9 bulletproof incentives that escorts can offer their customers

According to Inc.com, over 65% of marketers implement some sort of loyalty programs to entice consumers. The general public has been trained to expect perks and benefits when they make any kind of purchase, large or small. And, as the amounts they spend increase, they expect the privileges to, as well.

To compete in this sort of market, an adult service provider has to be willing to adapt their marketing in a way that allows their clients to feel special, to feel like each of them has been elevated to the preferred customer status. Incentives are a great way to do this.

Before we get to the incentives part, please consider these guidelines:

  • Any incentive you offer must not cut into your bottom line. It shouldn’t be expensive; in fact, free options are the best. When you offer incentives to clients, the ones that cost you money to deliver will eventually diminish your profit. If you’re like a lot of escorts, you have it pretty clearly determined how much you must make off of each encounter in order to make it worth your while. If you start handing out goodies that decrease your take-home from a booking, it becomes less lucrative to visit with loyal, repeat customers. In fact, it may cause you to raise your rates with others, in order to offset your incentivized clients, which clearly defeats the purpose of client retention.
  • Don’t ever give away your services as part of the incentive. Many successful businesses (mainly retailers or food providers) offer a free item after a certain number have been purchased. For example, Starbucks offers a free latte (or equivalent) after a customer has purchased a pre-designated number of lattes. Escorts should never pick up the “punch card mentality” where they offer a freebie booking after a client has scheduled 10 times. It cheapens the companionship you provide and severely cuts into your profits. It’s not acceptable to give it away and it sets an undesirable precedent for clients to think that your services are within terms for barter or are less valuable than they actually are. Your time is not for free or for an incentive.
  • The incentive you offer must be desired by clients. If you offer a free flashlight as an incentive, it’s a pretty sure bet that your clients aren’t going to care two bits about this type of trinket. In order for an incentive to have power, it must be something that your clients actually want. It must have value to them. Do they want VIP access to a special photo gallery or some other sort of privileges? Of course, they do! Make sure that your incentives are highly coveted items for clients. If necessary, feel free to make them personalized for each client you offer them to. Many escorts with smaller client lists will come up with special incentives for each of their regulars. Even when they may differ across the board from each other, their effects are still equal and deliver the same positive results.
  • Any incentive you offer MUST reward your clients’ loyalty. Don’t give away an incentive simply because a client sounded nice on the phone or because you’re just in a good mood. An incentive is usually reserved for a client who has earned it by being a loyal, repeat customer or who has gone the extra mile to demonstrate what a good individual he is to have on your client list. Getting accustomed to offering EVERYONE an incentive makes it difficult to determine who is actually worthy of one. And, it also makes the incentives worth a lot less in the eyes of your clients. When a long-standing regular learns that a new client got the same incentive that he did, it makes him feel like his reward is not nearly as valuable. Don’t devalue what you offer by giving it away too easily.

Once you decide that you want to offer some sort of reward to clients and you understand the general concept for the incentives, it’s time to think of some possibilities. Here are some general ideas:

  1. Provide discounts for clients who book regularly. This incentive would apply for any client who sets up routine, scheduled bookings with you far in advance. For instance, if a client reserves the first Tuesday of every month until further notice, it’s worth your while to provide him with a small discount for his continued loyalty. It demonstrates your gratefulness for his relationship and provides an incentive for him to book you up ahead of time. If a regular client realizes that he can book you ahead of time AND receive a discount, it’s definitely worth it to him to do so. It’s also worth it to, because you don’t have to worry about booking that time period and you can count on that income well into the future. Additionally, it helps set your schedule in such a way that you can plan around this particular client as you establish new bookings.
  2. Promise a special massage. While you may provide routine massage as part of your standard services, including a sensual rub-down to extra loyal clients can be something special you can give them. This wouldn’t be the standard quick massage; a special one might include more expensive oils, special lighting/music and much more attention than you normally provide during a massage that is intended only for foreplay. A client may be able to come to you and get companionship and respite from his sore muscles, too. It’s a win-win for a loyal client. This might also be an add-on you could use during slow scheduling periods with new clients or with existing ones as a way to entice them to come back for an encounter after being away for a time period. However, if you’re not trained or skilled in the art, leave this little perk to other escorts who have a background in this. Otherwise, you may end up with disappointed clients who are expecting a professional massage, when you can only give a novice one.
  3. Create an event for clients to compete for. Every year there are several events across the U.S. that cater to escorts or the adult entertainment industry. Consider locating an event nearby (or far away) and scheduling a visit there. Many of your clients would love to attend such an event, and it would be even more thrilling to go with an escort. You could create a sweepstakes entry system that is based on the number of bookings a client makes during a specific time. Or, you could simply encourage clients to bid for your time at such an event. Attending with you could be a bucket list item for some clients and they would be willing to pay crazy rates for such an experience. Others, though, won’t be interested in such an activity: they will be unable to attend due to reputation or family concerns. So, while this will appeal to many, it won’t work as an incentive for many clients. Consider who on your client list you want to reward and whether this will work for them.
  4. Consider providing a little bit of extra time as a reward. Even though the guidelines suggest never providing freebies, offering a little extra time for a loyal client is NOT giving away free time. The client is already paying for a booking. When you allow him 15 extra minutes of snuggle time, it just reduces how much you get paid per minute, if you break it down that way. And, to a loyal client who is sad when every booking comes to an end, an extra 15 minutes is a blissful paradise. It’s a great way to demonstrate your gratitude for his patronage, and he’s going to be happy with the privilege of getting to stay just a “little bit longer.” Plus, it spreads good will and makes the client feel like you appreciate him. And, in fact, if you closely examine your time with your regulars, you may already be unofficially doing this, anyways. It’s pretty common for a regular to take extra time in the shower or extend the time it takes him to say goodbye. Don’t point it out, just go with it and allow the client to think he’s getting something extra.
  5. Provide VIP access to a special photo gallery or video. Clients love looking at your pictures. They will often go back to your directory listing several times and view your photos, just for the sheer pleasure it provides them….and for the fantasy fodder it gives. Your really loyal clients might feel extra appreciated if you gave them an opportunity to see other photos that new or other clients don’t get to view. Having a separate photo gallery that is hidden or password protected is an excellent way to make them feel special. Additionally, some escorts create a classy striptease video that might be available in a similar fashion. Your clients will go nuts over the opportunity to see something that other clients don’t have access to. Obtaining preferred status may become something that several clients strive for when they know they can have something that others cannot.
  6. Give clients the first experience with a new toy or other adventure. Getting to try out a new vibrator sounds like a lot of fun, but only loyal clients should get the privilege of being the first to sample your new purchase. Others may enjoy being the one to “christen” a new role play costume. And, many will fancy being the first to see you in your latest lingerie purchase. This incentive, obviously, you can’t offer everyone. But, it can be one that you inform special clients they get. It probably won’t be a publicized promotion. Most likely, you will want to share this opportunity privately, one-on-one with your clients, at the time of the booking. However, the benefits of offering such an incentive are huge and will pay off tenfold later. Your clients will continue with their loyal booking and will hope for special privileges in the future.
  7. Provide the opportunity for a high-maintenance fantasy. Some of your repeat clients may have divulged a fantasy they’ve had that involves a LOT of preparation or clean up. While you normally wouldn’t entertain such a fantasy that requires so much effort, being willing to go the extra mile for a long-term, loyal client will provide an undeniable incentive that will demonstrate your gratitude and will bond the two of you for a long time. Clients understand how difficult it is to provide tricky fantasy bookings. But, when they get the privilege of experiencing one, they are forever in your debt. Suck it up and prepare for a mess or gather all of the necessary elements. Your efforts with an individual client to raise the level of expectations will establish an incentive he will work hard to earn, again. But, be sure to preface the booking with a warning that such a fantasy exploration is a one-time thing as a reward for being such a good client.
  8. Cater to other client tastes. Even though you should try to make EVERY encounter one that will beat your client’s expectations, going the extra mile to provide a client’s favorite food/drink, play his preferred music and set the lighting as he wants it sets the stage for a special encounter. Not every escort is tuned into to her client’s little idiosyncrasies. Try to be so that you can personalize each and every encounter. It’s part of what will make you unique and sought after more than other escorts in the mainstream industry. And, while your job is to make your client comfortable and feel pleasure, it’s not traditionally to play his favorite blues musician during a booking. When you go the extra mile to find things that suit your client during an encounter, it makes him feel special and like you attempted to plan the best experience ever for him. Clients deserve this.
  9. Little things can add up to big things. Incentives don’t have to be big deals. For some clients, a little extra snuggling or kissing could be special. For others, it might be that you engage in some silly horseplay that personalizes your booking. Finding ways to make every encounter feel like it has an incentive is the key to being a popular and successful escort. Incorporate special moments with each client that are different than he might expect as a way to give bookings a feel that sets them apart from the “norm.”

All in all, escorts have to find a way to monetize their appeal and give clients the feeling of getting something extra from time to time. The economy has trained the general public to expect that. The bar has been raised high, and failing to strive to meet that bar is career suicide. But, that’s not to say that you have to be out a lot of money or time to create rewards for loyal or worthy clients. Get your imagination engine running!