Clothing ideas for escort photo shoots

There are many escorts out in the world who are competing with you. It’s essential to market yourself in such a way that you stand out beyond the crowd. Your website, personal description, personality and many other traits may help you do this, but the boldest statement is made with your photos.

Lots of escorts are pretty. Many of them have great bodies. Several have wonderful personalities. But, clients see them in the same old light… pictures of them in their bras and panties, lying provocatively on a bed. But, you don’t have to fit that mold. Your pictures can set your services apart by giving yourself an image beyond the lingerie look.

Make each of your photographs a one-frame movie. Let people imagine a story behind every shot.

Your pictures can tell a client that you’re a flirt, an intellectual or a girl with her own style. While traditional photos shouldn’t be completely disregarded, more contemporary poses can reveal much more for clients to consider when selecting an escort. Here are some ideas to utilize when selecting your clothing and poses for photo shoots:

Your photograph must be a one-frame movie

  • Traditional lingerie: Of course, no escort photo gallery is complete without the requisite lingerie photos. Clients like to see the escort they are thinking of calling dressed up in her best bra and panties. Red or black lingerie makes the best choice, and every escort should consider the whole lingerie garb when getting photos taken: that means the garter belt and stockings, too. Don’t forget about the stilettos. Many clients really get into photos of escorts in high heels; and, stilettos make your legs look longer, too.
  • White t-shirt: A white t-shirt makes a man think that she’s an All-American girl. The t-shirt can be a tightly fitted style that starts out dry…and ends up wet for special effect. What man doesn’t like a wet t-shirt contest? Provide your prospective clients with a little excitement through photos that document the wet t-shirt process from beginning to end. Even though the client couldn’t be there to witness it himself, he will feel as though he was a part of the process through the photo story. Another way to utilize a white t-shirt in your photo galleries is to wear an oversized shirt with only your panties peeking out below. Clients really like this look, too.
  • Go black tie: Dress formally for your photos. This works especially well for an escort who accompanies clients to formal dinners or events; it gives the client a preview of how the escort can look when she arrives for dates. It also ramps up the sex drive for clients who like a girl who can get dolled up. Select a jewel-toned gown that shows off your curves and bust line, and pair it with appropriate jewelry that complements (not overwhelms) your dress. Many escorts choose their little black dresses for this type of photo shoot, too. Every girl looks good in a LBD, and she feels confident, too. LBDs are easy to accessorize and lend themselves well to any backdrop.
  • Be one of the boys: Wear only a man’s dress shirt, cuffed at the sleeves and unbuttoned to nearly the naval. Men find women dressed in their clothing sexy. With the shirt unbuttoned and nearly revealing your breasts, you give an exciting element to a photo, leaving quite a bit to your clients’ imaginations. While you can select any color of shirt, white is probably the best, as most executives wear white shirts underneath their suit jackets. If you don’t wear a white shirt, select a pin-striped shirt that would be appropriate for wearing with a suit. Make sure the shirt is oversized and crisply pressed from the cleaners. And, although it’s quite a clichéd pose, use a straight-backed chair in your photos. Sit straddling it, backwards…it’s a classic pose and one that is perfect for the dress shirt.
  • Make a statement: Statement necklaces with chunky, oversized elements are the hot trend right now. And, they’ll look great in your photos, especially if you wear them correctly. Pick a necklace that is bold with bright colors; encrusted with diamonds, rhinestones or other jewels (faux or real); or includes interesting eye-catchers such as keys, lockets or other baubles. Your necklace may be worn with your lingerie, or you can wear it bare-chested, with your hands teasingly cupping your breasts, so that your nipples don’t peak through. Wear your hair in an updo, so it doesn’t compete with or detract from your necklace. Most necklaces are adjustable; fasten it to a length that hangs near, but not into, the crevice between your breasts to draw your clients’ eyes downward. Avoid additional jewelry: it can create a gaudy effect, instead of the classy one you’re shooting for.
  • Be fur real: A fur coat is not only warm, but it insinuates wealth and elegance. Select a fur that complements your natural coloring. Some furs are so similar to your complexion that your hair blends in with your coat; avoid these. Choose a knee-length coat that covers you, and wear it with nothing else. Your bare skin will be accentuated with the contrast of the fur, which creates a tantalizing image for your clients. Cover up strategically with the coat, so you’re not baring any parts that are best saved for later viewing. If you have personal objections to real fur coats and accessories, many faux fur options exist that look expensive and real. In a picture, your clients won’t notice the difference; in fact, they will be so interested by what your coat is covering up, they won’t care if the coat is real or faux.
  • Get in the trenches: A trench coat is always classy. It’s a fashion standby that is always in style, whether it’s a khaki, black or navy version. The epitome of a sexy surprise is to show up at your guy’s house wearing nothing but your trench coat, high heels and a smile. While you can’t do that with most of your clients, you can fulfill the fantasy for them in your online photos. Wear a trench coat, and allow your garters and stockings to show. Perhaps, undo the coat enough to reveal the hint of cleavage. Make sure that your hair and make-up is done to a “T.” For clients who have always had this fantasy, this photo may be enough to make them call, even without reading your profile.
  • Summer lovin’: Summer is not only the season for fun in the sun, but it’s also the season for skin! Select a sundress that fits well and accentuates your curves and femininity. Allow the dress to slip upwards, showing off your legs (which should be tan and smooth). Sandals (high heels or flats) with your dress is a great option. Or, you can opt for cowboy boots with your summer dress. It’s a hot trend right now, and if your image allows for it, you can really emphasize your curvy legs with a cute pair of boots. Going barefoot is also a good choice, due to its simplistic nature.
  • Get professional: An escort is the CEO of her own business: demonstrate it with your professional look. Put on your favorite black suit, white blouse and power heels. Style your hair in a sleek, chic updo or wear it down, softly framing your face. The power suit gives clients the idea that you’re powerful, educated and sexy. Your executive look may give them fantasies about board room sex or about how you look when your hair comes down, so to speak. Many men dream about their attractive colleagues, and it’s great for them to be able to live out the role-play they’ve had going on in their minds. Your photos could take place in an office setting, a conference room or a reception area. Be sure to give your clients a bit more for the imagination by unbuttoning your blouse and revealing a lacy, red bra.
  • Get casual: While many of your clients expect an escort to wear her best for them, some prefer a girl who is just as comfortable in her jeans and a sweater. The casual look can soften you up, and allow you to appear like the girl next door. Select a sweater that hugs your curves and emphasizes your bust. The jeans should fit well, without being tightly trashy. Depending on the type of image you market yourself with, your jeans could be nice, trouser-style pants. Or, if you’re a girl-next-door type, it’s perfectly okay to incorporate your favorite pair of five-pocket-type jeans with a hole in the knee. Keep jewelry and make-up to a minimum. The less-is-more look here is what works for you and attracts your clients.
  • Keep a lid on it: Wear a ball cap. While many escorts feel that wearing a ball cap is completely against their policies for attire, many men adore seeing a woman in a ball cap, thinking it makes them even sexier. Wear a simple t-shirt or tank top and jeans, along with your favorite team’s ball cap, allowing your hair to flow down your back or peak through the back of the cap in a ponytail. Although it’s somewhat unconventional, the tomboy look works and many men find it irresistible. However, exclude this look from your photo portfolio if it completely differs from your image. (For example, if you’re a sophisticated urban girl who wears only designer duds or a punk rocker chick, a ball cap may not fit your image.)
  • Paint a scene: Body paint can be fun to experiment with during an encounter, but it can also give your prospective clients great ideas when they are considering booking time with you. Paint your body up, carefully covering private areas, and go wild during a photo shoot. Your painted body will reveal every curve and line of your body, giving your clients a view of you that differs greatly from any other type of photos you could provide. These photos will set you apart from others by simply being different than any that other escorts have included in their photo galleries.
  • Embrace the afterglow: Many men say that they think a woman is beautiful after sex. There are many things you can do to duplicate the look, including taking photographs immediately after sex or a great self-pleasuring session. The rosy cheeks and ruffled hair associated with a passionate roll in the hay gives you a fresh look that will make your clients want to be with you. This type of photo may not give you a perfect appearance, but the smudged make-up and bedroom eyes will entice many clients to book an encounter, with the knowledge of how beautiful and alluring you are during the peak of ecstasy.