How to keep a tab on and manage escort reviews

The rise of escort review internet sites has changed the escorting business. The Erotic Review, BigDoggie, AdultFax and dozens of local sites all post reviews of escorts written by their clients.

by Hannah Jay

The escort review boards have a culture all their own. The clients see themselves as “hobbyists”, escorts are invariably referred to as service providers or SP’s. Some review sites are absolutely explicit right up front, others, like the Erotic Review, require a membership to view what they refer to as “The Juicy Details”. Questions about rates and services are asked and answered. Some sites have ratings systems.

The reviews themselves are often well written and will describe the escort, her surroundings, her personality and precisely what happened during the consenting adult portion of the encounter.

For a significant segment of the escort market the review sites are a first or a second stop when a client is thinking about hiring an escort. As an escort you have very little control over whether or not a client will post about your encounter and none at all over what he will post.

The size of the escort review space can be gauged by these numbers from the Erotic Review – Number of escort reviews 1,078,000, New Reviews 5105, Users online 25,526. These are large numbers.

For an escort there is a basic business choice to be made: are you going to pay attention to your reviews and your profile or simply let nature take its course. Managing your reviews can be a significant part of your business strategy but it can also take an awful lot of your time. Here are some things to consider as you deal with the escort review world.


Take a big step back and consider where your clients find you. Your most important marketing tool is your advertising. You have total control over what you say and how you present the escort experience you are offering in your advertising. The same is true of your website and any social media presence you have.

Next, consider your regular clients. Their “reviews” are the fact they come back over and over. If you have regulars you are doing something right.

Then think about your target market: are you looking for the “hobbyists” or do you have another market segment in mind?

How important escort reviews are to your business is partially a choice you are making about whether to play the escort review game.

A Relaxed Approach

If you have your advertising dialed in and a steady stream of regulars, you can take a very relaxed approach to escort reviews. If a client decides to review you, great. But that is not the focus of your escort marketing.

This approach has the great benefit that you are not investing a lot of time in your escort reviews. You are not relying on them for your clients and while it is lovely to receive a great review, your escort business is focused on providing a great experience.

In a lot of ways taking a relaxed approach to escort reviews is every escort’s default position. As you can’t stop your clients from reviewing you there is no point in worrying about it.

Taking the relaxed approach will work almost anywhere but even the most relaxed girl should pay just a little attention to her escort reviews on her local review sites. The positive reviews require no action. But where someone posts a negative review you need to pay attention. (We’ll cover what to do with a negative escort review below.)

Getting Active

You can decide that time spent encouraging your clients to review your escort services favorably is time well spent. And that encouragement takes a little planning.

First off, you need to focus on one or two escort review sites: likely one national and one in your city. There are simply too many sites to cover all of them.

Second, on each of these boards you need to register and, if possible, put up a couple of great pictures and, again if possible, a link to your website. Be complete. Cover your services and indicate your location and preferred customers.

Once you are registered you are ready to ask your clients for reviews. Your regulars are a great place to start. Be prepared. Some of your regulars will know about review sites, others will have no idea. So you have to be ready to explain what a review site is, how they can join and what you would like them to say.

It is not at all a bad idea to have this printed out with the escort review site’s location and your working name. But make sure that you have discussed a review before you show your client just how clever you are.

Some regulars will be delighted to review their favorite escort. Some will be reluctant. Go with the clients who you think will take the time to give you a great review.

Some of your clients will have found you via a review site – when you are making an escort booking one of your questions should always be where your client has found your information. Keep track of clients who find you via escort advertising and those who come from the review sites.

If a client is coming from a review site he may be simply random or he may be a “hobbyist”. In an odd way, hobbyists don’t see their escort experience as complete until they have written a review. So, knowing that the gentleman you are seeing is a hobbyist can give you a huge advantage.

Hobbyist escort reviews tend to focus on pretty superficial elements: is the escort “model quality”, are her breasts real or, if augmented, is the surgery well done. “The Juicy Details” tend to be an alphabet soup of acronyms. Attempts at a second shot, successful or not, are always welcome.

The reality is that if you know your caller is a hobbyist you may want to focus on the consenting adults portion of the date to a greater degree. At the same time it is not at all a bad idea to be a bit creative. Enthusiasm is at a premium in the hobbyist world simply because they tend to see a lot of escorts and few stand out.

Something a bit out of the ordinary like a bubble bath will provide your reviewer with some good clean fun to remember and, hopefully, write about.

As well, as with any client, an escort seldom goes wrong asking a man to talk about himself; but here you have the added factor that the hobbyist collects escorts and will, if asked, likely be delighted to recount “his sexiest experience” or his favorite activity.

Hobbyists also seem to be escort “value” obsessive’s. They not only want to avoid being rushed, they revel in getting more than they paid for. Which is, of course, your cue.

For an escort who wants to gain profile and clients through the escort reviews, a date with a confirmed hobbyist is a great chance to invest an extra twenty minutes in giving great “value” to your unpaid publicist. Sure it is a bit cynical, but the fact is a great review is potentially worth dozens of escort clients. Adding a little extra can’t hurt and might help a lot.

Dealing with Bad Reviews

One good reason an escort, even if she is being well reviewed, should keep advertising is that, eventually, someone – an annoyed client, a competitive escort, a teenager mad that you wouldn’t see him for lunch money – will post a negative review.

Negative reviews come in two flavours: the first is when a client finds that an escort is not actually his cup of tea. It happens. So when he sits down to describe your session he is less than enthusiastic.

This sort of negative escort review, while annoying, is not likely to do your business much harm because it is as much about the client as it is about the escort. Which means this is the sort of escort review you can safely ignore and move on from.

The other sort of negative review is plain nasty and usually false. Statements like “she is not at all like her pictures” or “her place was dirty” or “she really rushed the session” are not good for business.

What to do? Well, first off make sure that the statements really are not true. If you are posting pictures of someone else you deserve to be called on it. But most escorts who want to stay in business realize they need to be honest.

Second thing to do is get in touch with the webmaster at the site where the negative review is posted. Have the details of the posting and why it is not accurate. Be prepared to make your case.

Escort review sites only work where the reviews are true. If a webmaster is smart he’ll be inclined to withdraw overtly nasty reviews when asked. So an escort faced with a negative review has nothing to lose by asking for it to be removed.

No matter what, remember that on the internet things change quickly. If you have one nasty review, try extra hard to have three or four good clients write great reviews. You might even offer a little incentive by way of a thank you for a really fulsome review.

Using your reviews

While review sites get lots of traffic, so does your escort advertising. And, if you are marketing yourself well, you are changing your ads regularily.

So, if one of your clients writes a glowing escort review there is nothing stopping you from putting a link to that review in your advertising.

Alternatively, you can put a link to all your escort reviews in under the text “Well Reviewed”. If a client is intrigued with your ad this sort of link to your escort review profile on an escort review site, gives your potential client a feel for the experience you are providing.

On your website it is often a good idea to post excerpts from your best reviews. Not too long. 100 words maximum. And if you are posting excerpts make sure that you have a link to the full review.


A lot of a great escort experience is about an escort’s attitude. If she is happy her client will leave with a smile on his face. While escort reviews are a fact of life they are one fact among many. Keeping that in mind means that you will be doing your best work rather than trying to perform to the expectations of the hobbyists.

Encouraging your regulars to review you will keep your review profile updated. So will asking a client who has had a wonderful experience to review you.

Keep a balance in your marketing. Great escort advertising will bring you clients who have never heard of review sites. An elegant set of photographs will build your brand. So will a clever, modern, escort website.

Ultimately, something a simple as a cheerful, inviting, telephone manner may bring more clients to your door than a dozen rave escort reviews. While the hobbyists have their own world and their own view of escorts within that world this is not your world. Instead you invent your own escort persona, provide your own escort experience and will, in time have your own loyal band of escort regulars.