Do escorts kiss?

One of the questions we receive is “Can you kiss an escort?” Let’s see.

Ever since Vivian told Edward that she doesn’t kiss on the mouth in Pretty Woman, it’s standard assumption that most escorts live by the rule of “No kissing!”

However, this is not always the case. The decision to include kissing in one’s bag of tricks is an entirely personal one that involves boundary setting and personal limits. Many escorts feel that kissing clients is a natural part of the process; others feel that kissing is too intimate to share with clients.

Essentially, escorts can make four choices when involving kissing clients:

  1. No kissing at all, under any circumstances.
  2. Lip kissing only. (No French, open-mouthed or deep kisses.)
  3. French kiss all clients.
  4. Kiss clients depending on how comfortable the escort is on a case-by-case basis.

The kissing question is often one of the first ones asked by a new client when contacting an escort for the first time. Men are usually anxious to kiss their escort, because kissing helps to develop connections and makes the men feel attractive. However, while it’s a popular request, it’s not usually a deal-breaker if a client is truly interested in all other aspects of the services you offer.

Some escorts prefer to take kissing off of their services lists, because they have a partner or significant other who may feel uncomfortable with a stranger kissing his or her sweetheart. Kissing is deemed as one of the most intimate acts between two people, as it involves the mouth, tongue, breath and intense skin contact. Engaging in sexual intercourse is one thing, but kissing is something entirely different reserved strictly for intimate partners.

Many escorts are hired to complete the “Girlfriend Experience.” The Girlfriend Experience often includes kissing, snuggling and other more romantic or intimate activities that may not be part of a typical appointment with an escort. A “Girlfriend Experience” (or GFE) may not be complete without some lip-to-lip contact. If you are hoping to get in on the GFE action as an escort, you may want to include kissing (at least to some extent) in the services that you offer to a client.

When you do allow a client to kiss you (or when you commit to kissing him), it may be a work in progress. Just because your client is paying you, it doesn’t mean that you are required to allow him to kiss you in a way that makes you uncomfortable or is unpleasant. Most men want to please you, so if your client needs some direction in order to improve his kissing style, provide some gentle instruction. You may need to lead by example in order to show him how you like to be kissed. (You may remember back to other first kisses with previous romantic partners—sometimes a little practice is all it takes to please each of you and develop the type of kissing that makes you both happy.)

Unlike many services associated with escorting, kissing is one option that does not present as many serious health risks as others. Most of the time, kissing only produces the same health risks associated with drinking after someone else. You may spread or pick up germs associated with the common cold or the flu, but usually nothing more serious is associated with the activity. However, occasionally, more serious side effects may be a result. If a client has a visible outbreak of cold sores in, on or around his or her mouth, an escort could contract the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1. Additionally, if a client has an open wound in his or her mouth (from biting his lip or cheek, for example), blood could enter the saliva and infect you with an infection or disease. (However, the risk of this is quite low.)

As an escort, you have the right to decide what you will or won’t do with a client. If kissing is too personal, too sloppy or just something you don’t want to engage in with strangers, you have the prerogative to ban kissing from the services you are willing to provide to your clients. However, if you’re okay with kissing, just be careful to not kiss and tell!