How escorts can make the best of the slow season

It’s a common trend for certain times of year or seasons to be slower than others. Often, repeatedly, the same time periods prove to be less profitable and produce lower numbers of leads and fewer inquiries for escorts. If you have a consistently slow season, you don’t have to muddle through it without receiving any benefits of your increased free time.

Preparing for your slow season and implementing proper goals and planning for your spare time can provide you with several advantages as you move into more lucrative times.

Consider a variety of things you can do to take control of your slow season by making it work for you:

  1. Save some funds for your quiet time. If you know your work lull is approaching, make sure you are financially prepared for it by saving up some extra cash to help carry you over to more profitable periods. For instance, if you know that April is a slow month for you, reserve some money you can use to cover bills and pay expenses during those 30 days. Look ahead at your budget and pre-pay bills, if possible, including your rent (or mortgage), vehicle payments or other bills that allow you to pay ahead. Consider cutting a part of your budget when you know the quarter coming up is less busy. Get rid of your cable temporarily or eat out less often. Even cutting back on your daily coffee addiction or gym membership could reduce your budget enough it will help. Preparing for slow financial times is necessary for all escorts; if you know that your income will decrease during a specific month, do your best to compensate for it.
  2. Run your numbers. One of the keys to success in any industry is to know about your business. Identify statistics that will tell you about your most effective marketing efforts, the demographics of your clients, your income and its trends, encounter length preferences, most popular days requested for encounters, best marketing sites, the number of inquiries from specific websites, timewasters and anything else you think will help you become a better escort. When you’re trying to expand your business, information is knowledge. The more informed you are about your success (or lack of), the better chances you have of taking advantage of the good things you are doing. Analyzing the statistics of your business will help you identify best practices, failure attempts and ways to capitalize on what you have to offer. If you realize that Wednesdays are most requested for encounters, for example, it may cause you to consider changing your schedule to include more hours of work on that day. Or, if you realize that no inquiries have resulted from your profile appearing on a specific website, it’s time to abandon your efforts there. Carefully assessing the details of your business can shed light on what’s working and what’s not. Without taking the time to look at your numbers, you really have no idea what you’re doing well and what you’re failing at.
  3. Brush up on your marketing. If you’ve slacked a little over the past few months, it’s time to gear up with a new profile, fresh marketing taglines or posting new/different images to your photo galleries. Rev up your website with new content or a slight redesign. Even if you use old information, changing up the way the site looks can make it seem new to others. Escorts should always strive to keep their potential clients interested by posting blog entries regularly, swapping out photos for new ones and giving clients new insights about themselves. If you’re stumped for ideas about how you can better market yourself, do some research to brainstorm some new ideas or tasks you have long forgotten about. And, despite the fact that the escort industry operates a little differently than other businesses, you can still apply many of the same principles. For example, the laws of supply and demand rule the escort industry, just as the concept that repetition is one of the best ways to convince a client to give you a shot. If nothing else, collect a few testimonies to use on your website and link to some favorable reviews. Use your spare time to promote yourself in better ways and to make more effective use of your efforts.
  4. Pose for some new photographs. Escorts make their bread and butter as a result of their pictures. Anyone who tells you differently isn’t being totally honest. Of course, clients care for what you stand for and your personality traits; but, to be real, clients appreciate eye candy. They are visually attracted before any other interest occurs. You must have flattering photos in order to garner attention from potential clients. While you have extra time, brainstorm creative photo shoot ideas and implement them while you are free. You can choose to have professional images taken, or you can create your own studio using affordable backdrops or real-life props. Regardless of who takes your photos, editing is really the key to profitable images. With editing software or websites available today, it’s easy to enhance your photos and bring out your beauty with filters, effects and other tricks that are simple for anyone to do. Choose the best shots and use them for your profile pictures and photo galleries, both in directories and on your website. During most of the year, you are busy communicating with clients, taking care of necessary business tasks and servicing clients through encounters. Using this time of year to tend to big projects, like photos, just makes sense.
  5. Redecorate your incall during slow times. When you know that you aren’t going to be busy entertaining clients in your incall, it’s a great time to change it up. It’s pretty common to have a messy incall when you are painting rooms, having furniture reupholstered and changing up your decor. When your incall is a shambles, it’s never a good idea to have lots of clients visit. Your down time is the perfect time to alter the look of your incall. Most escorts change their incalls up every few years for variety and to coincide with any updated trends they adopt in their careers. An escort who may have started out as a girl-next-door-type provider may want to give her incall an edge if she now performs dominatrix services, too. Of course, an escort doesn’t have to change her niche or services to want to update her incall. Times change and so do trends in decor. Your clients expect your incall to reflect you and a sense of modern taste. To keep it looking current, it may be time to redecorate. Use this time to take an honest assessment: is your paint color outdated? Are you wall hangings tired and old looking? Would your clients be impressed by an incall facelift?
  6. Perform incall maintenance, renovations and deep cleaning when fewer clients will be coming in and out. It’s hard to have a new roof installed on the day when you plan to have four clients come over. Between the noise and the number of workers coming and going, discretion is impossible and a peaceful encounter just isn’t going to happen. Much like a roof replacement, other construction projects will limit how you visit with clients at your incall, too. Additionally, having your furnace or air conditioner repaired or replaced with clients around isn’t a good idea, either. These projects need to be reserved for your slow times of year, if possible. (Immediately necessary repairs are different than ones that can be planned.) Use your slow season to clean your carpets, do major renovations or perform other maintenance that could disrupt your busy schedule at other times of the year. Look ahead and attempt to get lots done, so that you don’t lose out on work when clients are more plentiful.
  7. Organize your business paperwork and projects. Every escort has a stack of receipts, bills and other contracts, etc., that she should tend to. When you’re not seeing as many clients, use the extra time to file and assess what needs to be kept and what can be discarded. If you don’t know the difference, do some research about what self-employed business owners need to keep. Essentially, any paperwork that refers to expenses or income should be filed. Keep in mind that any identifying items should not be simply thrown away. Shred them so nobody can learn more about you by sifting through your trash. This includes details such as your real name, social security number, phone numbers, personal data and bank account and credit card information. Check all accounting, balance your check books and tend to all financial concerns while business is slower. It’s fairly standard to be so busy at other times that you kind of let things go, until they require your urgent attention. Use your free time to get organized, create a system and get up to date.
  8. Take a vacation while you’re seeing fewer clients. Escorts who want to travel during their peak professional seasons always feel like they’re missing out on good income potential by taking some time for themselves. While they are away, they often feel guilty and remorseful about spending money when they aren’t making any. Alleviate these worries by taking a vacation when the clients are busy doing other things in their lives. Take a break and don’t worry about the money you’re not making. Chances are that you’re not really missing anything, anyways, since business is traditionally sluggish. This is the prime opportunity to refresh yourself and come back to a busy schedule, ready to advance your career.
  9. Focus on any loose ends. Whether you have personal issues that need tending to or professional ones that require your attention, this quiet season is the time to do it. Many escorts get in the middle of changing phone companies or working on a new website, only to find they are too busy (suddenly) to finish their tasks. They get distracted from their projects, eventually leaving them hanging unfinished. Other escorts may have personal relationships they’ve put on hold or delayed dealing with until they have more time to dedicate to them. When you don’t have clients lined up at your door, you have sufficient time to take care of any unfinished business. Focus your energies to these tasks or issues, giving them as much attention as you would clients. By the end of your slow season, make sure you have taken care of everything you’ve left hanging lately.
  10. Go through your wardrobe and organize it. As you hurry between your real life and your escorting career, it’s possible that your clothing has gotten crammed into your closet or dressers, unorganized and wadded up. Take a day or two and examine all of your clothing. Try on items of apparel, pairing them up with others to create new outfits or well-established ones. Analyze the fit and the style. If you feel that an outfit or item is unflattering, discard it. When you notice that a blouse has a missing button or a slight rip, separate it to the side for mending. Don’t put anything back into your closet that doesn’t fit or isn’t ready to wear off of the hanger. As you put things back into your closet, organize clothing by color, style or type. Consider changing things up in outfits, so they are easy to grab when you’re in a hurry. Take dirty garments to the dry cleaners, and discard others to charity. Avoid keeping garments in the hopes that they will fit, again, or due to sentimental reasons. Purge things you no longer like, and keep your favorites close to the front. After you’ve tried on everything, go shopping for any item you think is a necessity to finish up your wardrobe.
  11. Take careful inventory of all encounter-related supplies. While you’re busy, it’s hard to maintain a complete, updated inventory of all items you need for your encounters. (Most escorts do a good job of trying, but it’s most convenient to do it when you aren’t constantly using stuff up.) While business is slow, take the opportunity to take stock of how many towels you have for your incall and how many more you need for increased efficiency. Also, take inventory of your lube and condom counts and types. Gather all of your toys together and determine if you need to replace an older one or pick up some new varieties, based on client needs and suggestions. Other things to keep track of include: wet wipes, tissues, trash bags (for your incall bedroom and bathroom trash cans), shampoo, body wash, lotion, candles, finger cots and anything else you regularly use for clients.
  12. Set goals for the next season. While you are enjoying some down time, the lull provides you with an opportunity to assess where you want your escort career to go. While long-term goals are essential for full success, getting to these points is driven by short-term expectations and motivations. Escorts who set benchmarks for themselves in the near future are more inspired to excel than by trying to work up to exceedingly higher goals in the next few years. Establish some standards that you want to accomplish during the next quarter and brainstorm methods you will use to meet them. Just setting goals is not going to get you there; you have to set actions into motion in order to make success happen.