From a shy country girl to chic escort in 12 easy steps

Many young women have aspirations of becoming high-end escorts, but they really have no concept about what they have to do in order to transform themselves into the worldly, sophisticated goddess who attracts only the best clients.

ingenueThese women may be naive, conservative beginners who just simply don’t know where to start. Even when they attempt to emulate upscale escorts, they fall short because missing pieces are truly the key to a successful transformation.

Not only does an escort who is attempting to convert herself from a small town girl to a big city escort have to change her look, she must also adjust her attitude and other aspects about the way she acts. It’s a tough transformation, but ambitious escorts can accomplish it within a couple of months. Use these 12 steps to transform your world:

  1. Know that physical involvement with your clients is a requirement. Typically, escorts who are successful right out of the box have some level of sexual experience. With several sexual partners or relationships under your belt, you’re prepared to know how to pleasure a client. However, you must develop an attitude that allows you to believe that any intimate contact you have with a client is part of a business transaction and is nothing personal or emotionally-based. Client expectations vary, but many contract with an escort under the assumption that they will be granted some action during an encounter. You must be willing to provide this, or clearly state that you only provide social companionship.
  2. Transform your wardrobe. Even though your current style could be called “cute” or “girly,” that is not the look you are going for if you’re aiming for “chic” or “sleek”. Focus on discarding any items that are cheaply made, gaudy, too tight/short, trashy or overly trend-friendly. Work to create a wardrobe that is based on classic styles with slim cuts and neutral colors (black, navy, dark red, camel or white). Good pieces to incorporate into your new attire include pencil skirts, tailored slacks, dark well-fitting jeans, a little black dress, a fitted button-down white blouse, a flattering sweater or cardigan, a tailored blazer and a great scarf. The items will likely coordinate well together, as long as you have selected simple styles that don’t include fussy details, such as excessive frills or ruffles. Understated apparel will say much more about you than a dress that seems to scream “Look at me!” due to its gaudy nature. Clothing with simple, clean lines will accentuate and showcase your body better than a flashy dress with a lousy fit. Designer items are wonderful inclusions, but if you’re working on a budget, they may be hard to come by.
  3. Get a tasteful haircut. First, determine if your current color is really working for you. It’s fairly common for a woman to think her color is fine, only to discover that it was actually taking away from her natural beauty. Ask a professional stylist what she/he advises. Don’t go crazy with it, but a change may actually accentuate your coloring or eyes. Avoid keeping your hair too long. Not only is it difficult to manage when you’re with clients, but it can weigh you down and make you look tired or hide your face. You should only keep your long locks if you have ultra healthy, thick hair. Otherwise, consider a shoulder-length bob or other easy-to-care-for style. Keep it long enough to throw up in a French twist or chignon for days you’re in a hurry and need it to look classy fast. Lastly, learn to do a professional-looking blowout. Stylists can instantly change the look of your hair by blow drying it to perfection. Once you master this skill, you will look like you stepped out of the salon every day.
  4. Perfect your posture. The way you stand, sit and walk says a lot about you and is an aspect that is important during first impressions. Truly sophisticated people do not slump or lean over as they move about their days. They stand up straight, with their shoulders back and tummies tucked in. They keep their chins up and eyes focused straight ahead of them. If you are serious about correcting any posture issues you may have, consider taking a ballet or yoga class. The exercises you learn through these classes may help build your core and strengthen your trunk, which are necessary components for excellent posture. Additionally, you can do other exercises on your own that will focus on these areas. Another way to improve your posture is to imagine that a balloon with a string is attached to the crown of your head. As it rises in the sky, it pulls your head upward, too. As you imagine this scenario, notice how you will automatically transition into an upright position. Practice this move several times a week, and you will notice changes to your posture. Remember that good posture doesn’t have to be stiff or formal; you can relax once you have the basic premise down. After all, an escort who is stiffly postured isn’t going to be able to have any fun with clients, so it’s important to find a happy medium including relaxation.
  5. Adjust your make-up routine to create a sharpened image. Even though less is usually considered more, every escort should have a few make-up tricks up her sleeve that transform her from pretty to red-carpet appropriate in a matter of minutes. From proper highlighting to a sexy smoky eye, a professional make-up artist can give you some help. One of the most challenging elements to applying make-up is selecting the colors and products that are best for your skin and natural coloring; again, a professional can lead the way for success. Escorts should avoid using too much make-up (it smudges when a client gets up close and personal), but they should attempt to apply enough to give them enough “polish” to look classy and chic.
  6. Reform the way you act. Firstly, you must become aware of how you act in public or in private with others. Pay attention to your mannerisms, facial expressions and your body language. Make an extra effort to be kind to others, especially those who cannot help you. Learn to communicate effectively, clearly and assertively. Use your manners and be courteous at all times. Offer appreciation and respect. Demonstrate confidence and that you are at ease with yourself. Avoid negative body language, like crossing your arms or turning away from others when you are with them. Try to stop fidgeting or doing things nervously, such as picking at your clothing, twirling your hair or tapping your fingers. And, lastly, smile. Some people have the misconceived notion that to be chic and sophisticated you must be somber and reserved. But, you project a much more positive image through smiling, which equates quite nicely with elegance. A sophisticated escort does her best to achieve a polished image through acting like a lady.
  7. Conform the way you talk. Profanity should never leave your lips in front of a client (unless that’s part of your hard-edged appeal). Learn to speak clearly, without a thick accent. (However, if you are using your roots as part of your “shtick,” you may be able to keep it, as long as you tone it down.) Carefully enunciate and ensure you are pronouncing words correctly. Plan what you will say ahead of time, instead of impulsively blurting out comments or questions that may not be appropriate. Use proper grammar; reword sentences, if necessary, in situations where you are challenged by which way to say something correctly. Learn to engage in intelligent conversation by asking more questions than how much you talk. Inquire with others about their interests, hobbies, work or other subjects in order to effortlessly string along discussions. Exercise tactful judgment by sensing what is appropriate to say and to whom. Consider people’s feelings and emotions, before you speak. And, lastly, never, ever, under any circumstances, engage in topics that include questionable subject matter, including racial, religious or political issues. Off-color jokes, vicious gossip and undue criticism should be avoided, too. The things you say (including how you say them) can destroy any image of class you’ve attempted to create through a great wardrobe and appearance. Escorts know that their speech is one of the most powerful things they have going for them. But, it’s also one of the most difficult to transform.
  8. Learn to manage your money. Maybe you are already a master budgeter; if so, that’s great. However, many escorts jump into the industry and continue living as they did before (paycheck to paycheck often), only to find they run out of money near the end of the month. It’s difficult to pull off being chic or sophisticated when you’re worried about how you’re going to pay your electric bill or afford your rent. Part of being chic and sleek is having your life together, and balancing your checkbook is an important element in that.
  9. Learn more about the world around you. Most small town girls are somewhat sheltered about international issues or concerns. Make an effort to educate yourself fully so you can intelligently communicate with your clients about significant current events. Watch the news, read newspapers, research information online and read books in order to polish up your knowledge about various subjects you think your clients may want to talk about. Escorts have to expand their interests in order to attract and sustain a worldly client list. If you are coming from a sheltered existence where world matters didn’t become priorities, you must shift your focus to include them. The more educated you are, the more sophisticated you will seem to clients.
  10. Maintain high expectations of quality and luxury in your life. Clients notice when an escort seems comfortable with and recognizes luxe’ accommodations and treatment. Developing a discriminating taste doesn’t mean you have to become a snob or act judgmentally, it simply implies that you have enough experience to discern between standard and opulent surroundings. Desiring the best food, wine and atmosphere is something to be proud of, and a trait that clients will appreciate right off the bat. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to maintain these expectations in your personal life; sometimes, mediocre is just fine, especially if that’s what your budget will allow.
  11. Open yourself up to new experiences. When you’re accustomed to living in a small town or in a rural area, as many aspiring escorts do before they begin their careers, it’s difficult to find new, exciting opportunities. However, as you are going through your transformation from hick to chic, learn through your efforts to broaden your horizons. Don’t stay stuck in your rut; try new things. Eat new places and enjoy unfamiliar cuisines and dishes. Attend events that you were unaware of or had never been to before. Go to museums and art galleries to soak up as much information and culture as you can. Go on vacations to exotic lands and engage in adventurous activities (zip lining, parasailing, tours, etc.). By allowing yourself to do new things, you increase your chic factor exponentially through your knowledge of new activities. Also, you create an aspect of your personality that is up for anything and willing to take on any challenge, which is incredibly attractive to high-end clients.
  12. Above all, be yourself. Through such a hectic transformation from country bumpkin to city slicker it can be easy to lose a sense of who you really are. Despite all of the other rules, it’s essential for you to retain your personality through all of your efforts. Don’t change everything about yourself just to become successful in a new profession. Attempt to let the process polish and hone your image into a more elegant one, leaving a few rough edges that make you, you. If you allow yourself to transform totally into someone else, you are losing the most critical trait that clients will be attracted to. Yes, you want to be chic. Yes, you want a sophisticated image. And, yes, you can do it with your own personality intact.