Escort’s beauty changes with years – and it’s OK

Nothing ever stays the same. The world is in a constant state of flux, and so are its inhabitants. Regardless how determined you are to hang on to today, life changes daily. Often that’s a good thing. However, it can pose challenges for those who are content with what they have currently. Many escorts fall into this category, as they are extremely pleased with their image and appearance and how the two elements help them succeed in the industry.

As an escort evolves with her career, reacting to and predicting new trends, methods and preferences in the profession, her beauty will also change. Even though an escort will still retain her same basic features, women all age differently, especially when you factor in influences like attitude, life events, hardship or other aspects that affect one’s appearance. If you plan on staying in the industry long-term, you may want to consider how your beauty may change throughout your career so you can be prepared to make necessary changes. Here are the 11 most likely ways your beauty may evolve:

  1. The media’s definition of beauty may change. Throughout history, mainstream depictions of beauty have varied significantly. From plumpness, high foreheads and pale skin in the Victorian ear to waif-like, tan figures today, the ideal image of beauty seems to be in constant evolution, dependent on current trends. While your appearance may have fit the perfect beauty standard when you first began escorting, it may not today. The media’s depictions of what is attractive highly influence client preference for mainstream escorts. Clients readily accept samples of beauty that is spoon fed to them through marketing, films and other public exposure. They are tuned into what the “ideal” is and they want to experience what it is like to be with a woman who is considered universally beautiful by the majority. (Of course, niche escorts always have a role, because some clients don’t prefer the media’s perception of beauty.) Unless you change your look with each developing trend, the way in which you fit the beauty standard may change significantly.
  2. Your age impacts how your beauty is perceived by others. Although attractive qualities are almost always appreciated, they are sometimes shadowed by other factors, such as advancing age. An elderly woman who was once considered beautiful may still have the same sparkling eyes or great smile, but they are less noticeable due to her wrinkles or white hair. As an escort ages, find lines and wrinkles may creep onto her face, which distracts from her other positive qualities. Sun damage, flabbier skin and weight shifts can also detract from a once-beautiful woman’s figure and overall appearance. A woman who was once lusted after by young 20-something men may not attract the same attention from that demographic 10 or 20 years later. However, the 50- or 60-something client group may still sincerely appreciate her good looks. Beauty is dependent on perception by others, and it is strongly affected by age.
  3. Weight fluctuations throughout life can enhance or detract from an escort’s beauty. An escort is extremely lucky if she maintains her weight for her entire professional career. As a woman ages, she is much more susceptible to weight gain. It’s easier to put a few pounds on each year, eventually adding up to several. Pregnancy, relationships, stress and other activities may cause women to gain or lose weight. For some women, they continue to look beautiful as they add a few pounds. Their curves may round out, along with adding just enough roundness to their faces to help keep them looking young. Others, though, are not affected similarly; the weight gain adds double chins, hooded eye lids, extra bulges and unsightly stretch marks. Others may lose weight as they grow older, causing their features to become harsher or sterner.
  4. Life events can have a huge impact on your appearance. Escorts who have hum-drum lives are less likely to show negative effects from stress or other problems. But, one can’t typically control the amount of drama in one’s life (barring bringing it on yourself). Escorts who have faced challenging situations and obstacles may appear more haggard and tired, especially during their troubled times. Puffy eyes, black circles and other signs of worry and stress may show up in their faces. If you are experiencing hard times, illness or other crises in your world, it’s probable that your appearance may suffer, often only temporarily. Despite your best efforts to conceal your worries and concern with make-up and great clothing, it’s difficult to disclose the troubles visible through your eyes. Additionally, many escorts notice their first white or gray hairs during family troubles, or they may have extremely limp, dull and lifeless hair, which is much different from their norm. Often, as you’re involved in life’s troubles, you will notice signs of it on your face, which clearly affects your beauty.
  5. Your efforts to maintain your appearance determine your beauty. Escorts who exert lots of maintenance to fix themselves up regularly are apt to appear more beautiful, coiffed and put together than those who throw themselves together haphazardly. Paying attention to your hair, make-up application, attire and general “look” helps make sure that you are doing the best you can with what you’ve got. An unnaturally pretty girl can become instantly attractive if she knows how to apply cosmetics and does her hair in a flattering style. However, the most beautiful escort may not even come close to fulfilling her potential if she lets her self go or fails to pay attention to how she looks. Additionally, your efforts to maintain your appearance reach into other realms other than fixing yourself up. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise, is an essential part of ensuring your appearance holds up over time. And, to fight off wrinkles and other signs of aging, it’s important to engage in a healthy skin care routine, not just on your face, but over your entire body.
  6. Too much fun can take its toll on your beauty. Parties, late-night adventures, drugs and alcohol, extensive traveling and trying to incorporate too much excitement into your life can wear you down. Escorts who try to fit it all in, including illicit extra-curricular socializing, usually find that it eventually shows up in their faces that they’ve been living a “hard” life. And, if partying is your thing, you will find that it increases your wrinkles and fine lines. Studies have proven that alchoholics, smokers and drug users are prone to significantly more wrinkles and earlier signs of aging than others who lead healthier lifestyles. Smoking (any substance whether it’s pot, cigarettes or e-cigs) may cause sagging skin, stained teeth and thinning hair. Running around at all hours of the night, for fun, will cause you to constantly look tired, which won’t help your physical image with clients. While it may be fun to be the party girl, it will definitely take its toll on your looks. If you want to stay in the industry for a long time, you may want to think twice about your “fun” ways.
  7. Cosmetic surgery may drastically change your appearance. Cosmetic surgeosn can slice and dice anywhere on your body, causing significant effects or fine-tuning your already near-perfect image. Much more popular than it was a decade ago, the realm of cosmetic surgery has advanced to include not only invasive procedures, but also non-invasive ones that can create incredible results. From Botox treatments that fill in wrinkles to breast augmentations to increase your bust size, plastic surgery can enhance your looks in various ways; you are in control about how much effect you want it to have. Many escorts choose to invest in face lifts, tummy tucks and other procedures that help them maintain a younger appearance, while others choose to revamp their appearances with reconstructive surgery that changes their noses, chin lines and other aspects of their bodies. While most surgeons will refuse to perform surgeries that won’t create positive results, others are willing to go along with anything their clients desire. Escorts should use caution when getting cosmetic surgery to ensure the expertise of their professionals and prudent decisions that will enhance their beauty, instead of detracting from it.
  8. Escort attitude has a huge impact on her beauty. There are several components that make up true beauty, and attitude has a significant effect on one’s attractiveness. Escorts who are positive, happy and uplifting tend to be considered more beautiful than those who are negative, sad or bitter all of the time. Being fun or pleasant to be around makes an “average” escort even more attractive in many clients’ eyes. And, any woman is thought to be more beautiful when she smiles genuinely, laughs, allows her eyes to sparkle and carries herself with pleasantness. As an escort, you can help determine your clients’ perception of your looks by giving them a positive facade to assess. They will appreciate that you are a joy to be with and help take their minds off of their own troubles, which makes you beautiful in a way that your looks, alone, can’t do. However, even if you’re dolled up in your sexiest lingerie, a bad attitude immediately takes away your sex appeal. Clients put significant importance on your personality, so utilize it to increase the image of beauty that you project to the world.
  9. Your own perception of beauty helps to determine how others think of you. Escorts who are self-confident and comfortable with their appearances may be thought to be prettier than others who don’t feel good about themselves. The old marketing concept that people will believe what you tell them, despite anything else, is at work when it comes to your looks. If you project self-assurance and demonstrate to the world that you are content with your crooked smile, freckles or anything else about how you look, clients will pick up on this and alter their beliefs accordingly. Short of telling your clients you are beautiful, you need to let them know you feel you are sexy, alluring and hot through your body language, spunk and ease. Additionally, when you really feel good about yourself, it shows through and makes you even more sexy. That positivity reaches out and says something on its own. So, even if you don’t meet the mainstream standard for what is sexy or attractive, your own perception of yourself helps to define your level of beauty, too. Others can see your better traits, when you are willing to embrace them, too.
  10. Altering your own look or style may change up how your beauty is perceived. As you advance through life, it’s natural for your style to change or evolve, especially as trends change. Your experiences throughout life often influence how you look, too, by the way you choose to dress, how you cut your hair and what you do with your make up. Escorts who continue to learn more about themselves may find that they begin gravitating toward a different style than they started with, finding a truer image for themselves. Don’t worry about it if you look vastly different from how you did 10 or 15 years ago, unless it’s having a negative impact on the success of your business. As you adjust your style, most women hone in on their most positive attributes, enhancing their natural beauty even more. You may grow from an awkward 20-something into a ravishing 35-year old, simply because you grew into your own self even more. However, others may go through an abrupt change. If you feel that you could be doing more as an escort, it’s common to analyze your look and image and change what isn’t working for you. A makeover may be in order that will drastically affect your appearance. Whether you’ve purposefully altered your looks or they have evolved over time, the change may create a whole new image for you.
  11. Successful escorts can enhance their beauty by spending more on themselves. Escorts who are naturally beautiful are attractive, despite investing in their appearances. However, everyone can benefit from the “right” clothes, proper make-up and a quality hair cut/color. But these things often cost considerable coin. Escorts don’t always have the money as they start out to dress in designer duds that are tailored to their figures. They can’t purchase high-end cosmetics that do a better job at highlighting, contouring and covering. Haircuts done at the budget salon are common for beginner escorts, while upscale escorts go to the best salons and get top-notch cuts and color jobs. Even if you’re beautiful on a poor man’s budget, your looks may become even more enhanced as you become more successful.