Dressing up to up your game

Building a distinctive profile as an escort means standing out from the crowd. You don’t have to be the most beautiful girl in the ads, nor have the biggest breasts, nor offer the kinkiest encounters; but you need to be memorable, you need a distinctive style. How do you do that?

by Hannah Jay

With a measure of style, an escort will both attract the well-established clients she seeks, and discourage the random cheapskates she doesn’t. Style is tied to persona and to brand – the persona is your escort personality, your brand is what you promote.

A look at the ads reveals a pretty basic approach. Both the text and the photos are all about large breasts and fulsome derrières, with a certain Vegas vibe in the form of abbreviated leather skirts and clingy bits of polyester hugging every curve. There are some gorgeous girls, but there are few stylish ones.

Most of those ads offer standard services at standard rates to a broad market of men. If you want to cater to that market, all you need is a thong and a pair of stripper heels, a quick selfie with your makeup littering your sink surround, and you are good to go.

However, for the middle and upper end of the escort market – whether advertising or agency driven – a more discreet, more sophisticated look is required. This is particularly true if you will be taken to good restaurants or will be visiting hotels. If that is where you aim to take your business, you need a strategy and a style.

Dressing that garners admiration and turns heads requires a plan and some money – though not as much as you might think. It also takes a degree of commitment to taking good care of yourself. Not only will your escort business improve, so will your self-image and confidence. Most of all, you must believe that you are worth top dollar as an escort and be determined to achieve it.


Rules are made for breaking, but they can also streamline your life. Here are a few tips:

  • Expensive women wear pale or monochromatic clothes
  • Less is always more
  • Shoes coordinate, they don’t necessarily match
  • One good handbag in a neutral colour is sufficient
  • Natural fibres — cotton, linen, wool — look luxurious because they are
  • Pretty lingerie is always the right choice
  • A skirt or dress is almost always to be preferred to trousers unless you are yachting
  • Simple, well-defined lines can conceal many a figure flaw
  • The simpler the dress, the more time a man has to look at who’s wearing it
  • Leave more to the imagination


At the higher end, escorts have appointments in both the daytime and in the evening. While an escort may see the bulk of her clientele in her apartment, she needs to be prepared to have lunch, a drink, or dinner.

On a budget, outfitting such a wardrobe seems daunting – and expensive. Three outfits with coordinating bags, shoes, and accessories purchased in a department store or a designer outlet can set a girl back hundreds of dollars, even on sale. So, don’t shop there. Consignment, vintage, and thrift stores all have gorgeous, one-of-a-kind clothes at a quarter to a tenth of retail prices. The way you dress will look unique, not off-the-rack. Remember, style never goes out of fashion. Wear what suits your figure and personality. Scan Vogue for inspiration and replicate looks you love in your own inimitable way.

To begin, think in terms of key pieces. Smart separates will give you lots of fashion mileage.

The most basic item every woman, escort or not, needs is a well-made, well-fitting, long sleeved, white cotton shirt. (Ideally you need about five, but start with one.) And yes, you will either have to pay for dry cleaning or learn the art of ironing. This shirt can pair with skirts, tuck into tailored trousers, be left outside your jeans for those casual occasions, or serve as a simple cover up for swimwear.

Next, in all its glory, the little black dress (LBD). In jersey, cotton, linen, or a really fine wool, the LBD really does go from cocktails to dinner without missing a fashion beat. Women have been wearing them since Audrey Hepburn made hers famous in Breakfast at Tiffanys in 1961. Not sure what you should buy? Check out the iconic Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress. Ever so flattering for virtually every woman. If you have nice arms, you can go sleeveless. Until you have a collection of both day and evening wear, keep the styling simple and the neckline modest so the dress looks perfect anywhere. Inject fashionable flourishes with a colourful scarf or jacket, statement jewelry, or enviable shoes.

Another wardrobe workhorse for the top level escort is the skirt. A simple pencil skirt above or below the knee, will give you some afternoon options as will a fuller skirt in solids or a subtle print. By choosing a core colour scheme for your wardrobe at the outset rather than an every-colour-of-the-rainbow approach, means that your wardrobe works together so you get more looks with fewer pieces. Mixing and matching at its finest. Black and white with bits of grey and hits of red is a timeless combination.

Even though a girl can never have too many shoes, begin with a pair of 3-inch pumps and a pair of flats. Black and beige go with almost everything.

Opt for stockings – please, please NOT pantyhose– whether stay-ups or the full gartered glory. Think Kate Moss in the unforgettable Agent Provocateur ads. (Look this up if you have forgotten or don’t know what I’m talking about.) I assure you, no sausage-casing pantyhose can look as drop dead sexy as stockings. Look for a good black garter belt with four straps, three back hooks, and, ideally, metal garter clasps – it will pay its way, believe me. Black, white, and beige or are all practical and flattering colour choices. Leave the neon lingerie for girls of lesser taste. Seamed stockings are very, very sexy and, for a gentleman of a certain age, deeply evocative. Search vintage shops and Ebay for the real deal. In general, steer clear of tacky sex shop attire. Lovely corsets, for instance, can be found online and if you are lucky in thrift stores. Oh, you clever girl!

Does your closet contain a slip? Yes, I do know that no-one has worn a slip in fifty years, but you should. Modern slips are much better than the ubiquitous piece of nylon and elastic of yesteryear. Look for silk and lace, and body hugging spandex for fitted silhouettes. If you look closely, the actresses who walk the red carpet are wearing a filmy layer between their dress and their Spanx. Ah, if only the Duchess of Cambridge had put on a slip, her Marilyn moment would not have been quite so tabloid worthy.

Concerning your lingerie needs, there is no need to be matchy-matchy about bra and panties, but it’s nice if you do. Never skimp on the enhancement possibilities of a good bra. Push-up models and clever padding is one bit of deception you really should engage in. Your new fab clothes will fit better, your date will be delighted.

So there you have it. If you have scoured the thrifts and vintage stores you should be able to put together all these basics, including shoes and at least one great handbag for a modest sum and had some fun in the bargain. But be warned, thrifting, can become addictive. Hope you have a big closet.

Looking Expensive and Worth It

The well-heeled client a high-end escort attracts would not be caught dead with a girl who looks like she might actually be an escort. They are paying for the companionship of a gorgeous woman who knows how to look and act like a lady in public. But not just any lady, the sort of femme fatale who would be the envy of his friends. If you are unsure or awkward in social situations, or intimidated by two forks and three spoons, brush up on your etiquette. Impeccable manners open the doors you want to go through.

Clothes are just one piece of the luxe escort package. Grooming is also very important. Invest in a good, not too fashion forward, hair cut. While most men love long hair, unless it truly is your crowning glory, go for a classic, shoulder length style that suits your face shape and enhances the type of hair you have. Accept what you have—embrace those curls or those poker straight locks. Busy escorts don’t have time to be a slave to their straightening or curling iron. Keep your hair clean and avoid over styling and product overload. Touchable, shiny, healthy hair is much more attractive than a stiff coif. Find a good hair stylist and take their recommendations to look your best.

A high end escort is super attentive to grooming and hygiene. Fresh from her bath, her skin is soft and slightly fragrant. Her nails are trimmed, buffed and polished—light for day, darker for evening. A perfect pedicure peeps out from those stunning heels. Teeth brushed and flossed, breath fresh. Keep your skincare routine as simple and natural as you can. Ignore the glossy ads for expensive potions and creams. Coconut oil is a little miracle in a tub and can replace your cleanser, make-up remover, and body lotion for a fraction of the price. And you can cook with it, too!

Makeup – did I mention less is more? Know which colours are most flattering, and learn how to apply your makeup like a pro. If you are unsure, get a lesson. Often the department store beauty counters offer free makeovers (nice to buy a little something though). Watch and learn. Dial it back hard for appointments before 7:00 PM. Make sure to blot your lipstick, and if you are using mascara and eyeliner, a little goes a long way.

If you sit in a café near a store where the expensive women shop, you can observe some of their secrets to finesse. Firstly, there are very few overweight upper-class women. Which means as a high-end escort, you need to be fit and healthy. Secondly, these women walk with purpose and exquisite posture. Their backs straight, their shoulders set back, their heads held high. They glide, not shuffle. You will also notice that women in the upper echelon travel light. A phone, a bag and if it looks like rain, an umbrella. Sunglasses are de rigueur in all weather, of course. When shopping or lunching, these ladies do not lug around a big bag, just a clutch or a chic vintage purse. Since your job as an escort requires you to take along more than just lipstick, cash, and car keys, tuck a separate tote in your vehicle with all the other things you might need for an outcall. Elegance equals attention to small details and an awareness of the impression one makes.

And so, an escort needs to learn the byways of the world in which she wishes to travel if she is to attract the crème de la crème of clientele. For instance, when a she has arranged to meet a gentleman in a restaurant, and he is a stranger, she will have ensured beforehand that his name is left with the maitre d’ so all she needs to say on arrival is “Mr. Smith’s table, please” in order to find him. No attention-attracting silly search for a man who certainly doesn’t want to be noticed or announced. He will appreciate and trust an escort with such savvy and discretion.

Gifts are their Own Reward

While an escort will have to make the initial investment in her wardrobe, from there it is not unusual to have gentlemen callers provide the rest. The luxuries rather than the necessities. Of course you no longer need a watch in the cell phone age, but a Cartier tank watch just somehow does it better. Gifts are perks of the job, but there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Always make it clear that gifts are not part of your escorting fee. It is best to be specific about what you desire. Tactfully, of course. Don’t let the poor man wander through Nieman Marcus armed with only his credit card and his own taste.

Of course there is a great afternoon escorting date to be had going for lunch followed by a little shopping spree. Plan this as an lovely outing, not a chore. Men generally hate shopping. Have what you want already picked out and set aside and arrive when the stores are fairly empty. Let him make the choice between the lacy demi-cup and the sheer balconnette. Match your men to your needs – that nice banker with the high heel fetish will be in heaven deciding if you are to have the peep toe or the closed Louboutins.

Little gifts like lingerie and sumptuous cashmere sweaters are always welcome gifts and offer the gentleman the opportunity to see his gift adorning beautiful you. The internet is very useful to point him right at the perfect gift and provide all required sizing information. Set up a Pintrest page and an Amazon wish list and your escorting clients will soon get to know your wishes.

Larger gifts like cars, houses, holidays, or gems are the stuff of movies, but if you are playing in that select league, the world is your oyster. He is one completely satisfied (nay, delighted) man and likely has secured you exclusively as his mistress, and the lucky recipient of his lavish attentions. Closer to reality, escorts are sometimes given designer goods such as coats, evening dresses, and handbags by wealthy clients who want to celebrate an occasion or simply for no reason other than because you are just so darn adorable. Your hard work has worked!

Moving your Brand Up-Market

With a few great clothes and some fabulous photographs – lots of young, aspiring photographers are delighted to shoot on a time-for-pictures trade deal. Look on Craigslist or ModelMayhem.com. Do find a good photographer. Shop around. Find one whose style is in sync with yours, and whose personality is one you can work with.

Now you are ready to take your escort business to the next level. Begin with your advertising campaign. Something along these lines:

Elegant young lady delights in entertaining discerning gentlemen in the manner to which they would like to become accustomed. Lascivious lunches, convivial cocktails, or decadent dining. Enjoy the engaged attentions of a discrete companion.

The accompanying photos should be completely safe for workplace viewing. A black and white headshot, and an full body shot all you really need. The white shirt is great for photography and with a couple of buttons undone, wind in your hair, you have a effective promotional tool. Your shots should look completely different from the other escort pictures. They should be more “model” than escort. Your ad will jump off the page because you actually took the time to do it well. The only hint of your profession being the fact that it is on the escort advertising pages. In this field, subtlety stands out.

So, now you are ready to make your move up. You have a style; a plan; and your intelligence, wit, and ambitions to guide you.