How do escorts dress? 12 escort dress code tips

While there is no particular uniform that escorts should wear when seeing clients, there is a dress code of sorts that applies to high-end professionals. Escorts rely on their image (and their looks) in order to be successful. If an escort doesn’t dress to impress and fit her image, she is likely to never reach the level of success she desires, regardless of her potential. An escort could use these tips when considering her wardrobe for dates:

  1. Dress to blend in during the date. An escort should never be highly recognizable as an escort. People shouldn’t be able to point her out as one. Even though an escort should dress in a way that enhances her best attributes, it should never be vulgar; always in such a way that she looks appropriately at the event, social function, or location where they meet a client.
  2. Escorts should wear attire that is appropriate for whether the date is an evening or daytime appointment. Evening wear is inappropriate if an escort is visiting a client at a downtown hotel in the middle of the day or early evening. However, if she is seeing a client at 9 p.m., evening wear might be acceptable when she is entering a high-end hotel. Daytime wear is appropriate for daytime or early evening dates.
  3. Makeup should be applied tastefully and with consideration for the date. If an escort is meeting a client at a formal gala, she should wear more dramatic makeup than if she is simply meeting a client for lunch at noon. Regardless of the time of day or night, makeup should be simple, flattering and enhancing her natural beauty. Any makeup that appears painted on or looks trashy should be avoided. Additionally, because escorts may come into close contact with clients, makeup should not be applied excessively so as to not rub off onto clients or their clothing.
  4. Perfume should be avoided. Perfumed lotions are acceptable, however perfume should not be worn to appointments with clients. Many clients are allergic to perfume. Others would prefer to avoid the lingering smell of perfume on their clothing after the session is over.
  5. Do not wear jeans to appointments with clients. Because clients spend good money on escorts, they usually don’t expect her to show up in jeans. (Jeans should never be worn unless the occasion is one that is within a very casual environment and others present will be wearing jeans.)
  6. Keep nails to a shorter, active length. Nails should extend past the fingertip slightly, but not be overly long. A French manicure is perfect for an escort’s nails. If polished, the polish should be fresh and not chipped or marred. Clean, manicured nails are necessary to maintain the high-end escort image.
  7. Wear shoes that are flattering. Wearing heels is sexy if you can walk in them without teetering, otherwise avoid them. Shoes should be high quality, matching the outfit, appropriate for the situation, and above all—comfortable. Don’t wear sneakers, though.
  8. Don accessories that are appropriate and tasteful. However, avoid overkill on accessories. Too many necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings can get in the way when undressing to engage in activities with a client. Accessories should be modern and flatter one’s outfit.
  9. Conduct research about the area, event and activity you will be visiting or participating in with your client. By knowing what to expect, you have a much better chance at dressing appropriately for your appointment.
  10. Always wear quality. It’s one thing to select items from the clearance rack at designer boutiques, but it’s a completely different concept to show up wearing an item from Walmart. Only purchase items that are well-constructed, stylish and fit you properly. If an item of clothing does not fit well, keep looking or have it tailored. Tailored items reflect class and sophistication, in addition to proving that you have style, all signs of high-end escorts or people of distinction.
  11. Pay attention to a client’s request. If a client wants you to show up at his door wearing a trench coat and black heels, by all means, accommodate his request, within reason. If a client wishes you to wear red or a dress or anything else that is reasonable, do your best to abide by his request. However, if he desires you to wear something that is not befitting your image or you feel inappropriate in for the situation, explain to him that you are uncomfortable with his request and make another suggestion.
  12. Preserve your image at all times. If you’re a country girl, girl-next-door type or a business professional (or anything else), do your best to dress in such a way that demonstrates your image and allows you to be true to the marketing you’ve worked hard to project about yourself. Your dress helps to tell your story and allows you to continue with the fantasy that your client thinks he is buying into by hiring you for an hour (or two or three!)