Escorting on the biggest party night of the year for fun and profit

When you’re an escort, you have to adjust your schedule to accommodate the demands of your clients. While some escorts have clients who do not frequently want to book encounters on holidays, others seem to only have clients who need extra attention during these time periods. If your client list includes some fans who want some of your time on the biggest party night of the year (i.e. New Year’s Eve), there are some things you should remember as you prepare for this season.

Additionally, if you are unsure whether your clients would be interested in some new year’s nookie, there are some ways you can ensure that your efforts to work the holiday are successful. (The last thing you want to do is to schedule yourself to work, only to fail to make a substantial profit.) Implement these policies as you book New Year’s encounters:

  1. Set up specific appointments with clients a considerable amount ahead of time. Depending on your clients, you may be able to schedule your encounters for the New Year’s holiday pretty far out. Many executives and professionals establish their holiday schedules as early as fall, so attempting to set up encounters a weeks ahead of the season is not unrealistic or in bad taste. Work with your clients who can determine their own schedules to create some special plans that you and he can look forward to. Keep in mind that his plans may always change, but make sure he understands he will still need to compensate you for the time booked. As you create your holiday schedule, attempt to allot some time for yourself, too. When you make specific appointments ahead of time, it allows you to make plans with friends or family members. (Often, you are left unable to do this, because you leave time open for clients.) Once you’ve made your schedule with clients, be resistant to taking on other appointments that interfere with your other plans.
  2. Avoid taking spur-of-the-moment appointments on New Year’s Eve or Day. Some clients don’t anticipate that they want some company or affection until the holiday arrives, leaving them feeling alone and in need of some attention. So, they begin trolling the Internet looking for an escort with availability. Or, they take for granted that you will squeeze them in, especially since they are a regular. Taking on unplanned encounters teaches clients that they can call you anytime, with little advance warning, and expect that you will fit them into your schedule. Don’t intentionally give them this idea. Also, you may receive calls from clients you’ve never seen before. When they call so close to their requested encounter time, you won’t have ample time to screen them appropriately. It’s never wise to see clients you haven’t thoroughly screened.
  3. Reserve special days like New Year’s Eve for your regular clients. Avoid opening up your schedule to clients who do not give you consistent business, and reward your regulars by letting them know you are offering them an exclusive opportunity for holiday encounters. Explain that they are getting first dibs due to their loyalty, consistency and other traits that make them your favorite clients. Build the holiday schedule into something that seems very exclusive and special as a way to increase client excitement about booking an additional slot with you. Many escorts also choose to simply not work the New Year’s holiday if their schedules aren’t filled by regulars. To them, it’s not worth it to meet up with new or barely known clients when they could be spending time with family or friends. They are willing to trade their personal time for clients who have become part of their main livelihood, but they don’t favor encounters with unfamiliar ones during the holiday season.
  4. Remind yourself that New Year’s Eve is just another day. Some escorts are bothered by the fact that they are ringing in the new year with a client, instead of the special people in their lives. They obsess over the fact that their lives might not be everything they want them to be. They are sad that their New Year’s Eve won’t be concluded with a romantic kiss from a loved partner or lusty romantic date of their choosing. In short, they over think all of the negatives in their lives and begin to resent their clients for taking them away from what should be a normal holiday. Don’t let yourself do this. Embrace the fact that you are desirable enough to your clients that they choose to spend their holiday with you; and, be excited that you are starting the new year with money in your pocket. Additionally, keep in mind that New Years Eve and Day are simply marks on the calendar. These days are not any more special than others, except for the fact that the media has sensationalized them. If you miss parties or other gatherings and events, rest assured there will be more throughout the year that you can attend.
  5. Create special marketing for your New Year’s Eve encounters. Play up the fact that you’re offering meet-ups on the biggest party night of the year. Encourage clients that they will have an awesome year after ringing it in with you. Charge premiums for the time spent with you during this holiday; after all, you are missing out on fun with friends and family members. In exchange, your time with clients should be even more worth your while than usual. To make clients see more value in the premium encounters, offer favors such as a party horn or hat, etc. and promise to wear some new, special lingerie that will put them in the right mood for the booking. As you put together these premium encounter packages, consider including light snacks, too. Create an event through these encounters that clients want to experience. For many of them, this will take the place of any New Year’s Eve parties or other activities. Make sure they feel they are getting a great time that is equivalent to any event they might attend.
  6. Find an all-night client. It’s hard work to incorporate several clients into New Year’s eve evening. The scheduling is a nightmare, not to mention making sure that your clients don’t bump into each other on the doorstep, if you work from your incall. Otherwise, you are wearing yourself out traveling to and from your clients. It’s much easier if you find one client who wants to spend the night with you, paying for a premium NYE adventure. If you can’t attract a client who wants to book your entire night, attempt to schedule one that desires an extended encounter, which will take up the majority of your evening. One client who wants to meet for four hours is much better than trying to schedule three during that four hour block.
  7. Travel somewhere with a client for the holiday. The New Year’s holiday is a great one to get away for some private time with a client. Encourage your favorite or most loyal one to schedule some special time for the two of you in a romantic or exciting locale. Your client will get some much needed TLC from you, uninterrupted by real life, for a couple of days, in addition to an opportunity to de-stress from reality’s daily pressures. Checking out for a day or two with a client may also be just what you need to recharge for the next year. However, be very cautious who you choose to travel with. If your client irritates you for a short encounter, consider how agitated you may be when you finally get back home from an extended booking. Only plan to venture on excursions with clients you think you can genuinely get along with for longer periods of time. And, make sure that your client understands some ground rules, such as you will get some periods of private time throughout the getaway.
  8. Consider creating a party event for clients. On New Year’s Eve, men are frequent visitors to gentlemen’s clubs and other adult entertainment events. It makes sense that you could bring in some considerable coin through hosting and putting on an event that might attract some high-rolling appreciative clients. To increase your appeal (and marketing draw), consider networking with a couple of other trusted escorts to create an even bigger event. Using their connections and abilities, your activity could net you and your friends a significant profit for a few hours of physical work. The details of the party are entirely up to you, but be sure that the other escorts are on board with your policies and rules. Additionally, if you plan on hosting several clients for the event, make sure you adequately screen them and have sufficient security on hand. Even though this event should be for established clients, you never know when something might go awry, requiring the assistance of a security partner.
  9. Reserve a portion of the evening for yourself. If you plan to meet up with clients for encounters throughout the day and evening on New Year’s Eve, make sure that you are free with time to spare for the actual midnight clock strike. Book encounters that will allow you ample opportunity to meet up with your partner or friends to celebrate and ring in the new year. For some escorts, that means clocking out by 11:30 p.m. Others, though, will require more time to get ready and travel to the party or event where their loved ones are enjoying themselves. Determine ahead of time what your plans need to be, so that you schedule accordingly. If the New Year’s Eve holiday is something you normally celebrate, you can still have the best of both worlds by properly planning ahead and carefully scheduling your activities.
  10. Consider touring for New Year’s Eve. Some escorts simply don’t live in a region that lends itself to a busy holiday. If you don’t reside in a location where business on New Year’s Eve or Day will be good for you, plan ahead of time to travel to a larger city. Market yourself using special holiday promotions and taking advanced bookings. Research activities and events that will be occurring in your planned destination so that you have some options available if clients want to go out on the town for part of the encounter. Take advantage of the fact that many region-specific escorts will have limited availability due to booking regulars or choosing to restrict their work schedules to enjoy the holiday. You may be able to gain some extra clients through expanding your horizons.
  11. Auction off a New Year’s Eve date with you. While it’s not usually wise to pit your clients against one another, it might benefit you in this case, especially if you’ve got several who are vying for your attention on the “big” night. Create a premium encounter opportunity and market it to your most competitive and desirous clients. Some will want to win for the simple fact they hate to lose. Others, though, will be encouraged to pay even more for your time when they see that others want you, too. It’s a win-win situation for you, because you earn more money from the encounter, in addition to diverting more attention to your escorting business for clients. Make sure, though, that your clients are interested in booking you for New Year’s Eve. If none desire to make a holiday date, your marketing event could fall flat, resulting in failure to make any money and creating a negative image for yourself.
  12. Avoid partying too much with clients. If you choose to schedule holiday encounters with clients for the big party night, it is often expected to indulge in a bit of bubbly or other mood-enhancing substances, depending on the type of clientele you see. Allow yourself to enjoy the evening, however, do not indulge too much in the fun. You are working and must keep your head and senses about you. Escorts who drink too much or are under the influence of drugs may make poor decisions and put themselves into hazardous situations. Additionally, if you have more than one encounter booked, each client may want you to party with him, which means you must enjoy yourself in moderation. A glass of champagne or wine won’t hurt you. But, consuming the entire bottle could radically affect your performance and experience with a client. Also, watch out for clients who have “enjoyed” the holiday too much already. Do not stay with an inebriated or high client, even though you think it will be okay. Stick to your policy that prohibits encounters with clients who are under the influence.