Pros and cons of permanent and temp escort incalls

Escorts regularly bat back and forth the benefits and disadvantages of committing to a permanent incall location or utilizing temporary ones for encounters. It’s a personal decision that should be based on your current situation and number/types of clients. However, you should carefully review the pros and cons before making any rah judgments that may change how you do business regularly. Analyze your method of escorting prior to changing the process. Here are the top high and low points to incall situations:

Permanent incalls — such as a house, apartment or condo that you rent, lease or own.

Permanent incall cons

  1. You are saddled with a long-term payment obligation. If you’re new to escorting, committing to a year’s lease for an incall may be a big leap, especially if you decide that the career isn’t for you after a few months. If the majority of your clients prefer an incall, then the long-term payment may pay off. However, if you attend a lot of outcall meetings, maintaining your own incall may not financially be worth it, as it will cut into your bottom line when all expenses are figured in. Additionally, if anything occurs to limit your ability to work, you are still stuck with this payment.
  2. Maintenance may be your responsibility. When you straight-out own your incall, you are required to make any repairs necessary and tend to regular maintenance of your property. If the sink is clogged, you fix it. Much like if the roof needs replaced, it’s your problem. Even if you rent an incall, you may have to wait for repairs to be made, which may cause you to be unable to work from your own location in the meanwhile. If you go to a hotel for your incalls, you can switch rooms immediately and work as if nothing happened.
  3. The location is known by your clients. Even after you’ve blocked a client, he still knows where your incall is. He can swing by anytime to “visit” or harass you. Clients who want to stalk you have ample opportunity during your normal working hours. By keeping a permanent incall location, you open yourself up to allowing clients to show up unexpectedly, hoping for an impromptu booking. Being able to avoid clients is much more difficult when they know where to find you. Additionally, some may stake out your incall to observe who your other clients are and attempt to scare them off.
  4. It’s an easy place to investigate. When you operate your business from the same location all of the time, it provides law enforcement an opportunity to monitor your comings and goings, along with those of your clients. Even if you have nothing to fear from law enforcement, a permanent incall still makes it excessively simple for them to conduct surveillance of you, in hopes that they can find you breaking the law. When you work from temporary locations, it’s much more difficult for them to establish ways to spy on you.
  5. Your neighbors may get suspicious. When you work from a permanent incall location, it’s possible that your neighbors may notice activities at your home or apartment. Frequent visitors always attracts attention, especially if you tend to have extra nosey neighbors. (People are always curious about who lives around them, so it’s only natural that your neighbors may pay extra attention to what goes on at your place.) Hiding what you do for a living may require quite a cover story. The utmost discretion will be required on both you and your clients’ parts in order to retain a low profile with those who live around you.

Permanent incall pros

  1. Everything you need is at your fingertips. When you conduct your encounters from a permanent incall, you have everything you need right there. Extra clothes and lingerie, toys, costumes, lube/condoms, etc. are available readily despite any situation you might find yourself in. You don’t have to bother with lugging all of your supplies with you to a hotel or other location when you meet up for a booking. You can stock your incall up with all items related to escorting. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about anyone finding your escort stash among your personal items at your home.
  2. Don’t have to give directions each time you book an incall appointment. Your regular clients will learn where your location is and they won’t require instructions about how to get there, where to park or how to enter discreetly. By not having to bother with all of those details, you can spend time communicating in a much more personal way prior to encounters, if you life. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about clients getting lost or fowling up the directions you’ve given. Regulars should have no problems arriving on time and as instructed. Plus, they know exactly how long it takes to get there, so you shouldn’t have to worry as much about them showing up early and interrupting other encounters.
  3. You don’t have to deal with nosey hotel staff members. When a beautiful woman checks into a hotel alone and has frequent visitors, it is bound to cause chatter among the hotel staffers. The bell staff, front desk clerks and housekeepers may have their own ideas about what you’re doing in your room and they are apt to compare notes. They may even attempt to catch you in the act of doing something “naughty” with your clients. Even though it’s against hotel policies for them to be intrusive as they go about their work, it’s human nature to be curious. When you have a permanent incall, you don’t have to worry about these individuals butting into your business.
  4. Permanent incalls provide more space. Your hotel room may be nice, but unless you rent a suite, its offerings as far as spending time with a client are somewhat sparse. Your permanent incall may include a living room or parlor in which you can visit with your client prior to retiring to the bedroom for intimacies. Additionally, your incall probably features a kitchen where you can stock refreshments for both you and your client during encounters. During times between encounters, you may want to indulge in a hobby such as exercise, art or something else. Your incall may provide space for you to entertain yourself in many ways while you wait for your next booking.
  5. You can control the decor and atmosphere in your permanent incall. While the luxury decor at your favorite hotel may be nice, it probably doesn’t reflect your persona as an escort. An incall is supposed to reveal a bit about an escort to her client. Additionally, it makes it a lot easier to work with clients when you’re in an atmosphere you like and are comfortable in. You can create a romantic setting or a homey feeling for your clients, which can make the difference between a good encounter and a great one.

Temporary Incalls — such as hotel rooms

Temporary incall cons

  1. Some clients dislike the inconsistency of a temporary incall location. Clients are testy buggers, and many like the comfort of knowing that their meetings with you are discreet and private. When you constantly change the location you use for incalls, they may feel like the level of discretion and secrecy in these public locales lack what they are looking for. Additionally, many clients like knowing what to expect when they come to see you. If you are always in a new spot, they may never get to feeling like your incall is a home away from home, which is what many of them need and want from an escort.
  2. The surroundings of a temporary location may be unpredictable. While you can somewhat control what your incall is like in all ways when you use a long-term location, you can’t determine all the variables when you use a hotel for your clients. The furniture, bedding, lighting and other elements may not be up to your (or your clients’) standards, depending on the hotel you’ve chosen. The cleanliness may lack, the outside noise interference may be excessive or other variables may interfere with an otherwise perfectly lovely encounter. The only way to be sure that your incall location is completely up to par in all levels is to maintain a permanent one.
  3. The location may be incompatible to your clients’ needs. Many clients like to know that an escort’s incall location is close to his or her work. If you are consistently changing the spot you see clients, he may not be able to depend on your location being compatible with his schedule. Additionally, it’s customary to chat and exchange niceties with clients (especially newer ones) before taking things into intimate territory. You may need a receiving area, in addition to a bedroom, which may be out of your budget when you rent hotel rooms. Another thing to consider is many clients have special requests that may not be able to be followed through on in a hotel. If they want to be excessively loud or messy, it’s preferable to do it in a much more private location.
  4. A temporary incall may be more expensive over time. If you meet clients at an incall frequently, the cost for renting a hotel room may actually be more than an apartment lease. If you can find a place to rent for $1,800, for example, it would be less than a hotel room for nine nights during a month at $200 a pop (+ tax and other fees). If you believe that you will be seeing clients a lot at an incall, it’s probably a cheaper option to go with a long-term solution.
  5. Temporary incalls are less flexible for a varying schedule. Many times, clients may call up for spur-of-the-moment bookings. It may be nearly impossible to arrange a hotel room in time to see the client at his requested time. When you have a schedule that is sensitive to client needs, a temporary incall is hard to manage. You’re left scrambling to not only get ready for the encounter, but to also find a location to meet. This type of an arrangement will limit the kinds of bookings you can accept from clients.

Temporary incall pros

  1. Having a temporary outcall allows you to be anonymous with clients. You don’t have to worry about them finding something out about you by sifting through mail, private trinkets or other things you may have lying about in your incall. The only things that will tell any details about your private life are the ones that you carry into the hotel room with you. It’s much easier to control this limited amount of things than an entire incall-full of items you acquire through your time as an escort.
  2. Security may be better with a temporary incall. Because many temporary incalls are in hotels, there are already security people on staff. All it takes is a call to the front desk or screaming for help in the hallway to bring someone running (hopefully!). While the security staff may be a headache if they check in on you for excessive noise made all in fun with a client, they may be able to ward off a troublesome client and his nasty ways. If you feel like you serve a questionable client list or don’t screen your clients fully, a temporary incall may be the way to go.
  3. A temporary incall suggests no long-term commitment on your part. You have no lease, rent agreement or mortgage to fulfill. You can quit anytime, without having to look back and deal with a debt. You don’t have to worry about whether you’ve scheduled enough incall appointments to pay for your trouble. And, if you decide to go on a fairly long tour, it’s not a concern about how you are going to fund your permanent incall. You don’t have to budget this line item into your monthly allocations. And, you only have to pay for a temporary incall when you have the clients to support it.
  4. You incur no expense for decorating an incall. Buying the linens, bedding, furniture and other accessories required to decorate an upscale incall can be very expensive. When you book hotels as incalls, they already have all of these things. You don’t have to wonder if your client is going to appreciate your shabby chic style or the antiques you’ve decorated with. (And, you don’t have to worry about whether your antiques will be broken or stolen, either.) All of the hard work and cost is already done for you. You can expend your money and time elsewhere in efforts to enhance your escorting career.
  5. You don’t have to clean a temporary incall. Housekeeping staff members check in on hotel rooms daily to clean up the bathrooms, straighten the beds and spiff up any dirty spots. They vacuum, dust and take out the trash. Unless you and your clients engage in excessively messy encounters, you don’t have to lift a finger to tidy up the space. In your permanent incall, you either have to hire a housekeeper to pick up after you and straighten the appearance of the space or you have to spend time doing it yourself. If you hire someone, it cuts into your profits. If you do it yourself, it also cuts into your personal time or time you could be spending bettering your business.

There are many legitimate arguments for and against temporary or permanent incalls. Escorts should weight their options and determine what will work best for their methods and how they want to meet clients. There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” answer; and, many escorts utilize both options throughout their careers.