Guest post by Captain Obvious: Escort-client relationships don’t last forever

In the escort industry, the types of relationships that an escort may form with clients are quite varied. From short-lived one-time experiences to long-term multiple encounter clients, escorts run the gamut where clients are concerned. Much like a bartender who sees regular and new patrons daily, an escort must use her sixth sense to determine the desires of new clients and utilize her memory to please her regular ones.

All things must pass

By catering and marketing to various types of clients, escorts work hard to establish and nurture the types of relationships they develop along the way. Taking care of these relationships appropriately take a lot of consideration and tact on the part of an escort, as every client is different and requires something unique from her.

There are three main types of clients that an escort may see: 1) One-time visitors, 2) Occasional devotees and 3) Loyal regulars. Escorts may have a client list full of all three types or only cater to one or two. Here is a breakdown of what constitutes each category:

  1. One-time visitors: Often, escorts get clients who only show up for their one booked encounter. There are several reasons a client may be a one-timer and never make contact again. Some clients are simply curious about the allure of seeing an escort. They want to know what the experience is like, the services an escort provides and how it feels to indulge in an encounter that is only about him. Once is sometimes enough for a curious client, who may be otherwise happily single, involved or married. Some clients need to feel appreciated. They may book an encounter and follow through with an escort, only to realize that they really are appreciated in other avenues of their life and just didn’t realize it. Their mission is accomplished and they have no further need for an encounter. Some clients are out looking for the “right” escort. This type of client may have a full laundry list of things he is looking for in an escort ranging from hair color, bra size, interests and services she provides. He may not realize how difficult it is to find everything he wants in one package, and, even though he had a grand time with you, he is determined he can find his “right” girl by continuing to look. Some one-time clients are hobbyists. They have made a hobby of seeing escorts for entertainment. The more escorts they see, the more successful they consider themselves to be at their hobby. It is no insult to you that these clients don’t return. You are simply a notch on their belts. Some clients are bored and think that seeing an escort will entertain them. However, once they visit an escort, they realize that simply being with an escort doesn’t all of sudden make them entertained when she leaves. Many clients book encounters with escorts, only to find themselves living with guilt afterward, for cheating on their spouses or partners. And, finally, some one-time clients are out-of-towners and never return to an escort’s city. They may be visiting for business or any other personal reason, but it isn’t feasible for them to return.
  2. Occasional devotees: This type of client is often thought to be a one-time client, until they call out of the blue for an appointment. Escorts may be caught off guard when a client they haven’t heard from in months calls to say he wants to see her. She may have mentally written him off her client list, only to have him pop back up. Clients like this have several reasons for being only an occasional client. Firstly, some of them are out-of-towners who have business to tend to in town from time to time. However, they may only make it to an escort’s city once every so often, so they can’t really be counted as “regular” clients. These type of clients think the world of an escort, but can only book an encounter once in a while. Some clients just simply have irregular schedules due to their work. They may travel out of town extensively or have family members with inconsistent routines. It makes it much more difficult to set up an appointment with an escort if you’re trying to work around someone else’s schedule (such as a child’s sports schedule or a wife’s crazy business routine). Some clients who occasionally call the same escort for repeat encounters may just need a break from everyday life. They may go along for weeks, feeling great and not needing any other external “release.” But, something may happen at work or with their families that causes them to need some stress relief. When that happens, they call up their trusty escorts. Finally, some clients seek out the attention of their escorts when they are between partners. They may be constantly playing the field and enjoying the company of others. However, when one of their relationships end, they go back to their escort. It’s not that they don’t enjoy the service; it’s that they are genuinely trying to make their relationships work by not engaging in external hanky-panky.
  3. Loyal regulars: These clients are consistent. They may have a regular weekly, monthly or otherwise scheduled encounter with their escort. It’s typically the same day at the same time, always. They usually have the same requests, expectations and routine during each and every encounter. An escort can really depend on this kind of client for continuity and stability.

All business relationships have their own unique sets of dynamics and characteristics. The escort industry is really no different.

Of course, there may be other kinds of clients that fail to fit into the three main categories, but most can be generalized. (However, avoid stereotyping clients except for grouping your client list such as this.)

Basically, through these categories, it’s obvious that an escort may have short-lived and long-term relationships with clients. As a result, the dynamics between an escort and her client vary significantly, depending on the type of client he is. Escorts should realize that the dynamics are not dictated by the client per se, but by his continuity of visits. Here are some examples:

  1. Short-lived client relationships: Clients who don’t have regular interactions with an escort may be strangers, when it comes right down to it. Even though an escort may have carefully screened him, a client is still someone an escort doesn’t know when he walks through that incall door. Often, clients who don’t intend to see an escort regularly won’t commence with much small talk (unless they are nervous) and want to get down to business. Many younger ones want to make sure they get their money’s worth, climaxing more than once during an encounter and getting their requisite amount of intense attention from an escort. Escorts are expected to have their processes streamlined and be prepared for anything the client throws at them. Of course, because an escort doesn’t know the client, she may not be able to anticipate his every expectation, especially if he has some unique requests. The skinny on these relationships: they are based on the services an escort is expected to provide…period.
  2. Long-term relationships: Through multiple encounters , regardless of whether it’s all business or not, an escort and her client will get to know one another quite well. She may learn about his constant allergies and trouble with Chinese food, and he may obtain knowledge about her ticklish regions and how she breaks out every May as she starts to get out in the sun more. Small talk and courteous exchanges become more meaningful, as friendships often form between escorts and their regulars. Dynamics are much different between long-term clients and short-term ones, as escorts begin to trust them more and allow them to know more personal details about themselves. It’s sometimes very difficult for escorts to maintain the same boundaries for long-term clients as she does her more occasional clients. Both parties begin to take each other for granted. Even though it is still a business arrangement, more emotions may become involved and intimacies come to mean more between people who know one another.

Because of their different kinds of clients, escorts’ standards may change as their escort career grows. They react differently depending on how their client lists shape up.

Escorts with lots of one-timers often tend to begin to examine their performance and services. They may doubt themselves and their ability to perform, if the majority of their clients fail to return. (They may be wise to examine their performance…or they may just have bad luck with clients.) One way to find out why clients don’t return is to ask for feedback. Escorts can encourage clients to explain how their expectations were or were not met and describe highs and lows of the encounter. Some escorts don’t see their clients again because they’re not marketing aggressively enough. They can initiate contact with their one-time clients to invite them to schedule a repeat booking. Additionally, they may need to adjust their marketing techniques to encourage clients who want to find something more than entertainment for an hour or two…but, market toward clients who are seeking more permanent no-strings-attached companionship.

The escorts who are blessed with loyal, regular clients should be happy and relieved for the stability that they lend to their careers. However, escorts must be careful to avoid becoming lazy with their marketing or communications with non-regulars. They need to continue to build their client bases, to ensure a successful career. In order to avoid becoming stagnant with clients, they should also encourage a bit of change-up with their regulars in order to make encounters a bit more interesting. That way the client doesn’t get bored, either. (It doesn’t have to be anything crazy; just some new lingerie, new positions or a new place from time to time. Shaking things up can make the relationship more exciting.) Escorts who have long-term clients must also be careful to avoid becoming too involved with a client. She is not his wife, nor is he or hubby. She may know details about his children, but that doesn’t mean she will be invited to their high school graduations. Keeping those boundaries clear is important, despite the regular intimacies shared otherwise. And, escorts should never begin comparing their regular clients with others. Honestly, no client is better than another, as long as each of them pay her rate and treat her nicely. Don’t compare clients, because it’s easy to show preferences or cancel on others who are not as well liked. All clients are important.

Finally, all escorts must realize that regardless of how good they may think their relationships are with their long-term clients, they can still end at any time. Regular clients may be faced with threats from a spouse to end their escort-seeing days. They may have other personal issues that will cause them to end their encounters. Their tastes may change and they may get bored with one escort. Some clients may feel that the relationship is getting too intimate. (Escorts may feel this way, too, and end a relationship that is looking to become troublesome.) And some escorts raise their rates, which is not tolerated by all clients.