Tips for escorts on how to handle surprise clients

Having a permanent incall can be pretty convenient. Keeping all of your escorting-related supplies and clothing in one place can help prevent others from finding out about your secret career, and you can stash personal items there that help you pass the time between scheduled encounters. However, when you invite clients to one location, repeatedly, they learn where to find you, even when you don’t answer their calls.

While most clients wouldn’t dare to show up unannounced, a select few may be inclined to, hoping you’ll grant them an unscheduled encounter.

There are three main ways that you can deal with a client who shows up without prior notice or consent. The first is to simply do nothing. Do not answer your door, do not respond to his intercom buzzes and refuse to acknowledge that he’s there…period. As long as he isn’t disturbing your neighbors or anyone else with you in your incall, ignore his attempts to get your attention. Even if it’s evident that you’re there, you don’t have to give your client the opportunity to talk to you about an encounter. You provide ample methods of communication for a client to use to book an encounter. Showing up at your place without warning is not one of them. His desire to hook up with you at that point is not worth recognizing.

The second way you can respond is to answer the door and turn the client away. Your “rules” specifically explain that in order to spend time with you, an appointment must be made ahead of time, with ample opportunity to prepare for it. Clients cannot expect escorts to respond to their impulsive whims, especially without any forewarning at all. You have every right to ask your client to leave, because his surprise presence can be trouble for you in many ways:

  1. It pushes your boundaries. Clients who think they know you well enough or that you won’t mind them showing up out of the blue are wrong. Enforcing your rules is essential to maintaining the respect that clients hold for you. And, often, the types who think it’s okay to test out your boundaries are also the ones who will push them farther and farther. It won’t stop with showing up without warning. They will continue to test your resolve with little exceptions to the rules that will eventually become big issues and problems. Once they get past this hurdle, it’s possible that they will insist on going beyond their scheduled bookings, demand services you don’t allow or expect relationships that extend beyond the professional limitations you hold as an escort with your clients.
  2. They are a discretion risk in several ways. Not only may they be coming and going at times that are inconvenient to keep them hidden from neighbors’ attention, but they don’t take into consideration that you might be using your incall for other purposes (like to live in!). When they show up at obscene hours, they may be not only rousing you, but also disrupting your children, spouse or roommates, who may be completely unaware about your career. Additionally, as they impulsively arrive at your door, they may not be considering all of the things they need to do in order to keep their friends or family members from learning what they are doing while they are away. When you set up encounters, you may be considering many factors that are at stake when proper planning is not involved.
  3. Allowing a client an encounter is setting a precedent that may encourage them to try it again. Once a client sees that his actions worked once, why wouldn’t he attempt it next time he wants to see you, but didn’t think ahead enough to call you ahead of time? And, if your clients ever share this information on review sites or with others on your client list, it’s going to be difficult to deny other clients this same privilege. By allowing this even once, you give your client the idea that you accept his actions and condone them. If it happens once, you are guaranteed that he will do it again.
  4. Seeing a client during a surprise visit is a security threat. When you plan your encounters ahead of time, you get the opportunity to let others know where you’re going, who you are seeing, who will be at your place and your approximate schedule. You may even choose to line up a security assistant to physically be present during your booking. But, when a client unexpectedly shows up at your door, you don’t get the chance to set anything up to protect your own security. And, worse yet, nobody knows about the chances you are taking. Even if your own personal safety isn’t at risk, your belongings and money might be vulnerable to robbery by a client with bad intentions.
  5. Schedule conflicts may arise as a result of fitting in an unexpected client. A client who shows up at 5 p.m. at your incall may not realize that you’re slated to entertain a different client at 5:30. Trying to accommodate a client who arrives without warning may throw the rest of your plan off, both professionally and personally. Escorts hate to run late for encounters, and this surprise client may cause you to do so. Worse yet, due to his unexpected appearance, you may have clients bumping into one another at the door. Clients like discretion and meeting (face-to-face) other clients at your incall doesn’t speak highly of your efforts to create a discreet environment. Do not even consider trying to squeeze a client in if it’s going to interfere with your other bookings.
  6. You are unready for an encounter. Thinking it’s the mailman or the plumber, you answer the door in your comfy sweats and hair in a messy bun, only to realize it’s one of your clients! Imagine the shock and horror — on both your parts! Clients expect escorts to lie around all day being beautiful, the objects of their fantasies. However, it takes a lot of work to get all dolled up for encounters. The proper make up, hair styling and clothes are what make the encounter special. When a client shows unexpectedly, he is likely to catch you in a state that is not appropriate for entertaining a booking. Additionally, it’s not just the physical preparation that is required to get ready for an encounter. Many escorts also have to mentally psyche themselves up for spending time with a client. Without that time to get ready, the encounter may lack in several ways, which isn’t good for business.

When you turn your client away (for whichever reason suits you most), inform him that he had better not try this, again, or you will block him from your client list and he will have to establish a relationship with another escort.

The third way you can respond when he knocks on your door is to answer and invite him in for some fun. While most escorts don’t feel that this is an appropriate way to react to such a surprise visit from a client, there are others who welcome an opportunity to make some unexpected cash. If you are inclined to engage in some unscheduled frivolity with a client, be sure to observe these considerations:

  1. You know this client well. He’s not new to your client list, nor has he been a suspicious character on your list in the past. You haven’t ever had any issues with him. He’s generally respectful and non-threatening. You have booked several encounters with this client in the past and the experiences have been positive. You trust him and feel like you know him well enough to entertain him without involving a security partner. But, if you even slightly feel that your safety is at risk, don’t take the chance.
  2. Allow it because it’s a special occasion for the client. If he’s just been awarded an honor, received a big promotion or closed a big deal, consider allowing a well-known client a one-time spur-of-the-moment, celebratory booking. Some clients have few friends or family members with whom to enjoy joyous events, so they rely on escorts to fill these voids. If you’ve known your client awhile, feel privileged that he’s come to you to embrace the moment with. Pull out the bubbly (if you have some), and shower him with affection and adoration. After all, it’s likely going to be enjoyable for you, too, if he’s in such a great mood. But, be sure to warn your client that you’re only doing it because it’s a special event. He can’t expect to get a surprise booking for just any reason.
  3. It can’t interfere with other obligations. If you’ve got personal or professional appointments that the encounter may conflict with, you have to turn the client down. If you’ve got an early morning booking, and your client arrives late at night, don’t allow it. If you even suspect that the work may cause you difficulties with other responsibilities, explain to your client that you can’t entertain his request. However, if you’ve got nothing on the calendar and it’s not messing with your OWN plans, go for it. Sure, you may have planned to indulge in some Netflix enjoyment, but you can do that when he leaves. As long as it’s not going to diminish your abilities to perform in other roles, you can accept the booking.
  4. Accept it to avoid disturbing your other neighbors. If you can’t seem to get rid of your client any other way and his attention is disrupting your neighborhood, accept the encounter request. It’s a hard pill to swallow to have to choose between allowing a client to push your boundaries or allowing your entire residential community to learn your secret. It may be necessary to give in to his unreasonable expectations this one time. However, as he leaves your incall, explain to him that if he ever arrives at your incall unexpectedly again, you are not afraid to call the police on him and have him escorted off your property for trespassing. Afterward, you might even be inclined to block him from future communications with you. It’s never good to feel coerced into an encounter.
  5. Take precautions, even with well-known clients. Even though you may trust a client, it’s a little fishy when a client shows up out of the blue, especially if he’s never done that before. For some, it’s just a spur-of-the-moment impulse they acted on. But, others may have ulterior motives they’ve finally gotten brave enough to act on. To discourage any kind of dishonorable temptations on behalf of your clients, text or call someone to let them know you are meeting a client and how long the encounter is expected to be. A client who knows that someone else is aware of their presence is a lot less likely to try to pull something inappropriate. Even if nobody is able to be present on the premises, it may curb their desire to act out on threatening fantasies.
  6. Enforce all other guidelines. Just because you’re allowing a client to get by with breaking one of your rules doesn’t mean that you have to accept other infractions. For instance, a client who shows up at your door unannounced may hope that you won’t be strict when it comes to limiting his time, too. Or, he may expect you to be laxer when it comes to the services you provide/allow. Inform your client that while you’ve thrown a blind eye to the one “rule,” it doesn’t mean that you are allowing him a free-for-all in other respects.

Letting a client break the rules once and giving him a surprise encounter when he shows up on your door is entirely up to you, but it should be done within reason and with your safety in mind. You should never sacrifice your personal welfare or principles just for a quick buck.

Additionally, if a client arrives at your incall drunk, under the influence of drugs or at an obscene hour, send him packing. It’s disrespectful and not something you have to put up with. Respect yourself enough to expect your clients to treat you with the same reverence they would their wives or girlfriends.

Don’t immediately berate a client for trying for an unexpected booking; they may be ignorant to your guidelines or just hopeful you’ll accept their request. But, if a client is demanding or overly insistent, feel free to deny his request and send him packing.