutes before your client is scheduled to arrive. If you drink your fluids too far in advance, you may make yourself extremely uncomfortable while you wait for him. Practice ahead of time, timing how long it takes water to hit your bladder, to ensure your comfort. And, you may need to rehearse to determine how much water you need to drink to safely have a full bladder for your client. Be careful to avoid water intoxication, though. Although rare, water intoxication is a very serious condition brought on by consuming too much water in a short amount of time.
  • Improve the smell and taste of your urine. Certain foods and drinks can make your urine smell particularly bad. Avoid eating asparagus, onion, tuna, broccoli, cauliflower, chili peppers and foods with cumin or saffron in them. Don’t drink coffee or alcohol, as they make your urine have an unappealing odor. Foods rich in Vitamin B6 can impact the smell of your urine; they include: bananas, turkey and potatoes. Smoking can cause your urine to smell bad, too. You should drink fruit juice (such as apple or grape) in order to sweeten your urine, if your client will be consuming it. Additionally, drinks with artificial sweetener (such as diet sodas) help to sweeten your urine, because the artificial sweetener passes directly into the urine. As you consume more fluids, your urine is automatically diluted, which helps to reduce its smell, too. So, just consuming extra water helps to tame the taste and smell of your urine.
  • Communicate with your client about his expectations. As you prepare to engage in the activity, quickly discuss with your client the plan of action. Ask which actions he wants to participate in and get his consent. Don’t be surprised if your client backs out at the last minute. Many say they want to be the receiver of a golden shower, only to chicken out when the opportunity actually arises. Plan out the order of events ahead of time. Usually, an escort pleasures her client with water sports first, and then proceeds to engage in other intimate activities afterward. It’s usually best this way, as you get to enjoy the rest of the encounter with an empty, eased bladder.
  • Learn to overcome nervous bladder when providing water sports. An escort who can’t pee on command isn’t going to be very effective when it comes to giving a golden shower. It’s common to have stage fright, so to speak, the first couple of times you engage in the activity. But, you must learn to engage, despite it. As you’re about to let loose, turn on the faucet taps to let the water flow in the sink. Think of water: creeks, babbling brooks, raging rivers or wild rapids with a waterfall. Discourage your client from touching you while you’re attempting to let go of your bladder. His touch will only distract you from your task at hand. (Once you’re a pro at this, you may allow your clients to touch you all they want.)
  • Insist that your client shower off before any other fun occurs. While your client may not feel that he is dirty, it’s completely acceptable to expect that your client will rinse off quickly in the shower prior to becoming intimate in any other fashion. If it works better, volunteer to shower with him to keep the intensity of the encounter going.
  • Encourage your client to hydrate ahead of time. If your client wants to administer a golden shower onto you, instruct him to hydrate himself properly ahead of time, so he arrives with a full bladder. And, if your client expects to consume your urine, he needs to be properly hydrated. A dehydrated person should never drink urine, as it can put too much sodium into his system, causing an overload.
  • Pay attention to your body. If you think you may be developing a yeast infection or other bacterial infection of the vagina, do not participate in water sports as a giver. Even though the chances spreading of your infection are slim, it’s not wise to proceed with the activity.

While society has made urine play seem abnormal and disgusting, only you can determine if it’s something you want to engage in. Most escorts don’t get requests for the activity, but it may help keep a curious client around when and if he wants to experiment. Knowing the ins and outs will help you provide a better experience for your client, which is what your job is all about.