Event escorting

There is a wonderful legend which surrounds events like the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the major parties political conventions. Escorts from all over the United States, and indeed the world, goes the legend, flock to the cities where the event is being held, whereupon they triple their rates and make out like bandits.

by Hannah Jay

A business savvy escort will realize that these mass events are not actually as target rich as they might first appear. After all, political conventions and Super Bowls are intensely social events and the people attending are usually more interested in the game or the politics than the pleasures an escort can bring. Then there is the fact that these big name events happen once a year or, for politics and the Olympics, once every four years. Not really facilitating building a business around.

The real events

Any city of any size, plays host to conventions, often hundreds of conventions, every year.

Checking the event schedule for your town or city is a Google search away. More importantly, an event means new clients are coming to your city. Now your job is to market to them.

Sizing up the numbers, conventions/conferences can bring 30,000+ people to your city for two to five nights. Many will be on expense accounts. Many will have their hotel paid. For a few days, they will have money in their pocket and be “away from home”.

Thinking ahead

There is little point in trying to market your escort services to convention goers the day of the convention. Sure you can, and perhaps should, have a targeted ad up in the print and electronic media (and on your website) during the convention, but the real work takes place a few weeks before the convention begins.

A business man in a new city looking for company for the evening has a wide variety of options – Skipthegames ads online, local alternative papers, agencies and even, in some cities, the good ol’ Yellow pages. And those clients can be quite worthwhile for an escort looking to fill her “book”.

However, a potentially more lucrative class of client are gentlemen who, upon deciding to attend a particular event, then decide to have one or two evenings with an escort during the course of that event. These potential clients are not impulse buyers. Instead, knowing that they are going to be in a city for a convention, they like to book ahead to ensure their nights are well occupied with the escort of their choice. And, that escort can be you!

Reaching out to convention-goers is difficult; but you must make it a point to be easily found by a gentleman looking. And you can target the conventions you want to find clients at.

Look at the list that Google returned: there are a couple of events which will attract well-heeled clients to your city: look for an IT conference, a geoscience convention, a medical congress. Maintaining focus on such events allows a girl to narrow down her targeting with precision.

Targets chosen, the forward- looking escort considers what services to offer. Where can she make the most money? Is having a full evening booked by one client more lucrative than setting up a number of hour or two hour encounters? Do the math then plan your objective accordingly. A significant advantage to booking a full evening means that you are less likely to deal with last minute cancellations or no-shows – especially if you are clever enough to get a substantial deposit.

This type of booking needs to be sold as a premium, luxury, service. Which means that a girl who wants to attract event-driven clients, needs to have a delightful evening planned.

Finally, if you want to focus on events escorting, you need to be exceptionally well organized. You need your marketing on the net at least two months before the event and you have to be able to swing into action well before the evening in question to make the reservations and arrangements which will create a memorable night for your client.

Marketing – welcome to the Internet, again

First off, you need an attention-grabbing ad. When including a description of what you are offering it needs to have a set of hooks which will tie it to the event you are targeting. Initially, you are really aiming at the Google spider rather than a real person, so pay attention to the key words you want to be returned under.

“Escort” may be what you want your prospective client to be looking up. But it needs to be tied to location (as in your city) and more specifically, where you are in that city. You’ll want to mention the hotel if that is the venue for the event you are targeting. And, most importantly, you will want to mention the event itself. Plus, and this can make a huge difference, put the address on the page which is the address of the event. Last but not least, offer a “XYZ Conference Courtesan Evening Special”. Guess who’s going to call, you clever thing?

This is the “copy” which you will be using to attract and close the convention goers you are looking for. Now, you must strategically get it out in the world so that your escort brand will turn up for your city and, indeed, for the target conference.

First, on your own website, make sure that there is a page with this copy on it headed with the above mentioned tag, (“XYZ Conference Courtesan Evening Special – City”). That page is going to be the focus of your efforts to promote your services to the convention attendees.

Next, set up a Blogger.com free blog for Escort.XYZconvention.YourCity.blogspot.com. For the three months leading up to the convention, do one or two entries a week on that blog. They don’t need to be long. Something like, “looking forward to entertaining gentlemen at the XYZ convention, October 25, City.”

Make sure that this blog is attached to a Google+ account and an email address which forwards to your email. All of the links in the blog posts should go to your “XYZ Congress Courtesan Evening Special” page on your main website.

Use your already existing Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote your convention activities as well.

The earlier you can set this internet push up, the better. Google can take a while to index pages and make the connections which you are counting on. Starting three months before the convention is good, starting six months ahead, is even better.

The objective here is to have a lot of different links from different places pointing at your escort brand and attaching it to the target convention.

Now, closer to the convention date itself, it makes a lot of sense to start advertising your convention special in places like Skipthegames and on review sites. Here the logic is very straight forward: your prospective client knows he is going to the convention. He sees an ad for a companion which mentions that convention, and he will, at the very least, click on that ad out of sheer curiosity.

A note on pricing

If you market extensively to the convention trade, it makes sense to charge accordingly. There will be clients who will want a discrete appointment at their hotel room or your apartment; as well as those with no qualms about being seen on the town with a pretty girl. For showing these boys a good time, putting together a package of say, a drink in a hip bar, then dinner at a great restaurant, followed by a sensual nightcap, perhaps at your place or his hotel room – you can charge a premium rate and be booked for many hours.

When you are considering pricing, make sure to allow for your own prep time and expenses. Note as well that for large conventions, exclusive escorts are often booked well in advance. Many clients think that a shortage of higher-end girls might occur during the conference and so they get their pick of girls by acting early .


The great advantage of an event booking is that it is relatively easy to verify the client. For a careful escort, a couple of calls during the booking phase can confirm identity. As well, it is worth while to know where your prospective client is staying even if it is not going to be an out-call date. A good hotel is an excellent reference.

Because you are making a multi-hour commitment, you are going to want to ensure that the event client actually shows up. Charging a booking fee or taking a deposit is a great way of making sure the client has skin in the game – 20% on booking is reasonable and high enough that your prospective client is not likely to miss your date.

Make sure you have a PayPal account so that there is no difficulty in having the money transferred. Bank transfers will work as well and, if the client wants the anonymity of cash, there is nothing the least bit wrong with FedEx-ing a book with Presidents (or the Queen) as a bookmark.

Make sure that you have your client’s contact details – a safe email, cell number and texting details – and make sure you know how he wants to be contacted. If he books more than a month in advance, it is advantageous sending him an email a few weeks before the convention confirming arrangements and saying you are looking forward to his time in your city. Your event escorting encounter should be something your client really anticipates. You want to be the highlight of his trip.

His own, private event

Conventions and conferences are work. Hard work. Standing in a booth all day pitching an investment or a tractor tire is exhausting. So is sitting in a room with hundreds of strangers listening to six PowerPoint decks being read in monotones. The food is generally mediocre – steam table hotel food looks great but tastes industrial. And, most of all, conventions are indoor, air conditioned, re-circulated air events with nothing but artificial light and ersatz music over the hubbub of whatever the convention is about. The social activities of a convention are expressly about “networking” and the whole idea of a cocktail party is to sip a weak drink for an hour while meeting sixty people in sixty minutes and exchanging cards. Worse, many of the higher fliers at conventions also have the stress of doing their own presentations or being responsible for the success of a corporate presence which may have taken a year, and a lot of money, to put together. While your client may think he is rewarding himself with an evening of escort sex, the fact is that he is giving himself permission to step away from the over stimulation of the event itself.

Once your client has booked your services for the evening, it is time to spring your brilliant plan into action. Meeting your client at a cafe or bar walking distance from the convention center makes sense. It will give him what may be his first fresh air of the day. Make sure that it is nearby enough that he actually walks the block or two rather than hopping in a taxi. Everyone now has expert mapping and navigation on their phones so laborious directions aren’t necessary on your part. You role is to get there before he does, and, it goes without saying, look gorgeous.

Once introductions are exchanged, nip into a little cafe. Conventions have coffee (of a sort), but a real espresso or a cappuccino at the start of the date will be a welcome change of pace and an easy ice-breaker. Over coffee, you can get to know your client, establish a bit of a rapport with him, and put him at ease. You can also assess his relative level of exhaustion and be willing to adjust the evening’s plans accordingly at his request. Finally, a discreet envelope will change hands. A gracious thank you, and an elegant transfer to your evening bag is all that is required. If you really don’t trust him, you can count it in the ladies room. And, on the other side of the coin, there is every chance your client will be worried that you might make a dash with the cash. It really is a matter of judgment and trust on both sides.

Now energized with caffeine and your infectious enthusiasm, the business aspect of the day quickly fading, your client will be ready to submit to your charms and plans. If the weather is fine, a walk about, ideally past a few bits of “local colour” but not too far, will be fun and stimulate the appetite for the wonderful restaurant you have chosen (and made reservations for weeks ago).

A few notes on restaurants. Obviously, if dining is part of the evening’s itinerary he has requested when booking, it is a good idea to ask what he likes to eat and also what he doesn’t. Firmly establish what the budget is for the meal, and don’t go beyond it. If he is a foodie, you might even email a link of the menu to get his approval beforehand. If you are contemplating a spot that is new or unfamiliar, go for drink or appies to check it out for yourself. The cuisine is only one factor. What you are really looking for is a maximal contrast to the noise and institutional cooking of convention land.

Just as the food and the ambience of the restaurant needs to be in sharp contrast to the convention world, you as your client’s companion of the evening, need to provide a relief from the business-driven world of the conference. In particular, you will stand in sharp feminine contrast to the combative arena of the convention floor.

Remember that your client is coming to you from a full immersion in the odd social dynamic of a convention or conference. A dynamic which was odd a hundred years ago when these sorts of gatherings were typically all-male affairs, but even more perplexing to traditionalists now that women are not only included, but, in fact, often run the conferences. Where conventions were once “hail fellow well met” affairs with a bit too much booze and a lot of ribald jokes as males bonded, now they are politically correct showcases of inclusiveness and appropriate business behavior. The good old days of male bonding rituals are over and the danger of a group hug or a team building exercise can never be totally discounted.

Against this backdrop, a pretty girl in a lovely dress who understands the world from a different perspective than her corporate counterpart in the pantsuit, is to a conference weary businessman, a welcome relief and a wonderful luxury. Again, while intimacy will certainly be on the agenda, an escort date of this sort requires a high degree of personal and social confidence. Your character, manners, and conversational skills are at the forefront of the encounter rather than solely sexual prowess.

Taking time to look your best will enhance your confidence. While sexy is certainly an option, feminine elegance is a wiser choice. Conventions are all about top volume, bright colours, relentless changes, sensory overload – dinner with a beautiful woman in a simple, but perfect, dress, is the exact opposite.

So, as you contemplate your outfit, hair and make-up, choose understated. A little black cocktail dress with sexy underpinnings is failsafe. Sheer black stockings are never wrong. Nor are small diamond stud earrings or a few stings of pearls (and stunning together). An artful but light hand on the make-up, with a classic red lipstick, is all you need.

Conversationally, the poor man may very well be talked out. Conventions are all about talking. However, an insightful escort will know that there is a difference between the endless “pitch” on the floor of a convention and speaking with an engaged listener. The Japanese Geisha, who rarely had any sort of sexual encounter with their clients, understood the art of listening well. Simply giving your client the encouragement of your attention and a few prompting questions will let him unwind.

A good dinner, excellent wine, charming company, and you will have a happy, replete, client to take back to your place for a nightcap and such activities as may arise between consenting adults.

An island of calm

Event escorting can be a lucrative business move for a full-time escort or a profitable sideline for a girl who is more of a “sometimes escort”. A bit of planning, a lot of organization, and a keen sense of your own value, can make event escorting supremely worthwhile.

The beauty of event escorting is that what you are actually providing is respite; a break from the madness which is a convention floor. You are bringing much-needed elegance and a sense of the feminine to the harried road warrior locked in conference combat.

In your little black dress, killer shoes and impeccable grooming, you are the deep soothing calm at the end of a grueling day.