13 reasons why an escort sees no repeat business

It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you’re in; repeat business is inherent to your success as an entrepreneur. Adult entertainment providers rely on their customers. And, it’s not just the one-time client who calls up for a random appointment. The regulars are what become your bread and butter. However, if you seem to be having trouble retaining or attracting repetitive clients, you may be doing something wrong. Identifying what your weak points are is essential to surviving in the business. Consider the following issues and determine if they are obstacles for you:

  1. Your rates are too high for your abilities or geographical region: Even though you may be very skilled at the services you provide to clients, your rates have to be in line with those of your geographical region. If you’re working in a large metropolitan area, it’s possible to charge more than if you’re trying to entertain in rural America. Additionally, if your services are average, compared to elite, you need to adjust your rates accordingly. Conduct some market research by checking out the profiles of other providers in your immediate area. Compare objectively what you have to offer, both physically and otherwise, to others and ensure that your rates are comparable. If a client hires you initially, then he learns you aren’t as enjoyable as other providers at your same level of compensation, he will seek alternative entertainers out instead of calling you back for more companionship.
  2. You are misrepresenting yourself: This is where you really need to examine the information you are using to market yourself and evaluate whether it is true. Take a hard look at what you’re actually offering your clients as an adult entertainment provider. Is it what you claim to be giving? One of the things that clients complain about most is that an escort or exotic dancer’s photos don’t really look like them. Even if the pictures are of you, do they look like you? Are they highly touched up? Are they old? Have you gained weight? Changed your hair? Ensure that your photos fully represent you and that they can easily recognize you when you show up. Additionally, don’t fudge details such as your height, weight or body type. And, be sure you DO offer the services you claim to in the fashion that you insinuate are available. Any vagueness in your profile may mislead your clients. This may cause many misunderstandings later, if not tended to.
  3. You fail to be punctual: Just like you depend on your clients to be on time, they need you to be, too. They are busy people and have blocked out time in their schedules for you. When you fail to make enough effort or plan effectively to be there at the assigned time, your client feels disrespected, understandably. Your obligation is to make your client happy — showing up late is not going to establish a good first impression. If it’s a recurring problem for you, you’ve got to get your act together! You need to plan better and attempt to be early, instead of sliding in right on time, which isn’t working for you. Showing up late to an appointment with a client is unprofessional. Clients won’t continue to call you, if they can’t depend on you. Many clients try to squeeze in their pleasure into a very short span of time. If you can’t make it when you’ve promised, they risk being found out due to scheduling issues or losing out on time with you. Neither one is acceptable.
  4. Bad communications could be inhibiting repeat business: When you talk to clients, you need to be very clear what services you provide (without going into intimate details), your rates and tend to other details that are pertinent to the conversation. This may include answering client questions clearly and concisely. If you tend to get long winded and ramble when talking with clients, they may finish the phone call wondering what you really just told them. Be extremely specific when discussing appointment times, dates and locations. And, address guidelines with confidence and firmness. And, while you’re attempting to be professional on the phone or via email and get through the communication quickly, it’s important to talk to your clients, instead of at them. If they feel like you’ve failed to address their concerns or haven’t listened to them, they may not want to book with you, again. And, if they feel like they didn’t get questions answered, were pushed into something they weren’t ready for or just overall didn’t like the discourse of the booking process, they will not contact you in the future.
  5. Not paying attention during a booking is disastrous: Even though you may be very adept at what you do as an entertainer, you must pay attention to what your client is telling you. Maybe he just wants to talk. Or, he has some specific concerns he wants to discuss with you. Sometimes, a client has special requests for the time he’s booked with you. If you don’t listen or pay attention to his needs, he’s going to feel as if he didn’t get his money worth with you. He’s going to feel like you didn’t really care about him, but instead were focused on getting the booking over with, your way. You’ve got to clearly give the floor to your client and pay attention to his verbal cues and body language — they will tell you a lot. And, it’s not just at the beginning of an encounter or appointment that you have to pay attention. You must closely watch and listen to him throughout your time with him. He may want to change the direction of the activity you’re engaged in with him, but you won’t know if you’re not paying attention. Listen to him and do your best to fulfill his desires.
  6. Failure to focus on your client will turn him off: When you arrive for a booking and you’re more concerned with talking on your phone, texting or worried about some other detail, your client is going to feel like he isn’t on your radar. It’s hard to turn off your personal drama when you show up for a client, but you have to. Everybody has life events that turn their worlds topsy turvy. If your personal issues are too much to perform professionally with a client, it’s in both your and your client’s best interests to explain the problem and reschedule your booking. However, if you follow through with the appointment, you have to put your problems on the back burner and focus on your client’s wants and needs. Try to put things into perspective and realize that whatever is perplexing you will still be there after your appointment, and it’s unlikely to be any worse by that point. Use the booking with your client as a reprieve, even, from whatever is troubling you. But, whatever it is you have to do, it’s imperative that you focus on your client and leave your baggage at the door.
  7. Inability to individualize your bookings will cause your clients to look elsewhere: Each client wants to think he is special. One of the most popular reasons that a client calls upon the services of an adult entertainment provider is that he isn’t getting the kind of affection or appreciation he wants in other places in his life. So, he calls you and expects to get just what he wants/needs during his booking. If you treat every encounter or appointment like a cookie cutter session, you are going to fail miserably with clients. They want to feel like they are getting special treatment, not being run through the usual regime that you use with others. You have to act like everything you do is catered toward them and what you think they desire. Give them the sense that you’re smitten with them and want to pleasure them in all ways possible. Don’t push him through your usual hoops and make him feel that you’re just going through the motions. Make the experience special for him, and he’ll come back for more.
  8. Lack of preparation is a cause of failure: Clients expect you to show up prepared and ready for a booking. If you’ve forgotten your music as an exotic dancer, it’s definitely a damper on the party. Sure, your client may have something suitable on his iPod, but the premise of him having to do nothing besides provide a place for you to dance is ruined. If you’ve forgotten the things you needed for a role-play encounter as an escort, the entire experience is pretty much diminished because the full effect will be lost. If you’re still trying to get dressed or haven’t applied your make-up when he gets there, you’re not prepared for the booking. It’s necessary to have everything you need ready and prepared prior to meeting up with your client. Plan ahead and try to be ready early. Anticipate any supplies you will need. Try to expect the unexpected. Being prepared may set you apart from other providers.
  9. Being offensive or rude will never earn you repeat business: Be careful what you say and how you behave around clients. Actions or statements that don’t mean much to you, may come back to haunt you when taken the wrong way. Clients will pay close attention to you. If you appear disinterested in them, they will take offense to your attitude. If you are short or curt with your conversation, they may take you for rude or stuck-up. If you curse or speak crudely, he may feel that you are not classy enough for him. Be on your best behavior. Use your best manners. And, act like a lady… unless that’s contradictory to your persona. Courtesy and general niceness will get you far in this business.
  10. If it’s difficult to get in touch with you, you will lose repeat business: Most providers indicate in their profiles when they can be reached for booking. If you are constantly unavailable during that time, or your clients only get your voicemail, they will become highly frustrated. They may get so upset over not being able to reach you, they will quit trying. You need to do your best to pick up phone calls from current clients and respond to their messages promptly. If you don’t, they will feel dejected. Make them feel as though you were just waiting on them to call, and they will contact you again and again. But, if you make them feel like you don’t have time for them, they will go somewhere else with their business.
  11. Scheduling difficulties will turn clients away: Imagine that you’ve cleared your schedule for a Saturday afternoon away from the family and find out that your escort can’t see you, despite her profile saying she is available. If this happens once in awhile, it’s understandable. But, not having time for your clients, when your availability says your schedule is clear, is going to discourage him from even trying to book with you. It’s tough to schedule clients in when you’re busy and time slots are tight. But, you’ve got to do your best to put clients into available appointments, or you will lose them. Shuffle things around if you can and accommodate their scheduling needs, the best that you can. If you can’t, try to book them as soon as you can. Let them know that their business is important to you. But, realize that if a client can’t make his schedule work with yours, he’ll eventually try another provider, instead.
  12. Behaving unprofessionally will discourage repeat clients: If you show up to an appointment with a client and carry on about the day you’ve had, how you couldn’t get in at the salon or spill your guts about the fight you just had with your boyfriend, he’s going to think of you as extremely unprofessional. You need to do your best to maintain a polished facade and not reveal your issues. Look, behave and perform like a business woman who is an expert at her craft. Confidence and smooth delivery of your services is essential. Don’t appear scatterbrained or flaky. Clients want a fantasy woman — do your best to deliver.
  13. Not providing them with a reason to want you again is reason enough to seek a new provider: Adult entertainment providers must give their clients a reason to call them, again. You have to establish a connection or bond with your client. You have to go above and beyond what they expect to create an experience they want to repeat. Your performance has to be something they can’t acquire from other providers. Giving them something they think they need in their lives is going to ensure you repeat business. If you’re just providing a run-of-the-mill service, they can find that anywhere. Deliver something unique, special and valuable. If you don’t know what that is, work to find it. It may be different for each client. In that case, you’re going to have to deliver unique services based on what your client needs each time. It may change or it may stay the same. But, being present and mindful of your business will ensure you’re on target for repeat business.