Blue-collar escorting: the pros, cons and Huh?s of pleasing the men who build America

While upscale escorts may brag about the executives, CEOs, celebrities and politicians they see, others are spending time with the blue-collar workers who use their strong arms, backs and minds to build America.

Many escorts find that their livelihood is supported by the men who provide the manual labor that supports the infrastructure of our society.

These hard workers with dirt underneath their fingernails and sweat on their brows also need some pampering from escorts, from time to time.

Perhaps, instead of marketing yourself exclusively to clients who go out on their yachts every weekend, you might consider soliciting business from the very clients who labor to build the yachts and then meet at the corner pub for a brew. There are many advantages and opportunities when seeking out blue-collar clients. Consider the characteristics that separate them from your other clients:

  1. Education levels are much more common. Many of your other clients may have received Ivy League education. They likely joined highly-esteemed fraternities and have long-time family histories at these institutions. Some of these clients have numerous degrees to their names, but actually use barely one of them. However, your blue-collared clients probably attended a trade school of some sort (or maybe a junior college) and joined clubs or organizations related to their upcoming careers. They applied their certifications to careers in the mining, construction, manufacturing, oil field, mechanical or maintenance fields. And, even though society discounts these kind of men from wealthy social circles, many of these individuals make incomes that exceed the vast majority of white-collar workers who work in middle management positions. Their skills, hard work ethics and strength to perform manual labor make them in-demand employees, which provides them with disposable income for pleasure.
  2. Blue-collar clients care much less for pretenses. With many clients, it’s important that you wear designer clothing, drape the bed in luxury linens and serve the best wine. These clients are hung up on the finer things in life and desire to be surrounded by only the best, including when they are spending time with you. Furnishing your home with cheaper knock-off versions of art, pottery and decor, you attempt to create an atmosphere that exudes class and sophistication for your upscale clients. However, when you begin catering more to blue-collared clients, these pretenses are not required. While these clients like your incall to be neat, tidy and clean, they don’t care if you have Egyptian cotton bed sheets or some from Target. As long as their needs and wants are met, the decor of your incall can be chic Wal-Mart or retro Pier 1, for all they care. (Of course, these clients may notice if your ceiling has a crack or your front door sticks.) Keeping things in good repair and up to date is most important when you see blue-collar clients. Also, focus on making your incall inviting and comfortable. If they are afraid to sit down for fear of messing up the pillows on your couch or messing up how everything looks, they won’t be as likely to come back.
  3. Your natural look is good enough for these clients. Even though you should never omit getting ready for one of your clients to arrive, you shouldn’t feel pressured to apply the porn star make-up effect that some clients prefer. The blue-collar workers you see don’t need for you to elaborately apply a fake facade; some simple foundation and mascara works for them. They usually don’t want a woman to look like she’s overly made up. The fresh-faced look is best to strive for when you meet up with these hard-working clients. In addition to other aspects of your look, ditch the trendy designer duds and opt for classic looks, instead. A simply cut sundress, t-shirt and jeans or a well-fitting sweater and slacks will do nicely for spending time with these clients, unless they request otherwise. The latest chevron trend or patterned leggings fad may be lost on these clients. Stick to basics that flatter your style and shape. Jewelry is good, but keep it simple and tasteful. Essentially, don’t overdo it for these clients. They want a woman who is accessible (albeit beautiful) to them.
  4. Typically, these clients are not as kinky. While high-profile, executive clients often have underlying control issues where they like fetish-related or other kinkier services, most blue-collar clients want plain and simple affection and intimacy. They have been raised with strong ideals about what is acceptable and what is not and don’t, often, want to explore alternatives to what they’ve discovered they already like. They don’t need sex toys, every odd position in the Kama Sutra book or humiliation tactics in order to get turned on. They have healthy sex drives and aren’t usually shy about getting it on. They are confident in their abilities and humble about their “equipment.” Generally, these clients are uncomplicated when it comes to intimacy. They walk the straight and narrow and don’t ask for activities that veer far from mainstream.
  5. Blue-collar clients want an escort to be feminine. Although society embraces “girl power” and feminism efforts and stances, many of your clients still want you to exhibit a significant degree of femininity. They like the differences that exist between men and women and enjoy that men and women fulfill different roles in society. Even if you are a diehard feminist, to please your blue-collar clients you must soften your beliefs while you are with them. Allow them to exhibit their chivalrous natures, show off your delicate side and dress the part. Clients want to spend their time with an escort who is all woman. Paint your toes, wear some lace or a skirt and put aside that frosty, edgy attitude that you use a barrier between you and the world. Even if the image you put forth is simply a facade, make the effort to allow your client to feel he is with a ladylike example of womanhood. Now, with that being said, you don’t have to allow him to walk all over you or boss you around, simply because you are trying to be the “weaker sex.” Continue to be yourself, but with a softer side. Spunk, passion and spirit can all be feminine when done with class.

Even though these clients can be great to work with, there are some disadvantages to seeing them:

  1. They can be less than sparkling clean if visiting you straight from work. Because they work in conditions that may create dirt, dust, ashes, smoke and other contaminants, these men may appear with grease on their jeans, odors on their clothing and in their hair and dirt on their bodies. It really isn’t that big of a deal, as long as you have a shower available for them to jump into upon arrival. Make it your policy that they get no more than a peck on the cheek until they clean up. In addition to needing a shower, you may need to be aware that their shoes may track in dirt and they could stain your furniture if they sit on it with stains on their clothing. The best thing to do is to simply direct your client to the bathroom, first thing. In addition to requiring your client to shower before getting comfortable with him, you may need to pay attention to his fingernails. It’s common for blue-collar clients to show up to see their escorts with dirt underneath their fingernails. The dirt is sometimes difficult to remove (especially if it’s grease or oil), so it may remain after showering. Just be aware that any bacteria from the dirt, oil or grease may cause problems for you if he inserts his fingers in any delicate areas (such as your vagina). Avoid contact as much as possible.
  2. Blue-collar clients may be a little rough around the edges…literally and figuratively. Because many of these clients work in outdoor conditions that are unkind to their skin, their hands and face may be rough and dry. Their rough hands may scratch and hurt you, in addition to snagging delicate fabrics or sweaters. Their faces may be rough and stubbly, so be careful when canoodling with them cheek-to-cheek. In addition to physically being rough around the edges, these clients may not be the most schooled about courtesy and manners. They may not say “please” and “thank you” like you might expect. And, they might curse from time to time. They probably don’t know all of the social graces that some clients do, and many of them are much more straight-forward about what they are thinking. So, it may seem that they are fairly blunt at time, even though they don’t mean to be. Often, they struggle with unnecessary small talk, too. If you are offended easily, these clients may cause you grief without meaning to. They say things that can be construed wrong and their compliments often come out not sounding the way they intend them to.
  3. These clients earn their money with the heavy sweat of their brow, so they may be tighter with their dough. While your wealthy executives throw money around like it came from the Monopoly box, these clients work hard for every dime and know what it’s like to be low on cash. Even when they are on the top side of their finances when working a really good job or on a great project, they know that slim times could lie ahead. And, while they know that what you have to offer is worth every penny, they may still have difficulties convincing themselves to spend the money. Convincing them to bit the bullet and schedule an encounter may be difficult. Additionally, don’t expect these clients to tip mindlessly like some of your other clients may. Again, they value their money, so they tend to be a bit tighter with it. Regardless of how far you exceed their expectations, they may not provide any tip.
  4. It’s common for them to want more from their escorts. Because these guys are often too busy to date and fulfill traditional relationship roles, they imagine that an escort is actually their girlfriend. And, despite your best efforts to convince them otherwise, it happens to the best of you. After a few encounters together, a client can’t believe that there might not be a possible future for the two of you. After all, he can see past your career and can tell that you are a person he could imagine spending his life with… or, at least, some considerable time with. When these clients have little time to date and form true bonds with available partners, they displace their emotions and romantic feelings upon their connections with you. It’s not your fault; and, it’s not their fault, either. It’s a disadvantage of the circumstances.

When you decide to explore the world of blue-collar clients, consider these three major advantages. While all demographic sub-sets have advantages, these three apply predominantly to blue-collar clients:

  1. These clients are fanatically loyal. Once they make a bond with someone, it sticks. Even though you have a professional relationship with this client, he considers you his friend. As a result, he has a very strong code of conduct when it comes to his friends or close business acquaintances. Loyalty and honesty is of the utmost importance for these clients, and they maintain both of these principles when they visit with an escort. When they decide that you have a connection that “clicks,” they will hesitate before seeking out the attention of another escort.
  2. Encounters with these clients are consistently predictable. If you like to change things up all of the time with clients, you may get bored. But, it’s nice to know that you can depend on some continuity and routine with these clients. They will ask for and expect the same services time after time. They don’t try to fix what’s not broken; when they find something that works for them, they want to repeat it over and over, again. This leaves little room for doubt or speculation on your end, which is often a huge relief.
  3. They appreciate your concerns in life. Some clients have no idea what you are going through when you are concerned about your real-life problems. Because of their extreme wealth, they are far disconnected from the worries of the middle class. However, these clients have a much more grounded comprehension of your concerns about having enough money to pay bills, fulfill your mortgage and buy your eighth-grader new basketball shoes for school. They get that you struggle to find time for everything and everyone in your schedule. And, they know that you’ve got more balls juggling than what it appears. They also don’t pretend to be the center of the universe, allowing you to have other priorities in your life, too, even when you’re with them.