Green Bay, Wisconsin escort and escort service permits

The city statutes of Green Bay require that a person obtain a permit if she wishes to work as an escort or operate an escort service within the city limits. An escort is defined as an individual who is paid for spending time with a client for entertainment purposes, including performing lingering modeling, striptease acts or performing nude or semi-nude.

Licensing Office

  • City Clerk
  • 100 N. Jefferson St.
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301
  • Phone (920) 448-3010
  • Fax (920) 448-3016


  • Escort service application fee $500
  • Escort service license fee $500
  • Escort registration fee $ 25

Length of time to receive permits

  • 60 days for either permit

Requirements for escort and escort service permits:

  • Name, address and age of applicant
  • Photos and fingerprints of applicant (completed by the Green Bay Police Department)

Extra requirements for escort permits:

  • Aliases, pseudonyms, stage names and phone number of applicant
  • Name of the licensed escort service applicant will be employed by

Extra requirements for escort service permits:

  • Information about any other licenses or businesses the applicant possesses
  • Any suspensions or revocations of licenses
  • Full disclosure of criminal history of applicant
  • Type of ownership for the business and legal details (such as articles of corporation, partnership agreements, etc.)
  • Trade name
  • Business location, including copy of the lease or deed
  • Federal Employee Identification Number
  • Office organization — manager, etc.
  • Advertising them and methods
  • Contracts to be used for the escorts and clients
  • Hours of operation
  • Methods to be used for health and safety promotion for escorts

Applicants can submit their applications for permits directly to the City Clerk’s office, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.