Finest example of the out-of-the-box escorting

How a girl escorts is all about how she sees the business and her own sense of self. Many escorts take a basic, meat and potatoes approach and that can, and does, work, be it ever so boring. Other girls like to explore their beauty and take a model-experience approach. Still others believe they have what it takes to provide the “porn star” experience and charge accordingly. No single approach is right, but some are more lucrative than others, and one is right for you.

by Hannah Jay

There are girls who take a very creative approach to providing companionship to gentlemen. Whether through an abundance of self-confidence or a desire just to be different, these girls take the basics of escorting and turn it into something more.

Taking a creative approach means that these girls offer escort experiences which are unique and more than the ordinary. This means that their marketing and advertising stands out. We’re highlighting a few of the more interesting girls we’ve talked to, and got ideas on how you can turn your business from ho-hum to exciting.

One Night Stand

“I only offer one sort of date,” says Erin who is 29 and lives in a mid-western city. “The client gets to do something many men fantasize about, but most men never really manage to get. He gets to «pick me up» in a bar or a coffee shop or, for fun, just walking along the street.”

“It sounds a bit hokey, and I suppose it is, but it totally works for me.”

“I work full-time during the week and so my escorting needs to be in the early evenings or on the weekends. I live on my own near downtown in a condo I actually own. It has a private entrance and great security so I like to, eventually, bring my date home.”

“What happens is that a guy will see my ad and call or email. I have a very simple booking deal. I charge a flat rate, no hourly, it is for the evening. I pick the spot for him to pick me up and his job is to talk me into taking him home.”

“I like to be safe so the deal is that he gives me his name and a bit of background and any references he has. I check him out. If he’s seems ok then I send him a text with my PayPal account. I want 20% on booking and it has to be either PayPal or a bank transfer. I have a very discreet company name where these deposits show up and that leaves an innocent, but useful, paper trail.”

“What I love about doing my dates this way is that it is just like any other evening where I get dressed up a little and go off for a cocktail and maybe a little dinner. Other than the lovely envelope, that is.”

“Most of my clients really get into the spirit of the thing and will actually send drinks over or, if I am sitting at the bar, strike up a conversation. Of course, once in a while, things can get a little competitive because a civilian will decide that he has a pretty good chance of picking me up, too!”

“I dress to the nines for these little encounters. I want my client to notice I have made an effort and I want him to get that delicious sensation of walking out of the bar with a girl pretty enough and well-dressed enough to attract attention. I always make them buy me dinner. It’s part of the arrangement,” she laughs.

“With the right dress and the right heels and lingerie, dinner can be a highly exciting experience for my client. I have a few restaurants which I can count on to give me a secluded table and I have a lot of fun teasing my date. It is fairly innocent, but he’ll be left in no doubt what’s in store when he gets to my place.”

“All the places I have my pick-up dates in and all the restaurants are within walking distance of my condo. I like a little cool air and a walk to put a bit of an edge on the gentleman’s appetite.”

“The final payment is made by giving me an envelope at the start of the date, so the pleasures of the evening can commence immediately. This really is activities between consenting adults. The nightcap is never a given and, in fact, I have had a couple of clients who did the entire date but decided not to enjoy the consenting adult activities. Their call.”

“The great thing about the “one night stand” date is that my clients usually have such a good time they want to see me, in much the same circumstances, again. Usually a different venue, but the same scenario. Of course we can play it as total strangers or recognize each other; but the game is really the same. My client is going to sweep me off my feet and end up back at my condo.”

“The biggest downside? Well, I have to spend an hour at the gym every couple of days to work off those dinners. But really, there is no downside. Party hats all round and I have to admit, I love the attention.”

The Patron Experience

Anise is thirty-one and lives in Boston. She’s tall, rather willowy, long, straight, natural brunette hair with a soft, almost whispery, voice.

“Did I escort? I slept with men for money, well a man, but I’ll tell you what I did, and you can figure it out for yourself.”

“Basically, I am a painter. I paint big canvasses and I do constructions and boxes and I like to make things which don’t have to hang on a wall, but can be put on tables or just propped up against the wall on the floor. And I do some illustration because I love to draw and use pen and ink. And I sell my work and it does pretty well. And I have some of my drawings up on Etsy and some prints of some of my paintings and that worked pretty well. But the thing is, I didn’t make that much money. I know artists are expected to starve for years before they make it, but I come from a family where you are supposed to be successful. But as an artist, this can take time, and meanwhile there is just not that much money early on in an artistic career.”

“Then I met a man who loved my art, and bought a lot of my work. He always wanted to see my new stuff and he visited my tiny apartment once or twice a month and usually bought a few pieces before they were even finished! We had a certain chemistry, and so we also chatted and laughed and flirted a bit.”

“Then one day over tea, he offered to act as my patron. He knew that what my art business really needed was cash so that I could get a studio and stop scrimping on supplies. He had tons of ideas about how I could really promote my work and get some showings and increase sales. And there was this one other thing. And sharing some intimacy was an easy bargain to make with such a great and generous guy.”

“I could finally concentrate on doing my art without constantly worrying about paying the rent and having enough to eat. So I worked like crazy and one of my paintings—a huge, semi-nude self-portrait went viral. There was an actual bidding war for it! In the end, it went to a famous collector in London for five figures.”

“My patron was a bit unusual, I guess. I think I was really lucky. Our time together got me past the time/money crunch most artists run into. And he stayed my patron even though I obviously didn’t need his support any more. We still went to museums and galleries and we did a few trips to New York together to go to galleries. We really couldn’t imagine our lives without each other, and so, in Paris, he got down on one knee and proposed. Needless to say, I said YES!”

“Most women see the whole patron thing as romantic, which I suppose it is, or at least it was for me; but it isn’t always that way. I know some artists who have done escorting on the side to support themselves. Personally, I think one patron is the best though. I just know I could never handle all the flux of escorting, I needed to be creative even in business, even in my patron arrangement.

“It’s funny though. I have confided my story to a few close female artist friends, and they have each found a patron, though they had to advertise to find him! We’ve all met—hey, we’re artists after all—and when Claire had an opening at a little gallery upstairs on Newbury Street, there were three attractive men in expensive suits all with their wives (my girlfriends’ patrons are all are married; and I am a wife now to my former patron!) all looking at her paintings. Artists and patrons. It was like out of a novel. I think one of the wives knew what was going on, but didn’t say a thing.”

“So, you tell me? Was having a patron being an escort? If getting money for your art also involves sleeping with your buyer does that count? I don’t think I am the first artist to have mixed business with pleasure. Claire’s patron told me that what he really enjoys is having a girl he can talk to about art and books instead of real estate and schools and that sort of stuff. It lets him, even for a couple of hours, enjoy a break from his day to day.”

“So I’m still not sure what I was doing was really escorting; but I was delighted when my patron told me he was a one artist sort of a guy.”

Road Trip

“Start with, “I love to drive,” toss a bag in the trunk, laptop, smartphone and off I go.” Gwen was talking to us from Wichita Kansas. She’s 25 and has a degree in psychology. “Right now I’m a blonde, but that might change next time I am home.”

Home is Austin Texas. “This run I’ve been in Dallas and Oklahoma City. Tonight Witchita, then I’ll scoot up to Kansas City for the weekend. Then over to St. Louis and on down to Nashville. Then I’ll head West on Highway 40 to Jackson, Memphis and Little Rock. Texarcana, Shreveport and then home with a few dates in Dallas.”

“Now, some girls call this touring, and I suppose it is, but I don’t see it that way at all. I don’t check into a crappy motel on the edge of town and service guys all day. That’s not what I do at home, and it isn’t what I do on the road either.”

“I like to see the country. Drive the back highways. So I set up my escorting dates where I want to go. Thank God for the internet.”

“It is pretty easy really. I’ll put ads up at places like a week or two before I plan to be in a particular city. I see what the response is and book the dates over the phone with a small deposit paid by PayPal or bank wire.”

“The way I work it, I need one date in a city for a night to be break-even, so if I can book say five or six over two nights, I am making a decent profit while having a bit of a mini vacation.”

“Where ever I am, I try to book a nice room or small suite in an upscale hotel. I dress the part. Usually a dress or suit, stockings and good heels. Yes, you might see me on the outskirts of town pulling into an IHOP in jeans and a t-shirt and walking out of the restroom a business glamour girl. But the change is radical enough that you probably wouldn’t know it was the same girl.”

“It doesn’t hurt that I drive a wonderful, classic, black with red interior, Mercedes S450 convertible. It is much older than I am and it just oozes old money and elegance. I get stopped in the street by people who want to know all about my car. Plus it is not at all bad on gas. When I pull up to an old line southern or Midwestern hotel in my Mercedes and a designer suit with a Celine or Chanel bag and take one of their better rooms, more often than not I am upgraded to a suite.”

“In fact, where I can figure out a way to do it, I often try to book a suite. A lady with a sitting room is an entirely different animal than a girl with nothing more than a bed and a couple of chairs. What goes on behind closed doors is none of a hotel’s business, but there is no point in rubbing their noses in it.”

“I’ve been riding my circuits for a couple of years now, so I actually have regulars in most of the places I visit. Staying one or two nights in a city gives you a chance to explore the city and arrange an afternoon date or two. Again, appearing to be a business woman means that if I have a sitting room attached to the bedroom it makes perfectly good sense for a gentleman to call. And, in fact, I have my clients ask for me at the desk and I come down to meet them. You want to project real confidence, the idea that you have nothing to hide. And, of course, tipping well helps.”

“Escorting on the road give me a terrific confidence. I’m not sure exactly why, but when I climb in my pretty car and shoot down the highway I become a different girl. A bit more aggressive, very in tune with my surroundings. Plus, this is a business. I am making a substantial investment in time, gas, food and hotels. I want to come home with a lot of money.”

“You learn fast on the road. For instance, I never have more than a few hundred dollars in cash in the car. I have a credit card and a gas card and maybe $300. More than that and all sorts of small town sheriffs can decide you are somehow running drugs and confiscate the cash and the car. I was told by this sweet Oklahoma Sheriff’s deputy who pulled me over going just a little too fast. I didn’t even get a ticket ,but when he asked if I had any cash I bragged I had nearly $10,000 with me. I was very, very naive. So I usually buy a bank draft or a prepaid Visa card or five with what I earn. You have to be a little careful because the IRS is a little crazy about cash deposits and they have been known to seize bank accounts.”

“Driving a few hundred miles is incredibly refreshing if you are not in a hurry. I like to reach my next city in the mid-afternoon, drop my car and bags at the hotel, but not check in unless they are ready for me. Then I go and have coffee and explore for a little while. I go back to the hotel to change for my first date—which is usually for cocktails, and then I may have a dinner date a bit later. Three or maybe four, dates the next day and evening, and an early departure the following day.”

“I do charge a pretty good rate on the road. The fact that I am a new face in many of the cities I go to, can attract the hobbyists and I’m ok with that. In fact, if there is a local review board, I will advertise there. And the next time I go through that particular city I’ll put positive reviews in my ad.”

“Doing road trips also means I am never anywhere, even Austin, long enough to really attract a lot of law enforcement attention. It really is not worth the time to try a sting on a gal who is only in town twice a year for a couple of days at most.”

“When you are on the road you meet some incredible people, and some of them are clients. Sure, as a single girl on the road I need to be ultra careful; and I always am.”