How thousands of escorts manage to dress sexily in cold weather

When you meet up with clients for encounters, their expectations for you include you knocking their socks (and pants) off with your appearance. Escorts typically find it easy to dress sexily during warmer seasons, as they can show a bit of skin in order to “up” the allure factor. However, during the colder weather, you may think it is more challenging to find ways to show off your curves, while avoiding goose bumps. But, by entertaining current fashion trends, it’s easier than ever to vamp it up this winter.

The current themes for winter dressing include many sexy looks and styles that easily cross over into escort attire. Consider these 12 rules when working to create a winter escort wardrobe that will entice your clients, yet keep you warm, as the same time:

  1. You must have a sharply-tailored coat. Even if you are immune to cold weather, the temperatures will eventually dip to lows that you can’t handle. When they do, you need to be prepared with a well-fitted coat or jacket that will not only keep you warm, but will also allow you to look good. Throw away the tattered, ill-fitting coats of seasons past and trade them in for a coat that is well-suited for your frame and tastes. If you want a trendy look, consider a moto-inspired jacket (which are all the rage this season) in leather or vegan leather. The jacket should fit your curves and come down to your waist. They are perfect to pair with extra frilly looks (or nearly anything else), providing a balanced, edgy image. Military-styled coats are also currently very “in” and range from short, cropped jackets to full-length coats with detailed plackets. If you opt for a coat that is longer than waist length, make sure it will be longer than most of the skirts you plan to wear. (Donning a mid-length coat that is shorter than your skirt or dress is a fashion faux-pas.) Keep in mind that leather always looks expensive, but it can be expensive to keep up. (Leather cleaning is quite costly.) Wool coats look good, but they require constant attention to lint removal.
  2. Escorts can show off their hourglass curves by cinching it up with a stylish belt. Whether you’re talking about wearing a tunic, long sweater (or sweater dress), coat, cardigan, vest or other elements of your wardrobe, consider showing off your waist by wearing a smartly fashioned belt. Stretch belts are great for putting over bulkier items. Skinny belts are extremely fashionable for women who are small framed. Sometimes, bulkier winter clothing can leave you looking shapeless, which is when a belt comes in handy, in particular. A complementing belt can give you back the midsection the cardigan makes disappear. Also, a strategically placed belt can disguise a slight tummy pooch or muffin top. Make sure you experiment with belt placement to make sure you are putting it in the most attractive place on your body. Placing it too high or low can make you look out of proportion, even if that is where your natural waist is. Take advantage of wearing a belt by creating a new waistline that is more flattering to your body. Also, make sure you look at yourself from all angles, if you’re belting up for the first time wearing a tunic or other long top. Just because a belt looks good from the front, it’s not an absolute that it will be flattering in the back. Watch out for belts that ride up or cinch in too much, creating extra bulges.
  3. The great thing about winter is it gives you an excuse to wear a fitted sweater. Instead of purchasing lots of cheap winter sweaters, focus on buying a few quality ones made from cashmere. They will keep you warm and will always look expensive and elegant, provided you take proper care of them. Bright, pastel or neutral colors all work for a snug sweater, but keep in mind that it should be fitted for your body style. Make sure it’s a flattering length and tight enough that it accentuates your curves and bustline, but it doesn’t reveal your body flaws (back fat, muffin top, etc.). Look for a v-neck style, as these kinds of necklines elongate your body and draw attention downward to your bust, also making you appear slimmer and leaner (what most escorts want). Consider a high/low hemline that grazes your waistline or provides extra visual interest. Avoid baggy, hooded fashions that are good for lounging around the house or tailgating in, because they don’t exactly exude sex appeal, even though they are comfortable.
  4. Tights are an escort’s best friend in the colder winter months. Regardless of whether you are wearing slacks, jeans or a skirt, tights can add an extra layer that will help you retain a bit of heat as you are out and about visiting clients. They are a requirement if you wear lots of skirts in the winter, and they are extremely fashionable in all colors this year. Opaque tights cover up your pale, goose-bumped winter legs and help you show off your shapely gams. Consider picking up a patterned pair for fun or stick to the traditional black with most of your outfits. While tights used to be a fashion no-no with heels, they are fully recommended now with all kinds of shoes including ankle booties, heels, flats and knee-high boots of all forms. They can provide you with a way to stay warm, while still feeling classy. But, keep in mind that tights aren’t the easiest things to remove when you’re undressing for a client. It’s fairly difficult to get out of them in a sexy manner. You might want to practice taking them off in front of a mirror or reserve them for times you know that you will be changing separately from your client.
  5. Investing in several scarves for winter is a smart move for any woman, but it’s an especially prudent one for escorts. Scarves have multiple purposes when you’re an escort. Not only are they an extremely fashionable accessory that helps you look put together, but they also can keep you warm on a cold day. A strategically-placed scarf can disguise a low-cut blouse or otherwise sexy top, perfect for when you’re visiting a client in a hotel or posh apartment building. A scarf can be used to blindfold or tie up a client who is interested in some light bondage action. And, a scarf is an awesome striptease element. Scarves of all types can be used, from knit, silky and chunky knits. Infinity loop scarves are very popular, and work just as well as any other types. Keep in mind that when you wear a bulkier knit scarf looped around your neck, you should balance it with a tailored look on the rest of your body, to show off your feminine frame. If you’re short or extremely small framed, you might want to avoid extra long scarves or extremely bulky ones that may overpower you.
  6. Strut your stuff in a pair of knee-high boots. This season is especially fond of riding boots, along with any other tall boot, whether they have wedge or spiked heels. (Wedge heels are more comfortable than stiletto spikes when walking long distances.) While these boots are very functional for cold weather in that they help to keep your calves warm, they are also extremely sexy. Tall boots elongate your legs, especially when paired with skinny jeans, leggings or tights, and they help to shape your legs by providing structure. They make you look taller (which is always a plus), and they exude confidence and sex appeal. When you wear boots, you also walk a little surer and with more attitude. However, escorts will find that the one pitfall with knee-high boots is that they are awkward to remove in front of clients. Finding a sexy or appealing way to get them off is nearly impossible, unless you allow your client to remove them, which can give them great pleasure. When you’re considering a pair of boots to add to your cold-weather wardrobe, be sure to avoid any that rest above the knee. Boots that rise past the knee or go up to the thigh tend to push hooker-attire territory, which is far from the impression you want to deliver to clients.
  7. Dress using layers in order to stay warm. Light, well-fitting layers can reveal your shapeliness, along with keeping you toasty on the coldest days. Consider including a camisole, burn-out t-shirt or other layers when you are dressing. A cami, white button-up blouse and a jacket are a great combination, especially if you leave a button undone so that your cami can peek out at your client conveniently. However, as you layer up for your time out and about with clients, be careful to avoid too many layers that might become bulky. Keep your layers fitting snugly, to avoid wrinkling and bulges. And, keep in mind that the more layers you put on mean the more you have to remove…and keep track of as you put things back on. Typically, escorts want to wear garments that are easy to put on and take off, so if your array of layers becomes cumbersome to remove or put back on, reconsider what you’ve chosen to wear.
  8. Opt for slim-fitting pants that cover the legs, instead of a skirt. Right now, stylists across the globe are endorsing the skinny jean, jegging, legging and trimly tailored pants movement. Jump on board this winter with slim-fit pants and you won’t want to go back. As long as your trim, these pants will accentuate your fit legs, tight tush and overall curviness. They make you look taller and are a breeze to wear. Most of the tightly-fitting pants sold today in stores have quite a bit of stretch to them, so they cling to your curves, giving you the best effect possible. They also are incredibly comfortable, much like wearing your pajamas, so they are a joy to add to your wardrobe. Pair them with sweaters, blouses, tunics or cropped jackets; the options are really endless. Some of these pants even come in lined options, that make them warmer for the coldest days, without adding bulk. Escorts can wear tight, clingy pants without worry of being pointed out as a lady of the night, because nearly every fashionable woman includes these in her wardrobe these days.
  9. Cover up with sheer insets or layers. While a strapless or sleeveless dress may be appealing in the summer, it’s not so hot on you when you’ve lost your golden tan. (And, a strapless dress is incredibly cold during the winter months!) But, you can still get nearly the same effect of showing off some skin by incorporating a dress with sheer elements. Many dresses and blouses include mesh or lace sleeves, insets or entire backs or fronts as fashion elements. It allows you to show a little skin, get some coverage and avoid being completely bare. While these insets or layers don’t keep you that much warmer, they often provide an opportunity to add another layer (see above) which can help add some toastiness to your outfit.
  10. Look for great details in all of the cold-weather clothing you select. It is true that some cold-weather gear is kind of boring; but, by focusing on finding pieces that create interest you can create a wardrobe that is exciting. Bold details such as great seaming, eclectic buttons, exposed zippers, bling, studs, ruffles, color blocks or other unique elements can make a sweater jump from “okay” to “wow.” Awesome details will also make a piece look more expensive and, perhaps, of designer quality, which every escort hopes to achieve as she puts herself together for encounters.
  11. Put on that mini skirt. Some escorts avoid miniskirts because they fear that they border on the trashy side. But, contrary to old beliefs, miniskirts are now a trendy fashion staple, especially when paired with tights or leggings. Suit them up with ankle boots and a cropped or long jacket and you’ve got a sexy outfit ready for anybody. A miniskirt, even with opaque tights or leggings, gives the impression to a client that he is seeing more than he actually is. It also makes him wonder what you’ve got going on underneath your skirt.
  12. Put on a hat for function and fun. People always say that you lose most of your body heat through your head and wearing a hat can help keep you warmer in winter. It’s true, so the trick is finding head gear that is fashionable enough to take you anywhere to see clients. Fortunately, hats and other warm head wraps are currently the “it” thing in fashion. Look for wool cadet or newsboy caps, chunky knit beanies or other styles that will keep you warm. The one caveat to wearing a hat is that it may mess up your hair. Escorts who choose to wear hats should know that when they remove it, they may want to style their hair into a quick updo that will hide their “hat hair” look.