How many clients should escorts see?

Clients are much more concerned about how many other clients their escort is seeing than what they need to be. Clients should be worried about whether or not they are getting the level of services they expect from their escorts, not with how many other clients their escorts have.

But the reality is that what clients are worried about. Because of this, escorts need to be aware that client volume is an issue with their clients and be prepared to address this if/when it ever comes up with a client.

Client volume is an escort’s own business. She does not need to share this with anyone, especially her clients. Some clients are nervy enough to ask their escorts about their schedules, but escorts are under no obligation to share how many clients they see daily or weekly to anyone. Escorts can choose to lie about it to clients or simply indicate the subject is off limits. Some clients will try to find out by booking appointments and asking if she has other appointments booked for the same time or day. Escorts can simply indicate what times they have available, without sharing whether or not they have other appointments with clients within the same timeframe.

The first, and most important, issue for an escort to worry about when considering client volume is keeping oneself mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. If an escort experiences issues with self-worth or is emotionally confused due to high work load, it’s a sign that an escort may be visiting with too many clients. Additionally, if an escort feels burned out and doesn’t enjoy her job any more, she should cut back on the number of clients she visits regularly. An escort must be healthy, emotionally able to give and mentally intact in order to perform her services properly. Furthermore, clients can usually tell when an escort is burned out and may not wish to return.

An adequate number of clients contributes not only to escorts’ emotional, mental and physical health, but also to their financial health. An escort should adhere to a regular budget that includes predetermined amounts of income in order to match expenses. She must be able to meet her income requirements in order to keep herself from being financially burdened. An escort’s expenses help to determine how many clients an escort must see in order to make ends meet.

Many escorts are able to limit client volumes by implementing their high-end rate structure. High-end escorts create a solid list of clients who are willing to pay premium prices for dates. By having a rate structure with premium rates, escorts require fewer appointments in order pay the bills, which reduces client volume. Instead of having five clients who pay $100 per hour, a high-end escort meets with one client who pays $500 per hour. Having fewer clients allows escorts to devote more time to marketing, upkeep and maintaining emotional, mental and physical health.

Some escorts use low client volume as a marketing tool to attract more high-end clients. An escort who markets herself as only having one date per day/week/month projects an image of exclusivity and high quality. Much like the law of supply and demand, the less supply she offers of her time, the more in demand it may be by clients. Most clients also see escorts who have fewer dates as being cleaner and possessing better hygiene.

Escorts should always know that they are free and entitled to turn down clients or bookings for any reason, including the purpose of keeping client volume at levels they believe are reasonable. Even though clients can sometimes be demanding about the day or time they wish to see an escort, an escort can always turn down the booking or reschedule it for a time she or he is not so busy. Most clients will understand and appreciate this, especially if an escort explains that another time will result in a better date.