Does an escort have to look like Barbie to be successful?

Growing up, too many children have their imagination and the notion of what’s normal brutally violated by the Barbie doll — the epitome of pseudo-reality imagineered by Hasbro, Disney, Coca-Cola other major advertisers of pseudo-reality. Blonde hair, glass-smooth skin, perky boobs, small waist and endless legs. While some women do kind of fit this mold, the vast majority of healthy, normal human beings do not even begin to come close to resembling this image of fantasized perfection. Reflecting society as a whole, escorts do not have to fit into this concept of beauty in order to be successful within the industry.


In fact, escorts find it increasingly advantageous if they do not fit the Barbie doll model as a means of attracting clients. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Escorts can’t look like Barbie and fulfill the needs of their niche. Within the escort industry, several niche markets exist. From clients who look for girls with edgier or alternative images to those who enjoy a more curvaceous figure, the demand for all sorts of escorts exists. If all escorts resembled the Barbie doll, many clients would be left out when they looked for a companion. Tastes differ and clients desire multiple types of escorts. In order to meet the requests of clients who prefer a less traditional or stereotypical escort, maintaining a look less consistent with the blonde haired/blue eyed model is necessary. Punk, hippie, rocker, retro, BBW, fetish and other types of escorts are in high demand. If you tried to look like a Barbie doll, you would miss out on working in your niche.
  2. Escorts ditch a lot of the competition when they avoid the traditional market. The escorts who base their success on their thin frames, golden locks and big baby blues (along with perfect breasts) have a lot of others like them to compete with for clients. As they enter the escort industry, many women feel they have to create an image that meets the needs of the traditional market. By adjusting their images to suit this sector, they pit themselves against a significant number of others who are doing exactly the same thing. However, escorts who throw the traditional image by the wayside find that there are fewer other escorts to contend with when marketing for clients. Numbers of escorts who offer something other than the traditional GFE are fewer, which means that these escorts have a smaller pool of others to beat out for clients.
  3. Blending in as Barbie is a real possibility. When an escort takes on the stereotypical appearance, she is just like everyone else trying to maintain the traditional image. She blends in and becomes just one of the masses. However, it’s much easier to stand out and gain attention from clients if you are different in some (or lots of) ways. Escorts with piercings, tattoos or curvier figures appeal to entirely different markets, for instance. The number of escorts involved in these markets are fewer, which makes it less of a challenge to be noticed. Plus, many of these escorts aren’t striving to look like each other, giving you the opportunity to stand out in your own ways.
  4. There is much less pressure to fit in if you don’t attempt to fit the mold in the first place. When you base your marketing on being beautiful and what “every” client wants, you have to maintain that image for as long as you want to work in the industry. Escorts who have that “perfect” look may feel pressured to sustain it in order to keep being successful. Gaining a few pounds, bad hair days and skin troubles can automatically decrease an escort’s success for a period of time. She puts extreme (and undue) emphasis on fitting in with the other escorts who have adopted her same image style. She feels like if she doesn’t resemble the others, her differences will make her stand out in a negative way. Escorts who know they don’t fit into any “ideal” category don’t feel nearly as pressured or forced into adhering to a specific look or attitude…so, they have much more freedom.
  5. There are fewer stereotypical expectations of an untraditional escort. Clients who book encounters with a Barbie doll-type escort have certain expectations upon their first meeting with her. Firstly, her looks are the most important aspect of the booking (in addition to physical intimacy). An escort’s appearance can be a deal breaker for clients who look for that beauty ideal represented by Barbie. Escorts are expected to look good, smile nicely and act with a cheery attitude. Of course, all escorts should be positive, but those who aren’t concerned with stereotypical appearances don’t worry nearly as much about client’s preconceived notions about them. Clearly, clients don’t always know exactly what to expect from an alternative niche escort, so unfair expectations are rarely part of the experience.
  6. Untraditional escorts meet more interesting clients. Some clients who are attracted to the “ideal” escort are shallow and self-centered. By booking an encounter with a beautiful woman, they validate themselves and stroke their own egos. It’s a huge boost to engage in intimacy with a woman who might otherwise be out of their league. However, clients who seek out escorts who don’t fit the stereotypical image are looking for something deeper and more interesting from the encounter. While the clients, themselves, may still be traditional types, they demonstrate they have another side to them that is more adventurous or curious. The old, white banker may be quite curious about the tattoos and piercings of his young, alternative escort. Or, the clean-cut celeb type may really get his rocks off by meeting up with a bad girl escort who lives on the edge. These clients demonstrate that they have many facets to their personalities when they book encounters with niche-based escorts.
  7. An escort’s imperfection may actually create perfection for her. Clients who seek out escorts who don’t meet the traditional guidelines often find that the little oddities or imperfections that an escort brings to the table make her even more appealing. A crooked grin, an odd hairline, a Roman nose or a gap between an escort’s front teeth may make an escort stand out prominently as an individual, thus emphasizing her beauty in a new way. Her oddities make her endearing and treasured, which causes a client to see her as more perfect in his ideal way. Additionally, these less-than-perfect traits make an escort more real and approachable, which is important when attempting to build up escort/client relationships.
  8. Opportunities to grow into the real you are available if you aren’t boxed into a category. Escorts who don’t fit the Barbie role have nothing holding them to a particular image that can’t evolve. They are not required to maintain a specific chest-waist-hips ratio to keep clients happy. An escort does not have to hold back her desires to color the tips of her hair purple because her traditional image won’t let her. Nothing restricts an escort from developing her image and personality further as she becomes a more experienced professional, as long as she doesn’t adhere to a traditional ideal. Escorts who wish to continue to expand their horizons and adapt to their interests throughout life should make an effort to avoid stereotypical images.
  9. Clients seek out specific escorts who have unique qualities. When you are a typical escort who resembles Barbie, clients scroll through their options and may chance upon your profile. They are looking for an escort like you….not one who is you. If you’re an escort who has resisted the traditional image, you allow yourself to be identified based on who you are, instead of just what you look like. Your unique qualities or traits draw clients to you based on their interests and desires. Clients may look for an escort who likes motorcycles or one who knows her way around a paint canvas. By marketing yourself using your personality, interests or other unique traits you determine that clients are actually looking for you, instead of someone simply like you. With this kind of appeal, you control the clients you attract and what their expectations are for an encounter.
  10. Escorts who do not rely on Barbie doll looks are not burdened by their appearances. Women who fit the typical look must focus their profiles to point to their appearances as their number one outstanding quality. It burdens them, because they don’t have the latitude to focus their profiles on other things, such as their hobbies, special talents or other interests. They are held to specific expectations that they have a difficult time working past to convince clients there is more to them than meets the eye. However, escorts who aren’t committed to the traditional image can profess their love of sports, indie music or all things French in their profiles and depend on these tidbits to spark interest in clients.
  11. Clients find escorts who have unique looks more memorable. Even if a beautiful, blonde bombshell escort makes a client’s toes curl during an encounter, he may not remember as much about her as he will an escort he saw who regaled him about her adventures backpacking through South America or explained the significance of the six tattoos on her body. Escorts who stand out with their different appearances carve out memories in their clients’ minds. However, an escort who resembles the other four he’s seen recently will be easily forgotten or blended in with the others. Despite feeling like you’re a misfit, it’s actually a blessing to look unlike the others in the industry in order to be remembered by your clients.

As a whole, escorts need to work on individualizing themselves as much as possible. Even if you have that Barbie doll look, attempt to adjust your image slightly in order to develop a more distinguishable appearance. Differentiate yourself through your choices of makeup, hairstyle or clothing options. Create your own impression through the way you carry yourself and what you say to clients. All of these things greatly impact your appearance and can help to develop a more memorable impact.

Many years ago, the escort industry was limited to the standard stereotype, assuming that the clients only desired this demographic. However, with the growth of the Internet, it became obvious that there was room in the industry for all types of escorts who looked much differently from each other. Embrace your unique appearance and resist the urge to attempt to fit in. Bowing to peer pressure in the escort industry could spell disaster for your career, especially if you can develop a niche market for yourself that can become successful. Individualism is the key to success in the escort industry. Dare to be different and thank the stars that you are.

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